Oh, my goodness. I have been blown away by all the fun projects I’ve been seeing take shape on Instagram and Facebook with the CHERRIES block from week one! Keep ’em coming!

… such a fun little block

This week, week two, we will be celebrating LEMONS! The featured quilt in the front of the book is titled LEMON CHIFFON – a perfect ode to yellow and green and our love of citrus! The leaves and flowers top it off so perfectly, if I do say so myself.

Due to the interchangability of the blocks, you can of course make more lemons, more flowers or leaves and change it all about if you like. But there is for sure something about the play of the lemon and leaf blocks on cream and the flowers on a green background that really give this quilt a special vintage vibe, don’t you think?

… draped on my favorite chair with lots of natural sunlight

… flat layout of the LEMON CHIFFON quilt

Additionally, an extra project “recipe” is included in the latter part of the book – the LEMON SQUARES table topper. This is a great alternative to the larger LEMON CHIFFON quilt if you are limited on space or simply want to work on a smaller project. Its “on point” setting makes it a true showstopper!

… if you are interested in the feel of Lemon Chiffon in a smaller project

Hint of the Week

The simple rotation of the blocks throughout the quilt offers up some amazing – yet easy – movement. Be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the lemons and leaf blocks during assembly. It’s important to the overall feel of the quilt for sure!

Another quick tip would be to make sure the fabric you use for your stem is a nice contrast, but not too dark, to your fruit and leaves. I found that tan was too soft in this quilt but brown was too dark so I settled on a softish taupe color. Having a little print in it is a great idea.. a dot, text, or small geometric print is great.

Special Project

This week, I thought it would be fun to showcase Susan’s miniature lemon block PINCUSHION! The FRUIT SALAD book not only offers full quilt instructions, but individual block instructions, as well. These are known as “ingredients” so that you can mix and match many of the pattern layouts – making your own “recipe”, so to speak.

Susan used those singular instructions as a jumping off point. She has given us all some helpful tips (detailed HERE) on how to use quilt-y math to reduce blocks in half and HERE on some easy finishing for pincushions of ALL sizes!

FYI: they are addicting…you’ve been warned!

Meet the Maker

This week’s sample maker is the amazing Diana Johnson, who not only pieced LEMON CHIFFON, but quilted it, too! It is so scrumptious, and the custom detailing is everything I could have imagined – and much more.

And Diana’s featured RECIPE that just looks so dang good!

Tomorrow and Next Week

Don’t Miss out on more info in the Facebook Group tomorrow as we meet the next special Fig Tree Friend and talk more about LEMONS!

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FOR NEXT WEEK, meet me right back here in on the blog for next week’s fruit choice! What will it be?! Hmmm….


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