Gypsy Rose Love

Working on this fun little item with my daughter last week made me remember Gypsy Rose….


Gypsy Rose….. I realized the other day amidst a flurry of emails from my customers, that I haven't really talked about the fact that our latest collection hit the shelves in December and is available in quilt shops and online stores everyhere!
Because I designed this during a different season, I never thought of it as a Valentine's line but it feels absolutely perfect for that purpose these days. During the Christmas season, it genuinely felt like it had wonderful holiday potential and after February, I have a feeling you will love it as a fresh, spring time line. Depending on which colors you pair together, it is turning out to be one of my most versatile collections yet.  I can't believe that I haven't doted on it like I have on the others… after all it is my baby just like the rest….

In fact, can I share with you that someone reminded me the other day that this is collection #12 for me! As I was reflecting on the year that has passed and on the things I really want to accomplish and focus on in the upcoming one, a friend encouraged me to remember all that I had already done and to sit in the wonder of it all.
Now if you know me, this is not something that I do very often because I am always working to accomplish the next thing before me. Sitting back and enjoying what I have finished is really hard for me… moment of truth..
So that is when I actually counted the collections… and then I had to recount them because it just didn't make any sense to me that I had already designed that number. It almost felt overwhelming. Now I know of many designers that have come before me for whom that number passed many years ago, but for me it felt largely surreal. And I just wanted to thank you all for journeying with me during those collections, for encouraging me and for supporting me with your compliments and your purchases!  Thank you for coming along on the ride that is my work. I appreciate each and every one of you!  Okay enough deep revelations already, I know  you all would just rather look at pictures….

My favorite little strawberries here,


Good enough to eat, or drink as the case might be here….


 A few little stacks of creamy wonder…



One of my favorite patterns from this grouping is Chantilly, one pattern with 3 variations on the pattern cover and 3 more  color variations inside. I could have easily made 5 more as it was so hard to narrow it down to just hte 6 that made the pattern. Every color grouping looks good with this design and depending on where you put the lights and darks, completely different quilts emerge each and every time… jsut see for yourself.


my favorite chartreuse and soft pink version…. quintessential cottage style

and the chocolate and roses version… soft and sophisticated


and the perfect quilt for the romantic or the little girl in your life…


there is more Gypsy Rose love… maybe tomorrow.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. BethL | 21st Jan 09

    I got a Gypsy Rose jelly roll for CHristmas from a friend and I just love this line. I love all of your lines 🙂 The colors are just wonderful and I can’t wait until I find that perfect pattern that screams “Make Me out of Gypsy Rose”. Thanks so much for such wonderful fabric lines!

  2. Karin | 21st Jan 09

    It is always a treat to come visit and receive such a feast for the eyes! Gypsy Rose is a beautiful collection.

  3. Bren | 21st Jan 09

    I Just love this Gypsy Rose line! I also love how you get so many looks from using only certain colors. Right now – I’m having some fun with your upcoming line (Patisserie). What a great name for it. . . as it looks good enough to eat!
    xo, Bren

  4. Sherri | 21st Jan 09

    Are the pincushions all made from Gypsy Rose…because if they are, then I NEED to find a shop with Gypsy Rose!!! They’re gorgeous!

  5. Miss Jean | 21st Jan 09

    First of all, you indeed should be proud of what you have accomplished. Your fabrics are wonderful and timeless and just plain (not so plain) yummy.

    Now that little daughter of yours! She is just a cheeck pincher if I ever saw one. Just tooooo cute!

  6. Angela Yosten | 22nd Jan 09

    As always… beautiful! Love, love, love the pink and cream chantilly quilt!

  7. Shirley LeDoux | 22nd Jan 09

    Oh my gosh! Your daughter is just so cute! I love that her images are captured on your patterns. It will be fun for her to look back at them one day, not to mention, who can resist wanting to make something that she has made look like so much fun. She’s so adorable.

    I love your lines. Gypsy Rose is a definite winner, although, I can’t pick a favorite. Keep up the great work! My craft closet is overflowing with Fig Tree!

  8. Amy @ parkcitygirl | 22nd Jan 09

    Such a great quilt pattern! love your fabrics 🙂

  9. Jeanie | 26th Jan 09

    Ella is too cute for words:) Hope you are all well. Thanks for yummy fabric:)

  10. SHARON | 7th Feb 09

    I love your fabric of course but………..your little girl is just adorable!!! Those eys and that smile. WOW!!!

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