Happy New Year’s month…

For me the start of a new year is always a slow roll, or at least that's how I look at it. By the time I am done de-Christmasing the house, the munchkins are safely back at school and I have started thinking about the year ahead…. well as you can tell, its easily the second week of the new year.
Vintage_New_YEar copy 

Over the years I have tried to fight it, I have felt bad and behind, and all that "first of the year funk" that many of us feel, but there's just no way to change it! I am not a start off the year on January 1st kind of girl…

So Happy New Year to all of you out there, or better still, Happy New Year's week, or month. It's still the beginning as far as I am concerned and just like the "birthday week" that we seem to celebrate in our family more and more these days, I am celebrating the "New Year's month" and giving myself to the end of the month to, I don't know, feel like its the beginning of the year I guess!


As of now I am still in major cleaning out mode. The vintage Santa collection just made it off the mantel and the Christmas tree was just cleaned up and dragged out to the curb [I can never believe how many ornaments we manage to hang off of those beautifully smelling boughs]. There are still sparkly glass jars filled with my favorite Christmas balls in the bay window… but I think I might just leave those up until the end of the month. They add such a festive feel to the dining room. 
We have also managed to replace a few appliances in the last week, 2 out of pure necessity, 1 out of opportunity. Many things have gotten cleaned up, cleaned out and put away. Some are still waiting. Remember, I have until the end of the month :-)!
Something cathartic about the process of organizing don't you think? Believe it or not, but it helps me to feel the creative juices flowing and fresh ideas coming.

Speaking of new things, I know many of you have already seen and heard here and there that we will have a summer collection out this year. Although I haven't had the opportunity for a photo shoot of the fabrics yet [coming soon], I do have a few upcoming projects to share with you. 

Cherry Blossom [5" charm square pincushions]

….these have just been so much fun to make in both the single and double bloom sizes. I get a little addicted to these pincushions when we make them. Its a good thing I have a pincushion collection to justify them all!


Spring Cleaning [jelly roll waist apron]  & Satchel for Two [fully reversible fat quarter soft bag]
…this apron was first designed & created for a French book that I have been working on this last year but when our new collection arrived on my doorstep, we knew another prototype had to be made up with these juicey, summer flavored fabrics. Can't wait to wear that this Spring.

…and this satchel. What a great word by the way, satchel, as soon as someone suggested it for this bag, I knew there was no other name I could use with it. It just looks like a satchel, doesn't it? This quick pieced lightweight tote is fully reversible with an inside and outside pocket, made entirely out of fat quarters! What could be better?


Much more info coming on these soon… but for now thought we would share these few with you from our initial photo shoot.

They are all upcoming patterns and will be joined by several quilt patterns that we are busily working on in the studio right now. Photos to come soon.

We have so much to share and show you this month so stay tuned to see what we have dreamed up next!

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Scott at BlueNickelStudios | 12th Jan 10

    Hey that sounds like January around here!! The tree just got boxed up for next year (yes, plastic I know, but in the long run more affordable for us) My favorite muddy looking fabric snowman are in the library, and the new tinsel trees in pink, black, and amber are in another corner, along with the magenta glitter flocked deer from Borders closeout sale. Valentine stuff is sitting in a box in the studio waiting to get dispersed thru the rest of the house.

    Love the pincusions and looking forward to seeing your new collection…Happy New Year Month to you and yours!!

  2. Mary Anne Drury | 12th Jan 10

    PHEW !!! I am SO with you on the January MONTH !! (actually, can I have until the end of Febuary to clean up Christmas and try and get my act together???)

    ….anyhow, I LOVE that cherry blossom pincushion …. that would make such a cute Mother’s Day gift for my mother ….. so if I get my Christmas tree down by the end of April, I should have time to make her one 🙂 !!!

  3. Dianne | 12th Jan 10

    I love everything! So cute and fresh!

  4. sherri | 12th Jan 10

    OH, those pincushions are cute! I will have to make some of those! Can’t wait to see the new quilt patterns!!!

  5. Brittany | 12th Jan 10

    I am taking my time with the new year, too. I am in love with the apron. Really cute!

  6. tina | 12th Jan 10

    New Year’s MONTH—- I like it!

    Might be just the spin I need to put on dreaded January to make it a little lighter.

    Of course the snow and cold need to leave, and I need more time to play. Oh—- and there is that redeeming my sewing room back from my adult child who has moved back home to deal with too.

    Cute little pincushions, I adore them!

  7. pam | 12th Jan 10

    As usual it all looks super cute!

  8. Dandelion Quilts | 12th Jan 10

    Oh…I am loving all of these new patterns. They are definitely must haves and I cannot even pick a favorite. 🙂

  9. Farmgirl Susan | 12th Jan 10

    I love all your new designs! I just discovered your lovely blog and am looking forward to seeing and reading more. In the meantime, Happy New Year! Who knows, maybe this will be the year I actually learn how to sew. 🙂

  10. Jan R (NZ) | 12th Jan 10

    Happy new year to you too:) The bloom pincushions are just gorgeous & I would have to agree..addictive!! Can’t wait for the pattern release. Enjoy the rest of the month:)

  11. Jean C. | 14th Jan 10

    Just a quick game of catch up on your blog… it’s been a while for me since I was last here~
    Your suckers blog too cute! One of the families my kids went to school with had a project that they would do every year! They made homemade suckers and would sell them can’t say how much… 50 cents to a $1 each (they were made from a sucker molds) and then they used the $$$ for Summer trips etc… the kids had a great time. It taught them lots about $$$ and responsibility etc.

  12. a fan of anything chocolate | 19th Jan 10

    Love the apron and pin cushions and who could resist a lick of those lollipops !

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