Introducing… Somersault

Today we continue with another brand new pattern. Our new Layer Cake [or any set of 10" squares] pattern, Somersault is simple and fun to assemble. The outside black checkerboard sets off this easy quilt and makes it something special and unique.

Such a simple block with so much movement!






NAME: Somersault

SIZE: 67" X 73"

FABRICS: We used our upcoming Chestnut Street collection, due out in stores in September 2016. We have another sample made from past collections too but it is still being quilted. We will show you that one after Market! This pattern is perfect for a Layer Cake or a collection of 1/8 yd. cuts if you prefer.

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  1. Hildy | 13th May 16

    Another beauty! Love the border:-)

  2. Suzanne | 14th May 16

    Very sweet!

  3. Marian | 14th May 16

    Can’t wait to see the other one, too! Love the border.

  4. Barb Walsh | 14th May 16

    This would be perfect for my daugter and son-in-law. He’s a pilot and it look a little like propellers to me.So cute!

  5. Ann M | 14th May 16

    Such a happy quilt. I broke into a big smile as soon as I saw it. You make such cheerful quilts.

  6. Karen Seitz | 14th May 16

    I agree that they look like propellers. I hope this one will be available in a mini version!

  7. Joanna | 14th May 16

    In fact that might just be coming on Monday :-)!!

  8. Pamela | 14th May 16

    Gorgeous quilt. You are making it so difficult for me. I already have a list of patterns I want to buy and now I can add this one and Blue Ribbon. I still have more Fig Tree fabrics I must catch up on before this new line comes out in September! I love it! Keep doing what you’re doing and I will try to keep up!

  9. Helen LeBrett | 14th May 16

    Love it!! I really love the black and how it sets everything off so well. How do you keep coming up with all these great ideas?!! Best wishes for a wonderful time at Market!! Hugs, H

  10. Regina | 14th May 16

    This is adorable, the colours, the checked border, etc……
    What can I say….I’m hooked.

  11. Kathy | 15th May 16

    This is Awesome as all your patterns & fabrics are. It’s easy to see why you are a top designer. Keep up those Masterpieces for all of us who are smitten with all you do.

  12. Patty Flynn | 15th May 16

    Love it! Can’t wait for this to come out.

  13. Susan | 18th May 16

    Love all of your new quilts and fabric line! Hope you are feeling better.

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