Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


The outside white icicle lights are on… but just half of the house so we look a bit lopsided in the evenings.

The 15 boxes of decorations and Christmas collections are out of the attic, not up, but at least out. Downstairs is good.

The Christmas tree is up, not decorated, but up. The kids are still fighting over who will get to put the angel on top. Ohhh, the Christmas spirit is on us!

The supplies for our annual homemade teacher Christmas presents are starting to come together. We have decided to make lollipops this year. Don't even ask! I will keep you posted on how that adventure develops. Right now I am proud of myself for even agreeing to do it in the midst of everything else that has to happen before then.

There are 2 presents under the tree. They are both from Ella [age 5] to me. They are wrapped collages that she made last year and forgot to give to me. But it doesn't matter to her- one of her greatest joys is making and then wrapping collages. Any time of year. Christmas is just an excuse to make more since there is unsupervised gift wrap all over the house. She hoards tape year round whenever she finds it so that's not a problem.

We have one Christmas play down, 2 to go. I am praying for eggnog at one of them. What are the chances?

So far I have managed to dig out a bunch of my favorite red and cream quilts. Each year at this time, they are gone on trunk show. This year, I decided to keep them at home and I am so glad that I did. I hardly ever get to enjoy them.
I don't think I will ever get tired of the combination or the traditional feel of Christmas they bring with them.


I have organized my favorite collection of Emma Bridgewater pottery with a few little Christmas additions. Each year my husband buys me one piece. This year I think it might it might be a tea pot but don't tell him I think I know. I need to act surprised!


The tree skirt is done and under the tree. I've been wanting to make one of those for so long and am so glad that I managed to eek out the time to make it [well, with a lot of help from Diana and Cheryl… thanks ladies]. Its just a plain one, a simple one, out of my own fabrics. The red & cream mosaic fabric from Mill House Inn is one of my all time favorites & it was a shoe in the second I decided to make the skirt. As soon as it is light outside I will shoot a few better pictures of it and show them to you.

Treeskirtandquilts copy

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. Or at least a little bit like Christmas. Somewhat disorganized but Christmas nonetheless.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Bren | 8th Dec 09

    It all looks wonderful. . . however organized (or not!) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
    xo, Bren

  2. Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch | 8th Dec 09

    Thanks for reminding me about my red and white quilts. I’m getting them out so we can enjoy them this holiday! Love your tree skirt. Happy decorating!

  3. Camille Roskelley | 9th Dec 09

    Re: Christmas Tree skirt- Yep, I love it! No surprise there. You know, I love the overall feel of your house. Just so very Fig Tree. Perfect.

  4. Stephanie | 9th Dec 09

    Very pretty. I keep telling myself I need to make a tree skirt but can never find just the right one/pattern. I just love the sweet simplicity of yours with the scalloped edges (something I also keep telling myself I want to do–scallops).

  5. Dianne | 9th Dec 09

    Beautiful skirt! I love the scallops! Great job!

  6. pam | 9th Dec 09

    Wonderful as usual.

  7. sherri | 9th Dec 09

    Yes, it definitely looks like Christmas! Love the stack of red and cream quilts…and glad you are getting to enjoy them this year! It just wouldn’t seem like Christmas here if I didn’t have my Christmas quilts!

  8. Renee Lange | 9th Dec 09

    Oh how pretty! Every year I say I’m going to make a red and cream quilt and then I don’t. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Joanna | 9th Dec 09

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Renee Lange submitted a comment on Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    Oh, I really recommend it! If you dont put thematic Christmas fabrics in it then it is classic for so many different occasions.

    Happy Sewing,


  10. kathryn | 9th Dec 09

    It all looks so cozy and beautiful! I have that fabric and a skirt for the tree sounds like a lovely idea!

  11. Sinta Renee | 9th Dec 09

    It IS getting to look a lot like Christmas! Love the tree skirt:0) I hadn’t connected the poinsettia color with your Christmassie red before… how did I miss that? Hope you have a wonderful holiday (and find some eggnog soon).

  12. amber | 9th Dec 09

    Ooh! Thanks for sharing! It’s fun to see and hear about how you decorate! The quilts and tree skirt look beautiful. That is great you’re keeping the quilts around your this year. You should. Enjoy all of your beautiful creations. You deserve it!

  13. Jacque | 10th Dec 09

    after attending the second of many to come band/choir/play activities with the 5 grandchildren I had to laugh at your “eggnog” comment. Yep it would sure help.


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