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Its that time again, isn't it. If you follow this kind of stuff, you can almost feel it in the air. Its excitement mixed with anxiety with a dollop of sheer terror that there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. It happens twice a year in the lives of so many of us. This year I am ramping up more slowly, living in the moment as much as I can. And so I thought I would catch you up on the personal side of things around here, before well before it all goes to – – – – in a hand basket so to speak and my best laid plans to be ahead of the game will disintegrate. 


The week before my MODA Retreat extravaganza was Spring Break around here and although it was a bit of a working vacation for us, we did manage to have company for 4 days and a little mini vacation to our new favorite location, Sonoma. I'm telling you, if not for the logistics of it all, I could move there in an instant. There is just something about the pace of life that feels right there.

Anyway, I don't if you read or remember my anniversary post. Well in less than two weeks time, the trees and vineyards went from barely beginning to full bloom. The sights were amazing.


… trees at the Inn where we stayed. 


…one of the vineyards that we stopped at on the way up and the way down.


…middle child getting ready for one of our many bike rides in the area. 


… Two adirondacks set up right outside our room, as if calling to us. Could have stayed there all day and done nothing else and still been happy.


… got to wander around Sonoma and do one of my favorite pastimes, look at houses. My favorite kind- the dilapidated kind with overgrown rose bushes and peeling paint. I can almost immediately see the story of that house and the generations it has served. I think I stood and stared at this one for 15 minutes. Can you just imagine what this little house on the edge of a small vineyard has seen over the years?



… Spring has seriously sprung. Cleaning is happening and my favorite French utensils have come out both to be used and to decorate the table.


… the munchkins got dressed up in their finery to celebrate Easter with their grandparents



… the boys, well its a wonder that the boys kept their white shirts, white for most of the day. That was an accomplishment as far as I was concerned. That and the fact that they are hugging here. Makes you forgot the hundreds of arguments in an instant doesn't  it?


…And somewhere in the midst of it all we managed to print and ship out our next issue of the Fresh Vintage magazine. Issue #15 – I can't believe we have already done 15 of these- has shipped out and is now available.


…the cover quilt is shown here, Honey Braids. Made with every strip of leftover honey bun [or any 1 1/2" strips] we had laying around the studio! A little bit of this and a little bit of that. If you have never worked on one of these honey braid quilts before, you will LOVE it. It is a bit foolproof, great for any level, perfect to use with that honeybun you have been hoarding or from any stack of leftover 1 1/2" strips. We really had a lot of fun with this one.

And if you come back later tonite… we will have a tiny sneak peek of the upcoming collection. So stay tuned.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. sherri | 20th Apr 10

    Think I could stare at that house for a long time too…what a rustic setting…and so beautiful! Love the utensils…and what beautiful pictures of your little ones! Can’t wait to see the new line!

  2. Joanna | 20th Apr 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] sherri submitted a comment on Around Here…

    Well, youll be the first to see it baby! Will let you know!


  3. pam | 20th Apr 10

    Great photos of the kids, seriously, they just look so happy! And completely cute by the way. Heartbreakers, all of them.

  4. Bradie Sparrow | 20th Apr 10

    What a beautiful collection of photos. Good luck with market prep!

  5. amber | 23rd Apr 10

    GReat photos of Sonoma, your kids are adorable and I LOVE the braid quilt. Pure lovliness. Oh, and I had to smile when you were describing Market time and mentioned the little bit of sheet terror your feel. Not that it’s funny, but it was just the way you described it. I can only imagine. Good luck with everything.

    Oh, and I am really excited because Moda is sending me some Fresh Cottons to work with on one of my next designs! Yay! I LOVE your fabrics! You’re brilliant Joanna!

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