Yuuumm, Good Enough to Eat

Its That Time
Its that crazy time of year we’re preparing for…. I won’t even say it… but the bad word starts with M and ends with T and its another name for shop… if that doesn’t help you, then don’t worry, its probably better for you if you don’t anything about the busy frenzy that most fabric and pattern designers are in these days.
For us here in the Fig Tree Studio, work is clipping along at a steady pace. I met with a group of my favorite creative gals last night and one of them asked me if I was in a panic yet… I said, “Panic, yeah, I’ve done that already, I’ve moved through now, I’m on to calmly checking things off my to do list…. TODAY anyway. Talk to me again tomorrow and it might be a different story”.

Fun Stuff
I wanted to share a wonderful apron that my friend Kathleen made based on a vintage apron pattern, using some of the fabrics from my Cornucopia line. I just love it and wearing it in the kitchen makes me feel like an old-fashioned 50’s housewife… in the good, nostalgic way, not the oppressed way LOL. Kathleen makes custom aprons using your own hand picked fabric and I think each of you need to have one… email her at stanleygraphichs@sbcglobal.net

A Dozen Delicious Desserts
It has started, the much talked about bloggable feast of desserts is on its way with the first entry today! Click here or at the darling button to the right here, to start your delicious travels and check back with Holly every day for the next 12 days to get a new recipe and see some sneak peaks of what different designers and quilters are doing. Should be loads of fun!

On the pattern front, here is a little pic of one of our new patterns that will be available in the fall. More pics and news to come when its my turn to share a recipe for Holly’s little dessert adventure this Sunday so stay tuned and don’t forget to check back to see the goodies.
Sneak peak of new Dandelion Girl swatches are coming soon…. I hear that they are in the mail. Ofcourse we all know what happened last time I heard that….. CUSTOMS! So keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll show them to you as soon as I get them

Talk soon.Patchworkpic2_2

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  1. Sandi Henderson | 14th Sep 07

    Yes, I am feeling it too. But doing well at keeping it in check..for now LOL.

  2. Kimberly Jolly | 14th Sep 07

    I love that apron!! So cute

  3. Bren | 14th Sep 07

    I have been eyeing the pink border fabric you have in your (adorable!) quilt-peek at Fat Quarter Shop for the past few days. . . & so now that I see it again. . . it’s my sign!!! Time to order it!!! So pretty Joanna!!!
    Love the apron too!
    xo, – Bren

  4. Laurie | 14th Sep 07

    Darling apron! Lovely quilt! Good luck at Quilt Market!

  5. Mary Anne Drury | 14th Sep 07

    I just LOVE that apron!! also , the quilt is GREAT — very pretty fabrics in both!

  6. Camille | 17th Sep 07

    I am drooling over the beautiful fabric behind the beautiful apron- now THAT is a stash!

  7. Robinia | 8th Oct 07

    Wow.. Very Beautiful fabrics and pattern.
    I search your pattern now on. Wonderful.

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