Just for a bit….

I'm popping in just for a bit…

I have disappeared into the depths of my studio once again…. I am sure you all know why. Market is right around the corner and thus I have been in that alternate universe of fabric, design, sewing machine and directions, lots and lots of directions. One of my gals remarked the other day that I don't seem to leave my studio except to eat and play with my munchkins… I think she might be right!

Market falls early this time around, really early and the fabric is late this time around, really late! Crazy combination.  See… I am speaking in 2 word sentences, what is that about? Only awake and productive by means of Starbucks!

I can share a tiny peak of one of my upcoming patterns, entitled Cameos….. that's it there behind the office door. Its a honeybun pattern and its really fun to make. Will have one to show you made from Mill House Inn [this one you are seeing] and one from the new line, Whimsy [that one doesn't quite exist yet]! 

Stay tuned. I think tomorrow my camera will be charged & maybe it will find its way to the yummy stack of brand new lovelies on my studio floor.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Stephanie | 18th Sep 09

    It’s always exciting to see what you’re up to. Your projects always look AND sound delicious!

  2. Kim Kaslow | 18th Sep 09

    of all the fabrics out there I love yours best. 😉

  3. Carol | 18th Sep 09

    Love the new pattern!

  4. Jana Nielson | 18th Sep 09

    Feeling your pre-market pains this time around. It is my first market as an exhibitor! I hope I get to see daylight again someday!

  5. Silver Scissor Quilts | 18th Sep 09

    I love it!

  6. sherri | 18th Sep 09

    This is an absolutely beautiful pattern…the quilting is gorgeous as well!

  7. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 18th Sep 09

    Love the peaks – looking beautiful – of course!

  8. Joanna | 18th Sep 09

    Thank you Kim. That is so wonderful to hear!


  9. Sinta Renee | 18th Sep 09

    I’m going to send you a card for Starbucks to make sure you don’t run out of energy for all your wonderful ideas! I know you handle stress well… but it seems like they could just be testing you to see “how well”!

  10. Carrie | 18th Sep 09

    Your peeks are always exciting, best wishes Joanna as you prepare for market.

  11. Rita | 18th Sep 09

    2 months ago I saw a pattern over Andover website called ‘Stone cottage’. I said to myself right away that this is the PERFECT pattern to showcase your Mill House fabric. I have placed my order for a FQ bundle (together with Wisscasset), and now eagerly waiting for its arrival. Love all your patterns and fabric, especially Patisserie and Dandelion Girl.

  12. Joanna | 18th Sep 09

    Don¹t know of this pattern but glad you are eagerly awaiting Mill House Inn.
    Best of luck,


  13. amber | 19th Sep 09

    Ooh. I love it already! Good luck at market!

  14. Joanna | 19th Sep 09

    Waiting for that Starbuck¹s card!


  15. Kelly G. | 19th Sep 09

    Oh, you’re such a tease (giggle). Love the new quilt, and I can’t wait to see more! I’m drooling thinking of seeing Whimsy! Must go — am sewing a project with Mill House Inn! Love it, Love it!

  16. Cara | 20th Sep 09

    Oh I can’t wait to get and make that pattern. It looks like it would work in almost any colour way. My favorite kind of pattern 🙂
    I can’t wait to get a sneak peak of the new line, even the name sounds perfect.

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