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Just in case you are the one person who hasn't noticed, who hasn't emailed me to see if I am still alive, who hasn't called to see if all is well, who hasn't been wondering if perhaps Market was just too much for us this year… I have been taking a little break from technology lately- no blogging, no tweeting, no flickering, barely even been online at all it seems. I think I have missed all the Market wrap ups this time around. 

I guess a little break was due. 

Since we returned bleary eyed from market, we have finished a 5 day retail show [the only one we do all year long- pictures coming soon], had 2 visits from my parents, finished up a few of the unfinished patterns for fall, created a few new ones for our next line coming up in summer, worked on a new ad for Where Women Create…. 

finished a new article for American Quilt Retailer, did a very small amount of garden work, made 5 Halloween costumes, gave out a lot of candy, went to a couple of birthday parties and a memorial service and did a whole lot of cleaning. And then, did some more cleaning.

More importantly I reconnected with my kids, spent some time at a Pumpkin patch, then went to one more just because we could, helped another prep for a part in a local play, been to a bunch of soccer practices and generally spent a lot of time on the couch reading kid's books or on the floor rolling around with or another or all three of the munchkins or beagles. Good times were had by all.
One morning I took some time to stop and watch the plain little sparrows in our garden. Now there is a busy little animal, and beautiful at that…
Design work has been happening at a steady pace around here as we have just sent in our new fall collection and are also working on some wonderful projects with our summer line but the computer thing just somehow hasn't happened at the same pace. It looks like my office gals are finally starting to get caught up, the paperwork has been filed and we are ready for the holidays.  

Oh, and I am leaving for London and Madrid next weekend…. I know, I know, poor little me!

Oh well, it all begins again. This is after all the career I have chosen and wouldn't switch for any other and the crazy life that comes with it is just par for the course. I do love it. Just needed a little down time.



All of our brand new patterns are up on our site now, available for sale, even those that aren't quite ready to ship are available for pre-sale. Brand new patterns include:

Jelly & Jam
Amelia & Me
Prairie Rose
A Girl in Paris
Fresh Vintage #14
Whimsy Fresh

To see all of them, go here. We will also be showing more info on each one in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

We have a few kits leftover from the PIQF retail show, but I really mean a few. We made them available to everyone on our email list first [so if you're not already on there, you might want to sign up for future sales- see top right sidebar] and have 1-3 of the following:  Posies a la Mode from Fresh Vintage #13, Rosettes, and then a bunch of French Kiss. We made 30 extra kits of this one for an event where we didn't end up needing kits, so we have about 17 of those left at this point.

Posies a la Mode Kit


French Kiss Kit


Papillon Kit


Rosettes Kit

If you are interested in these, click here and click on the "View all kits". 

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Stephanie | 3rd Nov 09

    Beautiful ad you’ve created. London and Madrid? I hope it’s for a relaxing vacation. It sounds like you could use one. Will there be birds in your next fabric collection?

  2. kate spain | 3rd Nov 09

    Jeez, Joanna, I really think you should stop being such a slacker! Seriously though, it was sooo great to meet you and Eric and to hang out w/you at Market. Hope your trip to Europe is fun. Please give my best to Christine. xo

  3. Sherri | 3rd Nov 09

    Wow…you’ve been very busy while taking it easy! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Kathryn | 4th Nov 09

    I’ve started to feel like a stalker constantly checking and refreshing your site! Glad to know all is well, I just saw the update about a broken leg (ouch) I hope it heals up soon for your little one! I love all the patterns and plan to try and catch one of those kits before they are all sold out!

  5. Mary Anne Drury | 5th Nov 09

    PHEW !!! I’m pooped just reading about it all!!!!

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