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Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

A little Bloggy break & Happy 2 Days After Halloween

  A LITTLE BLOGGY BREAK…. Just in case you are the one person who hasn't noticed, who hasn't emailed me to see if I am still alive, who hasn't called to see if all is well, who hasn't been wondering if perhaps Market was just too much for us this year… I have been taking a little break from technology lately- no blogging, no tweeting, no flickering, barely even been online at all it seems. I think I have missed all the Market wrap ups this time around.  I guess a little break was due.  Since we returned bleary eyed from market, we have finished a 5 day retail show [the only one we do all year long- pictures coming soon], had 2 visits from my parents, finished up a few of the unfinished patterns for fall, created…