Little Figs on the Prairie or the Aviary

Okay, I promised some more shots of the Fresh Vintage Birds quilts [I don’t know it that will be its final name or not… I’m thinking of something with the word Aviary in it… today I’m thinking that at least] so here are a few more block shots that I took once I located my errant camera battery.


I’m at that stage of the quilt where I could just put the pieces together and be done with it, but instead I’m “FIDDLING” with it. Do you know what I mean? It’s a very technical term, I know, and all of us quilters know exactly what it means… and yet I can’t really describe it other than… I’m just FIDDLING with it!! My deadline to get it to the quilters early next week will soon put a stop to that I know but for now… well you know!

The other pictures I promised where some more shots of the quilts I’ve been working with where I’ve been mixing lines [these blocks were pieced by quilter Wilma Lawrence & she did a great job]. This is one of my new favorites, Wagon Wheels I’m calling them when I’m tired & not inspired to think up good names… Although one of my students last month came up with a name that has kind of stuck in my head…. Figs on the Prairie or Little Figs on the Prairie or something to that effect. We’ll see.

Needless to say, love the job my quilter did on it. She even put in some extra thin poly on top of my regular cotton batting and when she small stippled around the wheels ,the poly filled in the wheels to create kind of a faux trapunto look. I love them. All I have to do is bind it and wash it becuase this quilt just begs to be “wrinkled & crinkled” don’t you think? 011good_3


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  1. Carol | 11th Aug 07

    Joanna, I LOVE the Wagon Wheels…what fun!

  2. Vera | 11th Aug 07

    Your blog is beautiful!!! Love the bird blocks–hope you’ll be releasing the pattern soon!

  3. Juliann | 11th Aug 07

    The bird is beautiful and the colors just drw me in. I saw that fabric with the letters but had no idea what to do with it. Wonder if there is any left?

  4. Darlene | 11th Aug 07

    Love, love, love the wagon wheels, Joanna! Freewheeling figs! 🙂

  5. janet clare | 11th Aug 07

    This quilt is looking wonderful! I’ve been adding lots of words to my work recently too and have also been ‘doing’ birds. Great minds?…

  6. pam | 11th Aug 07

    Very nice Joanna!

  7. Amy | 11th Aug 07

    Joanna, I ADORE the Wagon Wheels and hope you’ll make that into a pattern! I love your eye for color. Inspiring!

  8. josie | 11th Aug 07

    You continue to amaze! Love, love, love the Buggy Wheels! I’ll be looking for that pattern – and that fabric.

  9. sandy | 12th Aug 07

    Hi Joanna

    I really, really love what you are working on. I can’t wait to see the birds done.
    How about Whirlifigs for the wagon wheels??
    Have a good one!!

  10. in_stitches | 13th Aug 07

    I LOVE the Wagon Wheels! That is so cool. I also love the nest eggs and the bird blocks. The edges of your applique’ pieces are so precise! What method of applique’ do you use, Joanna?
    (thanks! – Vicky)

  11. Mary Anne Drury | 15th Aug 07

    Joanna — I really, really , REALLY LOVE these 2 new quilt designs of yours!!

    …AND …. you got the music on your blog ! Yea YOU (and your teenage tech support crew!)

  12. sharon | 18th Aug 07

    I love the Wagon Wheel quilt. I think it definetely calls for a good washing and wrinkling. It will be such a comfy looking quilt. One you want to curl up with. Thanks for sharing. Love the bird and eggs on the other quilt too. But then I love all your things.

  13. Susan Moser | 20th Sep 07

    Hi Joanna,

    Can you post a picture of the three different leather handles you sell (from Korea) for the Easiest Hand Bag Ever Pattern.

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