Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday festivities and had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! We are back for week 2 of the LOG CABIN SEW ALONG…

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  • For the Log Cabin Sew Along – Week ONE blog post, click HERE.


Our assignment for this week is to start sewing blocks. Our aim is 20 total. I have to admit, these are so addicting, and although 20 feels like a lot, you may just surprise yourself at how quickly they come together!

Our RED Colorway…

TIPS/HINTS FROM SUSAN [@thefeltedpear]

Susan’s block progress in YELLOW…

  • Cut well. Use a fresh blade and be sure your mat is in good working order. Cut your strips with the same ruler, to ensure you keep your strips a consistent size.
  • Check your seam allowance! I am not an advocate of squaring up blocks, but I am a big advocate of knowing where things are going when you are making blocks. Correct your blocks early in the process to keep on track.
    • To do a seam allowance test, sew (3) 1.5″ x 5″ fabric strips together. Press your seams and see how things look. Your piece should measure 4.5″ x 5″. If it doesn’t, try again, and adjust where your seam allowance falls. Continue tweaking until you have the correct measurements.
    • You might find it helpful to adjust where your needles is (if that is a feature on your sewing machine) or mark a seam guide with washi tape.
  • Pressing, not ironing is key here! Your strips can get wonky and stretched.
  • Speaking of pressing, the way these blocks are constructed, you kind of get a break! You can sew parallel “logs”/strips on, and press both at the same time!


The “pinwheel”-style layout shown in the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is just the beginning! Check out these alternative layouts…


Be sure to tune in to our FACEBOOK GROUP, where Susan will announce our first FIG TREE FRIEND FEATURE later in the week!


Next week will be a repeat, with another 20 blocks to bring our total up to 40!

See you then,


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  1. Donna Murdock | 28th Dec 23

    I just need to say how my family loves their Fig Tree presents! Your selection of ‘fun to give’ items during your Twelve Days of Christmas during the Thanksgiving sales event was amazing! “Where did you ever find this?” was a comment I heard a few times as these gems were opened. Thank you for your great search to find such wonderful gift items for us. Family members were surprised that a quilt site would have such awesome, fun Christmas gifts! Little did they know before just how amazing our Joanna is!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 31st Dec 23

      Oh my goodness, I love that. Thank you so much for sharing. Join us again next year!

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