MODA Blockheads: Block #13

Welcome to Week #13 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS SEW ALONG! This week is brought to you by lovely Jen Kingwell. I am sure you already know all about Jen and her fabulously eclectic, unique, colorful artistic eye, but if you don’t then you really have to see her and her work on her BLOG HERE. Jen and Richard are a wonderful team and such a pleasure to work and play with… and we have definitely done our fair share of both of those things over the years at Quilt Market. We love them both!! Her block is called THE BALDWIN… but I must admit that I have absolutely no idea why :-)… perhaps she will share with us the background of the name.

Go over to her blog to check out her pattern and get all of the directions, etc. CLICK HERE .

We chose the 8″ size… to be honest, I am not one much for paper piecing. But my friend Cynthia who is generously helping me with this project… said this one would be fun to do paper pieced and away she went. So here is this amazing block and even though I absolutely LOVE IT… I have no idea how to do it and no hints and tips to share with you LOL. Just gorgeous how those fabrics sparkle in that design though!


We chose 2 different red prints, each with a good amount of red and white in it so that it would sparkle and not “read” like a solid red. We also divided the background into 2 different cream prints.. one with little stars and one a tone on tone gingham from Christmas Figs.



The Archive will be updated each week by MODA, in descending chronological order, with the newest block at the top. This is such a fabulous resource! We will keep this link in each week’s post here as a resource.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below. Happy sewing friends!

Here is a list of all the designers participating this year in the order that they will post their weekly blocks…

This week: JEN KINGWELL-

1.15 – Corey Yoder –
1.22 – Sherri McConnell –
1.29 – Betsy Chutchian –
2.5 – Jan Patek –
2.12 – Brigitte Heitland –
2.19 – Lisa Bongean –
2.26 – Lissa Alexander –
3.4 – Laurie Simpson –
3.11 – Vanessa Goertzen –
3.18 – Stacy Iest Hsu –
3.25 – Robin Pickens –
4.1 – Janet Clare –
4.8 – Jen Kingwell –
4.15 – Joanna Figueroa –

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  1. Becky | 8th Apr 20

    Absolutely love all your blocks in the red!!

    • | 8th Apr 20

      Thank you so much. It is turning out better than I had hoped for!

  2. Heather Martin | 8th Apr 20

    Hello-I will have to figure out how to do this block. Yours turned out great! I always look forward to seeing how you complete your blocks. Thanks so much for sharing 😊

    • | 8th Apr 20

      You are so very welcome. The paper piecing is definitely a different and intriguing method!

  3. Kleg | 8th Apr 20

    OK…I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to get started on this and decided it was just not fun. I’ll wait to see if someone makes a YouTube video on this. Or just substitute a block from one of my Fig Tree BOMs.

    • | 8th Apr 20

      paper piecing is definitely not for everyone! Feel free to substitute anything else or just skip it… no worries!

  4. Deb | 8th Apr 20

    Uh-oh, just dont do paper piecing. Now what? I thought the block was pretty…just wish there was a regular way of making it.

    • | 8th Apr 20

      Feel free to skip any block that doesn’t work for you. There will be plenty more to come!

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