MODA Fig Tree & Fabricmatcher Contest

I don't know how many of you have already heard about the "fabricmatcher" program that MODA has on their website. It is open to everyone and is a fantastic way to play with many of their newest collections.

This month they are having a contest using our Fig Tree fabrics.  If you use any of our collections that they have loaded into the program and create a quilt using any of the patterns that they have available, you are eligible to win the contest!  I will be helping with the judging… and you all know what I like so it should be a snap! 
So for all of you out there who love to play with fabric…. this is a great opportunity to do just that and win fabric and patterns to boot! 
Just go to fabricmatcher here and it will tell you what to do to start. It is really simple and I guarantee you will get addicted once you start!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!  Let the games begin. 


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  1. Jessi | 6th Oct 08

    How cool!


  2. Lisa D. | 7th Oct 08

    What a cool contest! I had fun playing with the fabric matcher.

  3. Julia | 8th Oct 08

    Hi Joanna,
    I’ve already played with the moda fabric matcher some days ago (if it weren’t so slow, it’d be even more fun), saved my first project {I’m “juzz”}…and as my fig&plum layer cake just arrived I’m playing with the next “design” for the contest – it is even better to have your beautiful fabrics in real life and not only virtual! Maybe I’m going to play with EQ again…there are some ideas spinning in my head…{I have to justify that I have bought yet another little layer cake…;o)}
    Thanks for creating such gorgeousness!
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Missy Severson | 11th Oct 08

    I went over to play… what a fun program!

  5. Carrie | 16th Oct 08


    I am going to go give it a go, love your new line. Looking forward to your new designs from market.

  6. Carrie | 16th Oct 08


    Sounds like a fun contest, I will go over a give it a go. Love your new line, best wishes at market. Looking forward to seeing whats new.


  7. Denise | 17th Oct 08

    It’s fun create quilt with computer!
    I tried and I saved my prefered pattner made with your fabric 🙂
    For me is fantastic!!

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