My Turn for “All in a Row” Blog Hop

Hello Everyone-

Welcome to my little corner of the blogi-verse and my day on this fun "ALL IN A ROW" adventure of seeing everyone's rows in all of their variety and loveliness.

Moda All Stars All in a Row cover

I really hope you are having fun "hopping around" seeing how all these rows can be done differently with different themes and different fabric collections from so many different designers…. all that variety is really the best part of this book!


…here is my original row on the top of both quilts… in fact I think almost all of both quilts are made from Fig Tree goodness :-). I didn't make them personally but I think they are wonderful combinations of so many collections…. I spy Aloha Girl and Farmhouse and Honeysweet and Breakfast at Tiffany's and Buttercup and Whimsy and Somerset and California Girl and Avalon and Patisserie and Strawberry Fields and even more in the scraps but I can't tell quite what!

Wow… that is a lot of scrappy goodness! I wouldn't mind having either one of those lovelies to add to my personal collection!

Of course I am a bit gaga over the quilt on the right too… can't beat reds and soft reds mixed with some yummy creams. Perfect.

If you are just starting out, hop on over to MODA HERE to understand how it all starts off and see some of the lovely ladies who have gone before me…

As for me, it was my job to work up Lisa's quilt row in a Fig Tree variety. This is Lisa's original version….


I love it in all of its primitive fun and rich, saturated color scheme. Lisa always does awesome work and I love to use her little prints in creams and blacks to mix into my signature bundles as well as my vintage Halloween quilts. See more of her work at the Primitive Gatherings site.

The first attempt was… less Fig Tree and more of me wanting to remake Lisa's loveliness in some of my favorite blacks, my new orange wool and a few Fig Tree greens. I loved the result but then I thought it would be awesome to see it more "figgyfied" [as Miss Carrie has called it somewhere at some point and it kind of stuck] and so I made the second version.



Notice that neither version is quite a full row and neither follows the same outline for the vines and leaves, etc. Can we just call that artistic license? Or something, can we call it something? I am thinking of making 2 more and having Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter rows and then making a small quilt out of it.



What do you think? And if I did that…. which would these be? Winter and Summer or Spring? or Fall? Should I do different color backgrounds or pumpkins? Thoughts? Give me some thoughts in the COMMENTS AND I WILL DRAW 2 WINNERS for a copy of the book and some charm packs to go with it.

Oh…and don't forget to go back to MODA and to Martingale's new facebook page just for this book to win some of their prizes as well as over to Lisa's to see what she did with my row!



WHERE: Many of you have already asked me where you can get the book. I believe it is widely available at local quilt shops and your favorite online retailers as we speak. If you are a shop, I know that United Notions has it in stock for you. We have a few copies here and can get more if you need us to. Let me know if you are not able to find it and we will get some for you!

WHAT: All in a Row book, 24 Row-by-row Quilt Designs. Published by Martingale. 112 pages, soft cover, list price $26.99

WHEN: The book is available now. The special quilt-along- starts soon so be sure to check out both the MODA and the Martingale links I gave above fore more info on that.

Happy Hopping my Friends!



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  1. Carol Feye | 25th Jan 16

    I love the idea of the 4 seasons! And, I prefer the darker background, really makes the focus fabrics pop. Thank you for a chance to win!

  2. Diane Steele | 25th Jan 16

    I LOVE pumpkins in any design and LOVE the Figgy look you gave Lisa’s! I’ve seen all sorts of colors of pumpkins and the ones I’m smitten with are the light green ones which I think would make a beautiful SPRING row! And any color pumpkin would look snazzy with a little snow on top for winter!

  3. Gayle Davis | 25th Jan 16

    I think that a four season pumpkin quilt is a great idea! I hope that you’re winter row will have some frost on the pumpkins…fig tree style! These remind me of summer and fall. Have fun!

  4. Libby | 25th Jan 16

    I love pumpkins………….love the idea of four season
    pumpkin rows; Love the dark background, but for spring and summer I would like a lighter background !!

  5. Joanne Gerber | 25th Jan 16

    The 4 season pumpkin quilt is a great idea. I think the ones you have made are spring and fall. Love the fig tree prints in all seasons!

  6. Mirose76 | 25th Jan 16

    Love the seasonal idea in a small quilt. I would do a green pumpkin for spring or summer because the pumpkin is green before it is orange.

  7. Kathy | 25th Jan 16

    I love them. I think it would be great to do seasonal rows. That orange seems summery to me and the darker one would be great for fall. Love your figgified rows. Love Fig Tree Quilts.

  8. Hildy | 25th Jan 16

    I love your idea with the ‘Four Seaon Pumpkins’ (great name for the quilt, don’t you think?) I think your white pumpkin with the orange background is summerand the other is autumn. I would make one with a white background and an orange pupkin for spring and a black background with a white pumpkin for winter. And I would start to add them into a row with winter and end with autumn so that the two black backgrounds are on the outside.

  9. Miss Jean | 25th Jan 16

    I think the peachy one is Spring and the black background could be Winter. Maybe work in a blue background for Summer and a warm brown background for Fall. Figgyfied – I like that!!!

  10. Maryellen | 25th Jan 16

    I love what you’ve done so far. I don’t have any suggestions for seasons, though, but a pumpkin starts as a vine and flowers, before it turns orange, right? Love your colors, though.

  11. Lorraine Horrocks | 25th Jan 16

    I think either of these would be great on the back of a fall quilt as a center row. Love both of them.horrockslp@aol .com

  12. LINDA | 25th Jan 16

    HI,I like the seasonal idea in a small quilt. Do a green pumpkin for spring and a peach one for summer,orange for autumn and even a darker orange for winter storage!!!

  13. Kay Mc | 25th Jan 16

    I like the darker version & can see it made up as a wall hanging. It would be really cute in a 4 seasons quilt.

  14. Chris Horne | 25th Jan 16

    I would love the quilt of 4 seasons and I would definitely want to make that. I think the lighter is spring and the darker is fall.

  15. Anna Lutz-Brown | 25th Jan 16

    Love the darker one……I love fall and halloween….lol and Christmas….. not picky just like to sew fun things…..Ty for the idea very very nice blog hop…..

  16. Christine Sherman | 25th Jan 16

    I like the peachy one!

  17. KimG | 25th Jan 16

    Great idea, these look like spring and winter to me, both are adorable. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  18. Margaret L | 25th Jan 16

    I like the fresh take on the pumpkin and the trailing vine work. 4 seasons and some beautiful trailing vine work to tie it all together would be perfect. Maybe as the vine ties it all together the birds could change with the seasons. Looking for a local quilt shop to get the book, (if I don’t win one). Have a great day!

  19. Kim Leachman | 25th Jan 16

    I like the dark background. I would love to win your giveaway.

  20. Susan | 25th Jan 16

    Every ounce of both of those quilts in the book are “figgy” fabrics!! Love the pumpkins!!

  21. Beth Brown | 25th Jan 16

    The two you’ve made make me thing of winter and fall. I really like the idea of 4 season variations.


  22. Lizzie | 25th Jan 16

    I love what you did….looks like summer and winter …with your wonderful green background for spring? maybe cherry reds for summer?….or mix them all up. it looks awesome! love the idea of 4 seasons and 4 different pumpkins:) i have to find this book and get creative!!!

  23. Rebecca S. | 25th Jan 16

    So cute! I think the black one is winter and the orange one as fall. I would love to see a spring one with your happy, figgy, greens, and summer with the soft, figgy aquas.

  24. Tonia L. Conner | 25th Jan 16

    I really like both versions, Your’s would bee easier for me though. I think the season is a cute idea and these two would be summer and fall. I think may the the flowering and a tiny pumpkin or two starting to go grow for spring, and I haven’t a clue for winter. There is nothing pretty in our pumpkin patch in the winter. Maybe the vines and leaves turning olive green and khaki peeking out of snow? Pretty drab.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’m bound and determined to get this book.

  25. Esther G | 25th Jan 16

    I love your white pumpkin! So many fall things end up being dark and this just livens it up a bit. I wonder how a purple pumpkin would coordinate…

  26. Susan | 25th Jan 16

    Love the pumpkins. The four season idea is great, what fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  27. Carolyn Sweetman | 25th Jan 16

    Love the idea of the four seasons quilt. I love pumpkins! These rows look like spring and winter to me. I would change up the background prints as well as the pumpkins! Thank you for the giveaway.

  28. Heather | 25th Jan 16

    What a cute idea to do a 4 seasons quilt. Love the dark background but the lighter background speaks to me even more!

  29. Veronica | 25th Jan 16

    I love your version’s of Lisa’s row. I’m thinking that what you have going already could be spring (new pumpkins, not a lot of color in them) and fall (nights getting longer, bright color on the pumpkins). If this was my project I might use for summer, a (grassy) green background with a bit more color in the pumpkins (yellow or light orange)as they grow. In winter, I think of cold and chilly (where we live, anyway) so maybe a blue background & whites again, as blue/white symbolizes winter for me. Good luck. I’m excited to see what you decide to do. Enjoy!

  30. Melinda Ringer | 25th Jan 16

    I love the darker version….only because I LOVE your orange wool!! I need to get some and make beautiful pumpkins like yours!! I am in need of a new fall wall quilt….I’d like to see you create one with the blacks and orange wool!!

  31. Sharon A. | 25th Jan 16

    Oh I just love that row with the orange background and the white pumpkin. In my version of your quilt, it would be the fall row, the black background would be winter, use some of your lighter blues for spring and that wonderful yellow or the greens from Strawberry Fields Revisited for summer. They are wonderful. And now that I think about it, a row with the taupe from Strawberry Fields would be very nice too. Oh, so many options with your fabrics! Maybe the only way is more than one quilt. Thanks for the giveaway, and I love your star block with it’s many possibilities also.

  32. Rosalind Gutierrez | 25th Jan 16

    Four Seasons is the way to go with a variety of color schemes for each one. If the pumpkin is light the dark background enhances the designs nicely.

  33. Vickie Alexander | 25th Jan 16

    Love the oranges does look more like you.

  34. Toni A. | 25th Jan 16

    I think the white pumpkin row best shows summer with a sun-bleached pumpkin. The other row says fall to me. Maybe a pink/light orange for spring & a dark pumpkin against a white background for winter. You’d have fun explaining your tho’ts!

  35. Cecilia | 25th Jan 16

    I think they are summer and Fall. I can see a winter pumpkin with frost on it and a snowy background and a Spring pumpkin with more light greens in it and a cream background. That would make a darling quilt. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  36. Melissa G. | 25th Jan 16

    I love the 4 seasons idea. The two rows you have completed look like winter and summer to me. But they could also be winter and spring. It all depends what the next rows look like. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  37. Marian | 25th Jan 16

    Hi Joanne,

    I like this book, so I am going to check my favourite bookstore tomorrow to see if they can get it in for me.

    An all season pumpkin quilted sounds lovely, and, just to be different, here in NZ, crown pumpkins are orange on the inside and grey on the outside.


  38. Marian | 25th Jan 16

    o0ops, I mean quilt *sigh* too early in the morning for me

  39. Sally | 25th Jan 16

    I guess those would be fall and winter. But pumpkins always say fall to me. I really liked the figgy version.

  40. Tami | 25th Jan 16

    I think the row with the white pumpkin should be spring and the row with the dark background would be winter! Thank you for the chance to win!

  41. Nancy | 25th Jan 16

    Your rows look like fall and winter rows. I would go with light green and off white backgrounds for spring/summer rows. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  42. Lori | 25th Jan 16

    I love the idea of the seasonal pumpkin quilt. Poor pumpkins are always relegated just to the fall. Thanks for a chance to win the book and fabric. You are extra generous.

  43. Mary | 25th Jan 16

    This is the cutest book. I love your blocks. They read Spring & Fall to me. I think changing the backgrounds with another white & orange pumpkin would look lovely.

  44. Teri | 25th Jan 16

    I think the idea of seasons is great. Can’t decide if it looks like fall and winter or winter and spring…either way it looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Joanne | 25th Jan 16

    What a great idea to make a four season quilt. The rows you made might be Spring and Fall. Thank you for such a great give-away. The book looks wonderful!

  46. Terri | 25th Jan 16

    I really like the darker background – just adds a little more pop to your pumpkin. Season??? Thanks for being part of this.

  47. Roxann Piaseczny Williams | 25th Jan 16

    The pumpkins are fabulous. I adore the white pumpkin and the dark background on the second. they remind me of fall and winter; however, since reading this I racked my brain but cannot recall a Spring pumpkin ever shown anywhere. I think that would be amazing. Not the Peter peter pumpkin eater type but a true Spring.
    Ok, you’ve got the creative wheels spinning here. I’d really would love that book. Thanks for the chance to see your work and to win.

  48. Linda | 25th Jan 16

    Go for it! All four seasons! I like dark backgrounds but that is my bias! Hope I win this book!

  49. Susan | 25th Jan 16

    I love the white pumpkins. I’m a 4 Seasons girl all the way. (The name of our farm is Four Seasons Farm!)

  50. Loris Mills | 25th Jan 16

    I love the pumpkins! These are so fun done up in the different colors and fabrics. Can’t wait to see the others you make. These two look like summer and autumn to me. Thank you for sharing a copy of this fun book.

  51. Robin T | 25th Jan 16

    What a fun book and for a good cause. I love the idea for table runners. And the row fillers designed by Lissa. If I don’t win the giveaway I will add this book to my wish list.

  52. Ashley Pickrell | 25th Jan 16

    I love the idea of the 4 seasons. I think the orange one should be summer and the darker one winter. Spring could have a blue background and fall could have a green (or reverse it, that would work too). Regardless, anything “figgyfied” is good in my book. 🙂

  53. Terrie | 25th Jan 16

    Great idea! I think you have Summer and Fall here. Maybe dark blues and frosty whites for Winter?

  54. Terri Mc | 25th Jan 16

    Years ago I thought all pumpkins HAD to be orange. Now, thanks to quilting and all the fabulous quilting fabrics (esp MODA and FIGTREE) I think pumpkins can be any color and design. I am loving the Row By Row articles each day. Terri t2mcgreer at gmail dot com

  55. Marsha B | 25th Jan 16

    What a great idea to do a four seasons quilt! These look like summer with the orange background and fall with the dark background. I think spring would have some greens for background and instead of pumpkins, it would have to be pumpkin blossoms on the vines. Winter should have a dusting of snow maybe. I can’t wait to see what you do. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the book. It is a great book!

  56. Laura P in NH | 25th Jan 16

    I also thought it would be fun to make a “seasonal” quilt with some of these rows. How about 5 or 6 rows, alternating rows with blocks like your cute row and applique blocks like the pumpkin row and the snowmen row from Anne Sutton. Just need to choose one more for spring/summer.

  57. Lee | 25th Jan 16

    I love the four seasons idea! I love the pumpkins – thank you!

  58. Rose Marie Andreozzi | 25th Jan 16

    Your pumpkins are gorgeous and of course you can take artistic license on the design, I mean we are all in trouble if we can’t do that! wow, proceeds from the book go to feed kids, how can you beat that?

  59. Pat H | 25th Jan 16

    I think the orange background would be for spring and the dark background would be winter. Thanks for a chance to win!

  60. Aggiequilter | 25th Jan 16

    I really love the 4 Season quilt idea … the white pumpkin piece could be Spring OR Summer and the darker one says Fall to me! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win this wonderful book!

  61. Kathy L | 25th Jan 16

    Four seasons – I love it! I like the white pumpkin!

  62. Mary Andra | 25th Jan 16

    It’s fabulous and they look like winter and summer. Love the fabric.

  63. Emily C | 25th Jan 16

    Pumpkins are usually fall, but white pumpkins could easily be a winter decoration.

  64. Joan M | 25th Jan 16

    Four season quilt is a great idea. I think the rows would be spring and fall. Love the lighter background. Thanks for the generous giveaway and the chance to win.

  65. Wendy | 25th Jan 16

    I like the seasonal idea for this row. Your finished samples remind me of spring and fall. I would probably go with some lighter background fabrics for summer and winter. What about some wool?

  66. Mary | 25th Jan 16

    I love the seasonal idea but I think the colors need to be changed. As I was writing this I wondered if you could go with a four block piece but change it so it represented four parts of the year not usually done. We have March, June, Sept., and Dec. How about half seasons like half birthdays? Something to use the months we don’t usually have decorations for – Jan., Aug., May, and ? – it was a good thought which maybe you can carry on…

  67. Susan K. | 25th Jan 16

    Those pumpkins are so cute! I naturally gravitate towards anything with pumpkins. The lighter background would be Spring and the darker one would be Fall. Would love to win a copy of the book!

  68. kathy pfaltzgraff | 25th Jan 16

    yes, different colored pumpkins for the different seasons, ie light to med green for the unripe ones.
    thanks for sharing. Kathy in Colo

  69. Karen Martin | 25th Jan 16

    I love them both–beautiful!

  70. Darlene | 25th Jan 16

    I think the four seasons sounds awesome, with different color backgrounds. Loved the white pumpkins on it. It looks good with the lighter shades.

  71. Beth Beal | 25th Jan 16

    I love how you did the pumpkins in both orange and white. I actually think the white pumpkins would look wonderful on the dark background as well!

  72. Sarah J. | 25th Jan 16

    They are so cute! I would use the orange background for summer, black for winter, and maybe a green for spring and a brown for fall?

  73. Sandy A in St. Louis | 25th Jan 16

    I think the two rows you made are summer and fall. If you do the four seasons, I would make the spring one with blooms and the winter one with just the vines and leaves, like after the pumpkins are harvested.

    Love the two you have done!

  74. Kd Brown | 25th Jan 16

    Joann, you did a fantastic job with your row and Lisa’s pumpkins. I love them both and the book will be fabulous!

  75. KimR | 25th Jan 16

    I love your figgyfied pumpkins! I REALLY love your four seasons quilt idea! However, deciding which rows these are…. initially I was thinking the orange Autumn and the black winter. But, then I got thinking about your other colors…. I do like the black for Autumn. I could see your winter one on your reds for a more holiday one…oh, or reds could be summer with a little patriotic flair…. um… not sure I can help you with this! LOL My mind is going in all different directions. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  76. Janan | 25th Jan 16

    I think four seasons of pumpkins would be great. Would make a neat four row quilt. Spring pumpkins could be green, in Summer white with blooms, and Fall of course orange, and Winter with a bit of snow! With a mix of fabrics and wool, piecing and applique would mmake it fun. We would love to see what you create. Thanks for sharing in this fun. What an awesome donation and benefit project.

  77. Lorraine | 25th Jan 16

    I like the seasons idea and changing the background colors. I would say you have spring and winter. Love your blocks.

  78. Ashlee S | 25th Jan 16

    Love them as Spring and fall – the white pumpkin is classy!

  79. Mel | 25th Jan 16

    The top one looks like Spring, and the bottom is Fall. For Summer, I would choose a green background with white/butter yellow leaves, brown vines, brown/black stem and orange/coral colored pumpkin. For Winter, you could do a white/cream pumpkin again with green leaves, black stem and vines and use reds for the background.

    Really and truly, the possibilities are endless!

  80. Karen McMahon | 25th Jan 16

    I think they look like summer and fall. The pumpkins are really cute!

  81. Tamara Williams | 25th Jan 16

    This best wonderful thing about this pattern is the how easy it appears to personalise! Love!

  82. Jamie | 25th Jan 16

    I love that white pumpkin! It feels so wintery. The orange one is definitely fall.

  83. Chris | 25th Jan 16

    I love the pumpkins. The colors are great and so far everyone has had great ideas.

  84. Beth T. | 25th Jan 16

    I think I would make a two-sided table runner, adding a few more white pumpkins on one side and orange pumpkins on the other side. I would use the orange side in Fall and the white side in spring. There are plenty of Winter decorations and lots of figgy summer-style decor, so you’ll be glad to see the runner twice a year, and ready to put it away and pull out something new for the other two seasons. That’s my reasoning, at least tonight.

  85. Kristine Dauth | 25th Jan 16

    I love your pumpkin rows . I think the black background looks more like Fall and the Figgified version looks more like Spring/Summer. It is neat to see someone else’s take on the different rows. Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful project book. And I love that proceeds go to helping those in need.

  86. Janice | 26th Jan 16

    A four seasons quilt sounds like fun! These look like spring and winter to me…love seeing how different fabric choices can change the looks of a block!

  87. Margo | 26th Jan 16

    I love the 4 seasons pumpkins idea! They are so cute!

  88. Lisa Marie | 26th Jan 16

    A small quilt would be cute but my preference would be to make table runners to switch out for the seasons. You could make 2 individual ones or make 2 that are reversible with a different season on each side.

  89. Beverly | 26th Jan 16

    Love your pumpkins and the four seasons idea. These would be summer and fall – a little snow on the winter design would be nice.

  90. Kathy | 26th Jan 16

    Really cute pumpkins – I love both of them. Would love to see the pumpkins in a printed fabric – I bet they would be adorable!

  91. Brenda | 26th Jan 16

    Love the idea of four seasons pumpkin. I like the dark background!

  92. Brenda | 26th Jan 16

    Love the idea of four seasons pumpkin!! I like the dark background too!

  93. Diae | 26th Jan 16

    Love the pumpkins. What a great idea for a seasonal quilt. I love seeing all of the possibilities.

  94. Annmarie | 26th Jan 16

    Love your 2 rows. Amazing what a difference the different fabrics made. As for the pumpkins. They are definitely fall. Maybe you could use the same vines, but mix it up & use flowers for Spring & berries for summer on the vines.

  95. Kristy | 26th Jan 16

    OK loving the four season idea…… about making them using your new wool colors….wouldn’t that be totally gorgeous!!!! Perhaps add a little bird appropriate to each season? I feel certain whatever you do it will be fabulous!

  96. Chris | 26th Jan 16

    I think your orange pumpkin looks more like fall and the white one definitely for winter. Would love to make the rows!

  97. gailss1 | 26th Jan 16

    Oooh…love those pumpkins and boy, hard choices. They work either way. The lighter could be spring but also summer when they are just getting started and the darker are just coming to ripeness (is that a word)…Anyway, by changing the background fabrics you could have seasons and the pumpkins would be adorable…what about baby pumpkins with them, and a village of greak funthem….endless possibilities!
    Thanks Joanna for

  98. Mountain Musings | 26th Jan 16

    I love the lighter Figgy look! I’d call that one Spring. And a quilt would be lovely with 4 seasons. Debgirotti @ gmail dot com

  99. LeAnne | 26th Jan 16

    I love your rows so far! And love the idea of seasons. I love these two for summer and autumn… It would be fun for spring to have your beautiful aqua background, or green. Then winter with brown background and red berries with it. It might be fun to have a baby pumpkin on the spring row!

  100. Patty Flynn | 26th Jan 16

    Love the pumpkins.
    Four seasons is a great idea.

  101. Marlene | 26th Jan 16

    It’s always amazing to see different people’s color combos. Your new wools and all of your different lines of fabric will offer all kinds of possibilities. It is wonderful seeing all the designers doing a spin on another designers row – great job everyone!

  102. Rebecca | 26th Jan 16

    yes keep going with all the seasons and many colors for them. thanks for the chance to own a great looking book!

  103. Kerry | 26th Jan 16

    I love the pumpkins but especially the white one!!!Adore the whole quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!


  104. Cecilia | 26th Jan 16

    These lovely rows remind me of autumn and winter; spring and summer to me feature shades of greens. And pumpkin colors – we enjoyed a blue pumpkin last year for something different! Thank you for the chance to win the book!

  105. Beth Stanfield | 26th Jan 16

    My thoughts are to make one pumpkin with a Figgy green pumpkin and brown background. Make the other pumpkin like the mottled/ striped variety using a Figgy green background. This will be so pretty! Thanks for the contest.

  106. Marie Chat | 26th Jan 16

    Your interpretation of Lisa’s row is darling in the smaller version. It would make a darling small quilt. These two rows of yours look like summer and fall to me. I think spring might look fun with greener shades of a pumpkin on some of those yummy light backgrounds with green or orange in them. Winter could show a bit of frost on the pumpkin or even a tiny ‘pumpkin quilt’ to protect it from the frost. Thanks!

  107. Janet Beyea | 26th Jan 16

    I love what you did with this row. I think it would be great to do the pumpkins in different colors to reflect the four seasons.

  108. kathleen waldron | 26th Jan 16

    Wonderful ideas! I had forgotten that there are so many shades of pumpkins….greyish, white, orange , et al. So much creativity on this blog! Happy quilting.

  109. Barbara | 26th Jan 16

    I love the idea of a 4 seasons quilt. I also like that you put in some grapes on the vine instead of the little the pumpkins. If I had to chose just one, I think it would be the “figgy” looking one in your colors rather than the dark.

  110. sue horton | 26th Jan 16

    Love the ideal of a 4 season quilt. the orange background is definitely summer, you could add some snowflakes on the winter one. I love all your fabrics, just finished your maple leaf pattern done in somerset. turned out beautiful. thanks for a chance to win….

  111. Trudy Keller | 26th Jan 16

    I really like the idea of a four seasons quilt. I think the dark background would be winter.

  112. Cathy Hagadone | 26th Jan 16

    Four seasons is a wonderful idea, especially with pumpkins! I would love to see a pumpkin blossom somewhere in the design.

  113. Mom C | 26th Jan 16

    I do love the softer colors for the pumpkins.. I have a bright orange and dark fall colors runner and sometimes it is just too bright. The 4 rows would make a lovely throw. Thanks.

  114. Jeanne | 26th Jan 16

    How fun! Those are definitely summer and fall to me! I think you should make more and then show them here. I love them!

  115. Lea Kagel | 26th Jan 16

    All four season could be represented in a table runner using a background of green dot on white for winter and summer and a white dot on green for the backgrounds for autumn and spring. Making the pumpkins in various orange prints and black prints vs solids would be stunning against the backgrounds with leaves in tiny checks and plaids. The vines could be stripes on the diagonal in greens or yellows.
    Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  116. Carol Thomas | 26th Jan 16

    Pumpkins come in such variety now so a whole seasons quilt would be awesome! You could use on of those bumpy, warty looking ones too. Go for it! Love your versions!

  117. Jeanne Stone | 26th Jan 16

    I love the pumpkins and see a fall and a spring. What a great idea for a season of pumpkins! And even a start for a series focusing on a key seasonal element across all the seasons. I love seeing all the ideas the book with inspire us with.


  118. Jay Johnson | 26th Jan 16

    It’s the Figgified version for me! I so love your palette. I have quite a collection and plan on using some for a sampler QAL beginning soon.

  119. corrie tollett | 26th Jan 16

    I love your pumpkins! I think they orange and white looks like fall to me and then winter with darker background. I think you should do spring and summer in your yummy colors!

  120. Susan Stanton | 26th Jan 16

    I think these are fall and winter! I’d do a spring version with three small pale green pumpkins on a medium background. No matter what, it’s going to be beautiful.

  121. Mara | 26th Jan 16

    I think they look like fall and winter.

  122. Jen B | 26th Jan 16

    I think your black row would be autumn and the orange one either spring or summer. As these two blocks have different backgrounds, pumpkins and stalks I’d stick with that, but maybe keep the leave the same to tie them all together.

  123. Margaret | 26th Jan 16

    I love the idea of “seasonal”, but I am too practical. There wouldn’t be a pumpkin in each of the seasons. How about a color study of pumpkins, with another one in creamier colors? Wouldn’t 3 be enough for a wall quilt?

  124. Wynema | 26th Jan 16

    I think a seasons quilt would be great. A blue pumpkin would be fun.

  125. Tiffany | 26th Jan 16

    They are so cute! I’d say these are winter and spring. For summer I would use bright, saturated colors in he background and muted colors with more brown for fall. ☺️

  126. Wenda | 26th Jan 16

    Love the pumpkins and the idea of a pumpkin quilt for all seasons! I think these two should be summer and fall. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  127. Carol Sc | 26th Jan 16

    I really like the different effect of changing the backgrounds. The two here seem to me to be Fall and Winter — Spring and Summer, I would think, would have a lighter, brighter feel. The whole book looks like great fun.

  128. Anita Sharp | 26th Jan 16

    I think that your blocks look like spring and fall! Very nice!

  129. Claire Ross | 26th Jan 16

    Love these blocks, I def think the one with the brown background could be fall and the other one looks like Spring to me . Lovely work xx

  130. Raquel | 27th Jan 16

    I love your idea for the four seasons. You are so creative, I know it will be beautiful. To me, I think of these as spring and fall. I agree with others who have said a green and aqua background would be wonderful, but adding a red pumpkin would be fantastic, as well. Maybe a red pumpkin and aqua background for winter? A yellow pumpkin with green background for summer? And I love your row for this book!

  131. Leslie K. | 27th Jan 16

    I love your idea of the four seasons pumpkins. The two rows that you have completed remind me of spring and fall. I would use brighter colors on the flowers for summer, with a blue background. Snow would be fun on the winter pumpkins. I wish I had time to make all of these pumpkins! So cute!

  132. Carrie P. | 27th Jan 16

    I love your rows. I think some of your yellow fabrics would be great for the background or the pumpkins.

  133. Doris McCarty | 27th Jan 16

    I like the darker background. Every color looks richer. Thank you for sharing!

  134. Karen Seitz | 28th Jan 16

    Four seasons of pumpkins is great. I would call these two spring and fall and make summer with a green background (darker green background with lighter green leaves…or reversed?) and winter on a gray or white background. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  135. Pamela DiPadova | 28th Jan 16

    Spring for the lighter version and Winter for the darker version. Both beautiful … but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Just love your “stuff.”

  136. Karrie Smith | 28th Jan 16

    I really like the colors you chose. I would say it’s Fall until early winter, just past Thanksgiving Day, when it starts to leave frost on the ground in the morning. That is what that white pumpkin reminds me of. One of my favorite times of year.

  137. Diane B | 28th Jan 16

    Hi Joanna, it’s really nice to meet you.
    Add the two rows and make a 4 seasons quilt. The pumpkins really are summer and autumn around here.
    Exercise your Artistic License:)

  138. Diane W | 3rd Feb 16

    Yes. Do all 4 seasons. The white pumpkin could be for all four seasons….just add to it. Frost, spring flowers and fall nuts.

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