MYSTERY SAMPLER BOM 2019: Fig Tree Farmhouse

Hello my friends!

I know that many of you diehards are already signed up for this fabulous program for next year but I wanted to share a few more details about it for those of you who are still thinking or who might be new to Fig Tree or new to our Block of the Month programs.


Several years ago, it dawned on us after dozens of requests that even though our fabrics are distributed far and wide and hundreds and hundreds of stores carry and love them worldwide, that not everyone has a Fig Tree loving store physically near them. It was then that we decided that we wanted to build an online community for those people… and for any of you who were looking to join in on the fun. And you all came out of the woodwork and we have loved getting to know you and work with you and inspire you. What you guys told us is that you wanted more kits and more monthly programs that focused on Fig Tree fabrics. So we listened and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now I have to share with you that my absolute favorite thing to do when I was an employee at my local quilt shop many years ago, was to pick out stacks of bolts for someone’s project! Matching fabrics to each other or to a favorite “inspiration” piece and scouring the quilt store for colors and prints that would bring out the best in each other was my HANDS DOWN favorite part of working in the shop and with customers. So it only makes sense that this is also one of absolute favorite things to for my business now, choose color combinations for programs, bundles and kits.  I love it and I am so glad that so many of you do too. When I started doing this years ago, there wasn’t really a name for it, it was just what I did. Now they are called “curated bundles” and other fancy names. Really its just me, choosing a lovely combination of fabrics that I think will make a pleasing whole. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

This has become an annual tradition for us that I started in 2014. Each year this BLOCK OF THE MONTH program, is a fabulous mix of blocks 6″ to 18″, all in advanced beginner to intermediate level. I don’t use any templates or any specialty rulers. I like to mix super simple classic blocks with ones that challenge us all a little bit while still being completely doable and not outside our ability! I only use appliqué for a few leaves here and there or things like basket handles and sometimes not at all. I give you guys my instructions for simple appliqué in case that is totally new to you. For those of you who might run screaming from the room if someone mentions learning appliqué, please remember that you can always just make up a block or make more of another one to substitute for that space.

Toward the latter months of the program we will start putting the blocks together into sections and quadrants, adding filler strips and simple blocks made from the various cream prints. It is like assembling a puzzle at that point… it is a lot of fun for me even if a math challenge sometimes.

I work alongside of you, a few months ahead but I don’t know what the finished project will look like ahead of time. This is as much of an adventure for me, as it is for you and I love being along for the ride.


The theme this year is “Fig Tree Farmhouse” and the program is based around our upcoming Farmhouse II fabric collection. We have also added in some favorite cream and ivory prints as well as a few fabrics from our as yet unreleased Spring collection, called Chantilly. We think the whole fabulous Fig Tree rainbow will be a lot of fun to sew with!


Some other important facts for you:

• Program will run from January 2019 – December 2019

• Over the year, you will receive over 18 yards of fabulous MODA fabric, with enough leftover to surely make an entire other project with all of those yummy leftovers.

• This year’s sampler will have a slightly farmhouse flavor and will be based around our upcoming Farmhouse II collection with some colors- like yellow, grey and coral- from our yet to be released Spring collection, Chantilly. It will run the gamut of colors from our famous charcoal blacks all the way to a fabulous grouping of creams and ivories.

• The blocks will be a mix of some of our favorite Fig Tree blocks and patterns as well as other classic, traditional blocks as always. The sizes of the blocks will vary from 6″ to 18″ and the final layout will be a fabulous interesting classic sampler feel with lots of wonderful filler blocks and that Fig tree vintage flavor! We have added in a bunch of our favorite cream prints so that the stronger fabrics have plenty of room to breath and sparkle! Given the theme this year, there will for sure be a farmhouse, some flowers on stems, classic barn blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes and possibly even a chicken… maybe. The feel of this sampler will be distinctly RETRO but not cutesy so I am thinking we will make that chicken optional and provide an alternate block too. That way there is something for everyone!

• As in previous Mystery Sampler blocks, many of the months you will receive not only that months’ fabrics and exclusive directions but also STAND ALONE FIG TREE PATTERNS throughout the program. You will use the block pattern for the sampler and also have the Fig Tree pattern itself to add to your collection. Its really quite an amazing deal between all that lovely fabric, patterns and sampler instructions, its all too good to be true!

On a side note, I just want to mention that every year we do our BOM programs, I tell people that if they are interested, they should sign in the first few days of the announcement because they will most likely sell out. Every year, people don’t believe me 🙂 and then they are so sad when they find out the programs are closed. So… all of that to say, join us if you are interested! We would love to have you along for the ride! Click HERE if you want more specific info on the program or to sign up.

TOMORORW: I will share more about the CREAM AND CHARCOAL BOM.

Let me know if you have any other questions at all. And I hope to see you guys all ready and waiting in January!

Happy Sewing,


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