Norway: The Countryside

In between our conference and my lovely day in Oslo, I watched the most amazing countryside go by and took a few short walks near MODA Norway. I don't know about you… but I surely wouldn't mind working in this old farmhouse! Sign me up any day of the week. 

Given that ALL the country homes in Norway are either white, red or yellow [something about the paint color being more affordable 🙂 in those colors], the effect is quite stunning as you see town after town in the same picturesque color palettes.

Who knows… I might feel a collection coming on!



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  1. Nicola | 16th Apr 13

    Beautiful photos, Joanna. The light is really wonderful in Scandinavia and I think you’ve really captured it! x

  2. Marie Fluck | 16th Apr 13

    Oh, how beautiful! My Mother, Ingrid and Father, Toralv both were born in Norway. Mother in Trondheim and Father in Nes i Fosna, along the North Sea. I have been there in ’55, and 3 times after that. It’s my 2nd home, as far as I’m concerned. The most beautiful country I know! Thanks for the lovely pics and showing the wonderful fabrics and colors. What a show!! Hugs, Marie Fluck

  3. Kimberly K. | 16th Apr 13

    Hi! It looks breath-taking! Even with the SNOW! It certainly would be a great place to get ideas!

  4. Deb | 16th Apr 13

    I loved seeing these beautiful photos! My mom (almost 85) makes handmade split oak country baskets and sold one to friends of ours. It turns out our friend’s sister lives in Norway with her family, and this couple was sending my mom’s basket filled with goodies to her for Christmas. It’s amazing to me to think that my mom made that basket right here in my home and now it sits in one of those lovely farmhouses you pictured….well, someplace in Norway at least. I’ll have to show her these pictures…it will definitely encourage her! I’m glad that you had fun there.

  5. Rose | 16th Apr 13

    Wow… really gorgeous there.

  6. Marge | 17th Apr 13

    I have a copy of a painting of the red farmhouse in Norway where my husband’s family came from in the mid 1800’s. The top of my bucket list would be to visit Norway and the home villages of both of our ancestors. Beautiful photos, thanks for posting them!

  7. Marcia R. | 17th Apr 13

    It would be a fabulous collection. Please do it!

  8. Libby | 17th Apr 13

    Beautiful pictures ~ thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what collection you come up with!

  9. Sandy K | 17th Apr 13

    Is this where Moda fabrics originated from? I do not know the history of it. Beautiful photos.

  10. Clairellen | 17th Apr 13

    Your photos are gorgeous, and so inspiring. Before I read your words, I thought about a collection from you inspired by Norway in winter. On another subject, what is the collection you are playing on I love the music you select, and can’t seem to find it there…maybe it is your own custom selection? Thanks so much.

  11. | 17th Apr 13

    I’m telling you…I WANNA GO!!!! SPECTACULAR pictures, Joanna! 🙂 joe

  12. Joanna | 17th Apr 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Libby submitted a comment on Norway: The Countryside

    Me either!!

  13. Joanna | 17th Apr 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Sandy K submitted a comment on Norway: The Countryside

    No, this is just where their Norwegian Distributor operates from.

  14. Joanna | 17th Apr 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Clairellen submitted a comment on Norway: The Countryside

    Our music is a mix of French folk music and some American light pop stuff that I love. I just made up the playlist but a lot of times on those sites, you can download someone elses playlist I think… Of course I would have absolutely no idea how to do that!

  15. Joanna | 17th Apr 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] submitted a comment on Norway: The Countryside

    Well, next time I might just take you with me!!

  16. Joanna | 17th Apr 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Marge submitted a comment on Norway: The Countryside

    That sounds absolutely beautiful. A nice way to stay connected to your heritage.

  17. kitty buchanan | 18th Apr 13

    Beautiful pictures – loved the large yellow building. Oh, one more thing – time for you to change your header from Winter 2012 to Spring 2013 –

  18. Jan | 19th Apr 13

    Norway looks oh so beautiful! A fabric line in those colors would be stunning!!!!

  19. rosa | 19th Apr 13

    Greatpics,thanks for sharing.Next Stop..Spain!!

  20. Carol | 20th Apr 13

    Beautiful pics. I have a pen friend that I have corresponded with for over 50 years and she is from Norway. I have been there once and it is just as gorgeous in the summer time. Your pics left me thinking of my friend and wondering if she has been to these places. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Majid | 22nd Apr 13

    I have always appreciated the beauty of country side like farms. country roads, houses, prairies etc. They are the symbols of God’s created beauty. Nice pictures.

  22. Majid Ali | 28th Apr 13

    I have seen so many beautiful snow coverd homes but this house look apart from them. Amazing beautiful design. Photos are awesome

  23. Izzy | 28th Apr 13

    Norway is gorgeous , my father lives in Trondheim..:)

  24. Berit Dalby | 30th Apr 13

    enjoyed the pictures, also enjoyed your class at the conference. But are you sure the town was called Moda? I don’t know of any place called Moda in our area.
    Hugs, Berit

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