Orange Blossoms: Week #1 photos and info

Hello Quilty Friends!

I am loving how many of you jumped right in and started cutting up your fabrics right away. It is exciting to see this phase of the project when everyone is starting out together.

I love it and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see everyone work on this project. It always fascinates me how something can capture your creative imagination and then you just can’t let it go… that is definitely this project for me!


Being organized with this project will go a long way to making it the most amount of fun. You are working with lots of scrappy greens and creams that you will continue to use each of the three weeks. So organize yourself with labels, baggies, stacks… whatever works best for you.

For the orange block itself, a few things to remember:

  • The fabric right around the orange are ivory solid.
  • Everything is else is scrappy creams. The placement of the scrappy creams is not that important but i would definitely choose some of the smaller and more delicate prints and place them next to some of the bolder prints so that they alternate throughout your quilt.
  • I would definitely use some of the softer ones right around the orange so that the orange really stands out!
  • Since we are working to get all of our greens and creams scrappy throughout the whole project, it is kind of important to not cut up all of a few of the prints and then not be able to use them for the next set of blocks next week. So read through the instructions and follow the recommendations for strip cutting if you want well balanced creamy scrappy goodness!
  • On this orange block, there is literally only one place where you need to pay attention that your pieces match… the little inset in the middle top of the orange. Be sure those little triangles match when you piece your two orange halves. For all of the rest of the pieces… either nothing matches up at all or will not be very visible if it doesn’t match up so in my opinion… you are 100% home free!! You got love that in a simple pattern like this one.
  • When lining up your patchwork trio, be sure to sew the pieces together along the correct side. Ask me how I know to remind you of that :-)?


  • Each week for 3 weeks, we will release a portion of the project. This week we begin with Week #1: THE ORANGE BLOCK. If you keep up during the three weeks, you will have a finished orange themed summer patchwork once you are done. It will be app. 63″ square.
  • Each week we will post here on Monday with some pics of the next section and any other info you might need or want for that week.
  • We will be working along with the Sew Along in our FACEBOOK GROUP, FIG TREE QUILTS FRIENDS. People will share their progress, pics of their cutting and piecing, etc. Its a great place to be a community! But don’t worry if you are not on Facebook, that’s okay, social media is not for everyone so don’t feel bad. It is just a fun place for us to cheer each other on and see how everyone is progressing. You will be able to get your info here and the patterns in the shop each week.
  • Each Tuesday [the day after the release], the pattern for that week’s blocks will become available for purchase in our shop. Anyone can participate at that point.
  • The patterns will be available for purchase throughout April and May.
  • We will be using the hashtag #orangeblossomsquilt if you want to follow along.


  • Your “entrance” to this 3 week sew along comes with the kit. Welcome! You will be getting an email with the pattern sometime before noon today… assuming the internet cooperates and your system likes ours! If you have ever opted out of our weekly email newsletter… you will need to opt back in because that is how the email will be sent to you.
  • You will get a similar email next Monday and the Monday after that for all 3 installments of the pattern.
  • Your patterns will be free of charge… a perk of purchasing the kit!


  • Welcome to you as well, we are so very glad you are joining us! Each Tuesday, the day after those who purchased the kit have received their pattern via email, the pattern for that week will become available in our FIG TREE SHOP HERE for purchase. THE FIRST PATTERN IS NOW AVAILABLE.
  • The pattern will be on our FEATURED PAGE. If for whatever reason you are unable to locate it, simply search in the search bar for Orange Blossoms and it will come up for you.
  • You will need to purchase the pattern parts, each week for 3 weeks, each Tuesday, in order to complete the quilt.
  • The pattern will only come in a downloadable PDF version. So sorry that we will not be able to offer paper patterns of this project at this time.

See you next week for the SECOND installment!

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    A little behind due to illness…but will be zooming along as soon as I get my fabric!

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