Outtakes…& goldfish

Many of you have emailed me asking what on earth I've been going on about fish for….

Well a few months ago when I was finalizing designs for this new children's collection, the idea to make a goldfish came to me. I figured it would be a fun, simple little softie that would accompany the line and the colors perfectly. 

Well, famous last words as they say.

I guess there is a reason there aren't that many fish softies out there… 7 prototypes later, a lot of foul language, many different changes, additions & suggestions and way too much time…. we present Stanley!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – - 

Thank you for all the sweet comments & emails about the pattern & mostly about the model! Don't feel like you need to comment on her again… but here are a whole series of out takes from yesterday's photo shoot. 

At this point, I think we are done with kid photo shoots for a while… at least until next week's pattern finishes!

In terms of the fish… well its actually more like Stella when you think about it, but nevertheless Stanley it will be. Ella has already chosen the aqua version. Believe it or not, but the boys as old as they might pretend to be, both also want one!

Can you believe that Stanley has already has his photo taken 223 times? That's one popular fish I tell you. And just fyi, it will be a while before I attempt another animal….







Talk to you soon.

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  1. Veronica | 24th Sep 09

    So sweet!
    Lovely little girl too.

  2. a good yarn | 24th Sep 09

    They are charming! Love those sweet tails!

  3. Stephanie | 24th Sep 09

    Obviously quite loveable and squeezeable!

  4. Ariane | 24th Sep 09

    They look adorable, soft and cuddly. The pictures are beautiful.

  5. rachel | 24th Sep 09

    absolutely adorable!!!

  6. Elizabeth | 24th Sep 09

    So *cute*! I love it 🙂 And your little girl is super-adorable (as always) 🙂

  7. QuiltNut | 24th Sep 09

    those are adorable! love them. great job

  8. Bren | 24th Sep 09

    Oh . . .! All that work was worth it! Stanley is adorable!. . . (& the fabric he’s (they’re) made out of. . . so pretty!!!) xo, Bren

  9. sherri | 24th Sep 09

    These. fish. are. so. cute!!!

  10. Sandi Henderson | 24th Sep 09

    I love how you’re stepping out into these new types of patterns! That little guy is too cute. 🙂


  11. pam | 24th Sep 09

    Those little kid hands kill me.

  12. Jess | 24th Sep 09

    Oh I love those fish! So cute!!

  13. Julie | 24th Sep 09

    Is there anything you can’t do? Loving Stanley. Is he easy to make?

  14. Page | 24th Sep 09

    Those are adorable! My kids want a pet so bad, but our landlord said we couldn’t have a pet, not even a goldfish! I wonder if if one of your adorable ones would count (:

  15. Joanna | 24th Sep 09

    Well, maybe they could help make it, pick their own fabrics and then make it
    their pet. My daughter has already decided which one is hers and how she
    plans on making him a home!
    Happy Sewing,


  16. Joy James | 25th Sep 09

    They are just soooo cute. I never thought I’d want to hug a goldfish!

  17. Barbara Charter | 28th Sep 09

    Is the pattern available for the Goldfish ? They are great……………Regards, Barbara Charter, Adelaide, South Australia.

  18. Joanna | 28th Sep 09

    The goldfish pattern, Stanley, will be

  19. Joanna | 28th Sep 09

    Sorry for the glitch…

    The goldfish pattern, Stanley, will be available on our website the 2nd week
    of October.



  20. Robin | 29th Sep 09

    Stanley would make a great baby gift! I will be ordering the pattern for sure!

  21. boracay island Philippines | 1st Oct 09

    The stuffed toy fish looks so huggable.

  22. food handling certificate | 1st Oct 09

    Aw! It’s adorable. Is that for sale?

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