Patisserie has shipped… & it’s time for a giveaway!


I love those words… "has shipped"  or the words " is arriving on store shelves" or the phrase " has hit the streets"… need I say more?  There is something about those words that is exhilarating for me as a designer. It is the moment of truth. I have envisioned & designed it. The design team has executed it. The mills have created it. MODA has marketed and sold it. Stores have bought it. I have gushed about loving it. But until now, you haven't gotten to play with it! Until now….

And so here it is and hopefully at a store near you or if not certainly at an online store near your fingertips! 

Even as I was gushing some more about it here for this wonderful gal, I couldn't help but find myself back on those little criss crossing streets…


So here it is… just in case you don't already have your hands on some of these goodies we are having a little giveaway and a name contest all at once. 

We are giving away 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Honey Bun™, 2 Turnovers™, a complete set of Patisserie patterns & a surprise gift for the winner[s] of the name contest. 

When you leave your comment, please share with me some possible names for my upcoming projects. I can't share the projects quite yet but you all did such a fabulous job with names last time we did this that I am confident you can come up with some again "project sight unseen". 

Use Patisserie as your inspiration and just go for it! Multiple entries for names are just fine but we will only count 1 towards the contest.

We will choose winners next wednesday…

These below are the gorgeous Patisserie pages from the infamous MODA Playbook given out at Market. Can't  you just feel yourself transported??


Thanks for playing along.
Talk to you soon.

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  1. lori | 6th Mar 09

    fraises du bois

    strawberry tartan

    creme anglaise

    petit gateau

    parisian tea

    cafe au lait


  2. Dóra Dís | 6th Mar 09

    Figues fraiches

  3. Angel | 6th Mar 09

    Congrats! How exciting.
    The Patisserie pages are beautiful.

    Okay, I’ll take a stab at this…

    Coulis – a simple, yet elegant enhancement to French pastries. I love the concept but not sure it would be mainstream enough?

    Éclair – a filled and/or glazed French puff pastry. Everyone knows what an Éclair is and it’s a beautiful word.

    Marjolaine – a buttercream, hazelnut and mocha French dessert with puff pastry. Another beautiful word to see and to say. Of the 3, I like this one.

    Have a great day!

  4. Lorraine | 6th Mar 09

    Patisserie looks delicieux!
    Here are my suggestions

    Poire Verte
    Petit Pois
    Creme et Cannelle
    Cerise Sublime

    thanks for the chance to play

  5. alda | 6th Mar 09

    I like the new Patisserie looks very delicious.

    what about:

    berry fruit
    berry seasons
    croc and berry fields
    hot chocolate
    bubble gum
    cottton spice

  6. barbara | 6th Mar 09

    Wow the names people have already come up with are great, and well there’s only 5 people!

    I love the collection, and would like to add these names to the consideration.

    Chocolate Ganache
    Concorde Framboise (good for a redish colour)
    Passion et Chocolat
    Blanc Sichuan (lovely for one of the white/creams)
    Creme Fresh
    Pâte de Fruits
    Charlotte Poires

    Good luck to everyone, thanks for the chance!

  7. Vickie E | 6th Mar 09

    well the first 5 comments covered so many items….what’s left? um how about
    Parisian silk
    Parisian Chic
    Parisian Doux (parisian sweets)

  8. Marlene | 6th Mar 09

    Big fan of yours and all your fabrics/patterns!!!

    How about…

    Yum-O (the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see your work).

    Magasin de Boulangerie (Bakery Shop)

    Que Je Veux (What I Want)

    Etoffe Fraiche (Cool Fabric)

    I really love Etoffe Fraiche…it rolls off the tongue and evokes the buyer to think great thoughts…but when looking at your work no one ever needs to be convinced!!!

  9. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 6th Mar 09

    Your new fabric line is awesome (as usual) and love the patterns that go with them.

    I only have one idea (so far) and it is “Très Chouette” meaning “really great” as are all of your creations.

  10. Dóra Dís | 6th Mar 09

    I have more suggestions…

    Tarte au Miel
    Tarte au Figues
    Tarte aux Amandes

  11. bekka | 6th Mar 09

    just lovely!

    how about names hearkening back to the very basics, which will then imbue your patterns/designs/quilts with a sense of what is essential?


  12. Stephanie | 6th Mar 09

    Wow terrific names already. How about

    Chocolate Mousse
    Fruit Tart
    Angel Food Cake
    Jelly Donuts
    Apple Turnover

    My French food knowledges is limited. Love how you display and photograph your fabrics!

  13. Stephanie | 6th Mar 09

    Oh and I LOVE tea and scones so may I please add

    Time for Tea
    Tea for Two
    Tea and Scones

  14. Amy H. | 6th Mar 09

    I love all your designs and look forward to every new fabric release!

    How about…


    Giverny (Monet would be proud!)

    Thanks! Amy

  15. Sarahg | 6th Mar 09

    Hi – Love the Patisserie line and can’t wait for mine to arrive. I’m planning an English Paper Piecing project with it.

    I’d suggest a name that would be easy to ask for…if you are not fluent in French!

    Here are some ideas –
    Petit Four

  16. Carrie | 6th Mar 09

    Another wonderful fabric line, I’m looking forward to sewing some up:

    Coeur A La Creme
    Framboise Souffle

    Parisian Delight,

    Best wishes to all:

  17. Lisa D | 6th Mar 09

    I’m drooling over your new fabric line and can’t wait to see it in person. I’m not very creative, but one name comes to mind – Crème Brulée

  18. LollyChops | 6th Mar 09

    Ok here goes.. my first time here.
    Strawberry Dream Pie
    Luscious Lemon Tart
    Lime Time Divine

  19. Trudy | 6th Mar 09

    this fabric is so wonderful….I have the whole set of fat quarters just sitting on my cutting table waiting to go into something appliqued….just can’t decide. Here goes some names.

    Apple dumplings
    Tea time
    sugar cookies

  20. Suzy | 6th Mar 09

    I have a possible few:


    They are all forms of French desserts. Yummy! :o)

  21. Melody | 6th Mar 09

    How about Sidewalk Cafe’.

  22. Anita | 6th Mar 09

    Your pictures are so beautiful, they are making me wish for a trip to Paris! How about macarons, madeleines, and eclairs.

  23. Gina | 6th Mar 09

    I love the Patisserie line and have already ordered the turnovers and yardage to make a quilt. As with those delectable French pastries and breads, I was unable to resist the temptation of Patisserie! How about Viennoiserie, Delice Napoleon, Chaussons (Aux Pommes…or whatever wonderful fruit colored fillings you can dream up!), Savarin Chantilly(love those creamy whites with a dash of red), Brésiliennes (for the wonderful shades of muted cocoa browns)or Petite Choux Chantilly (for the creamy whites).

  24. Joanna | 6th Mar 09

    Paris in the Spring
    Paris in the Morning

  25. | 6th Mar 09

    I like:
    mango rose
    This giveaway is making me hungry!
    ruthrberke at yahoo dot com

  26. Sherri | 6th Mar 09

    The fabric and the photographs are so gorgeous! Here are a few ideas…

    C’est La Vie,
    Summer Creme
    Fall Fondue

  27. Diane | 6th Mar 09

    Names for fabric pages:
    Sweet Fig (figue douce)
    Crème Brûlée or Crème Fraîche (burnt cream or fresh cream)
    Strawberries and Cream (Fraises et Crème) or Raspberries and cream (Framboises et Crème)
    Chaux Sucrée (Lime sugar) or Citrus Meringue I also like the idea of candied lime but don’t know the correct tranlation.
    Poire Verte (green pear)

    Name for upcoming project:
    Peach Orchard, Peaches n’Creme, Peachy Cream, Creme de la Pêche

  28. Diane | 6th Mar 09

    Names for fabric pages:
    Sweet Fig (figue douce)
    Crème Brûlée or Crème Fraîche (burnt cream or fresh cream)
    Strawberries and Cream (Fraises et Crème) or Raspberries and cream (Framboises et Crème)
    Chaux Sucrée (Lime sugar) or Citrus Meringue I also like the idea of candied lime but don’t know the correct tranlation.
    Poire Verte (green pear)

    Name for upcoming project:
    Peach Orchard, Peaches n’Creme, Peachy Cream, Creme de la Pêche

  29. Michelle | 6th Mar 09

    French Cafe

  30. Dianne | 6th Mar 09

    I have some of Patisserie already on order! Here are my suggestions:
    Petite Fleur
    La Madeleine

    Merci beaucoup!

  31. Karin | 6th Mar 09

    I’m going to Spain for my inspiration, something fun and romantic, carefree and flirty- Bésame (Kiss me) or Bésame Mucho (Kiss me a lot!) Oh, I can see it all in my mind already. 🙂

  32. sheila fleming | 6th Mar 09

    Ooo la la

  33. Karin | 6th Mar 09

    Oops. I realized that I spelled béseme wrong in my comment. 🙁 My apologies.

  34. Karen Holland | 6th Mar 09

    Something with “torte” in the name?
    They all sound yummy…makes me hungry. So much for any kind of diet 🙂

  35. hosander | 6th Mar 09


    This collection is beautiful, thanks for giving some of us the chance to try it out!

  36. Helen | 6th Mar 09

    Patisserie is a lovely line. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the stores.

    Here’s some suggestions:
    sablès noissette
    le piaf
    Tarte Belle

  37. Megan | 6th Mar 09

    All the pictures look so yummy! My creativity’s on the wane today, so I only have 1 potential name to submit: Scrumptious Spinwheels. I can’t wait to pick up some of the great fabric in my local shop!

  38. anne Allen | 6th Mar 09

    Oh my, those fabrics are just delish! Names… Hmmmm, how about a cake line :: Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Texas Sheet Cake, Mississippi Mud Cake, Angel Food cake.

  39. Julia | 6th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna,
    how exciting, I couldn’t wait for the fabric to be released since I saw the first sneak peeks ;o)
    Congrats! I know it will be a huge success!
    My suggestions for the name contest…hmm…

    Petits Bisous
    Vanilla Praliné
    Crème Brulée
    Butterscotch Tarte
    Pear Parfait
    Pear on the cake (cherry on the cake) ;o)

    Cheers, Julia

  40. Amy @ parkcitygirl | 6th Mar 09

    Congrats – how fun to have it out everywhere!

    I’m not reading all the comments – sorry if I’m repeating 🙂

    Mont Blanc
    Pâte sucrée

  41. Iva | 6th Mar 09

    Absolutely love your fabrics! Congratulations on the new line. All the ideas presented so far for your next one are terrific; wish I knew more French. My offerings: Bonbons, Saveur, Les Bon Temps.

  42. Carrie | 6th Mar 09

    Just saw the vintage map fabric and I’m in love! Names…Maison, Château or Marché.

  43. Symplydear | 6th Mar 09

    Fantastic collection, I’ve been anticipating it’s arrival since it’s debute on your blog.

    You’ve got my mouth watering thinking of deserts. I think I’ve added 10 pounds just thing of all these great delicacies.

    Sweet Berry Tart
    Orange Truffle
    Almond Boule

  44. Tressa | 6th Mar 09


  45. edkarnes | 6th Mar 09

    How about chocolate fondue? Eiffel Tower? Arc de Triomphe? Laisser le bon roulea de temps! Denise in Arkansas

  46. Amy | 6th Mar 09

    I speak NO French, so my suggestions are: Oven Fresh; Honey Baked; Honey Dipped, and Sweet Cream Butter.

  47. Robin C | 6th Mar 09

    Love the fabrics, you’re making me hungry!

    Sweet Treats


    Tarts for Teas


    Pastry Delights

  48. Jen | 6th Mar 09

    In French class, we would always use “Boulangerie patisserie” together. Boulangerie is really more of just a bakery where as patisserie is more like what it sounds like, a paistry shop, so if you want a complimentary name, that would be good. I always think of the museums and churches of Paris, not to mention some of the famous landmarks. I think one of the most fitting names might be Montmatre, the area in which Sacre Coeur sits, which as dozens of fabric stores all around. It’s heaven. If you’re looking for something more floral, there are tons of gardens all throughout the city. I list some names below.

    So my suggestions are:
    Fields of Lavender
    Churches: Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur
    Museumes: La Louvre, Le Centre Pompidou, Muse D’Orsay
    Arrondissements – how Paris is divided
    Momtmarte – fabric CITY!!!
    Gardens: Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes…
    Les Bateau Mouche (literal translation, “Fly Boats”… they travel down La Scine)

  49. Jeannette | 6th Mar 09

    I am very patiently waiting for Patisserie to reach our shores in New Zealand. For names about
    Parisian Romance
    Raspberry Creams
    It is so good that we can look at and eat our fill of these beautiful fabrics and not gain any weight. Weight Watchers Delight

  50. jen | 6th Mar 09

    I just love this line. Scrumptious!

  51. Andrea | 6th Mar 09

    It all looks beautiful and I would love to win some.

    As far as naming future projects what about doing something with the word ‘edible?’ For example if there is a blue colorway you could call it ‘sky edibles’ or ‘blueberry edibles’ etc. Hope you get inspired from all the suggestions.

  52. Thimbleanna | 6th Mar 09

    Oooh yummy! I like Meringue. Chocolate Meringue. Meringe Truffle.

  53. Lynn | 6th Mar 09

    Joanna, thanks for letting us have our input. Any connection with this line is an honor. I love it! My suggestions: creme de le creme, Parisian cafe`, cafe de Paris For your new lines I still think France conjures up luxurious and fabulous thoughts, so how about: Belle Paris, Marseilles, or magnifique. As our one time French exchange student, Nathalie, always says to end correspondence, I kees (kiss) you.

  54. Gretchen | 6th Mar 09

    I positively LOVE this fabric line!!! It is scrumptious to say the least. Some ideas for names are:
    madeleines (lovely, light French cookies with a shell-like design)

    creme brulee (is their anything more light and decadent at the same time???)

    profiteroles au chocolat (maybe a play on jelly rolls?)

    crepe Suzette

  55. Gretchen | 6th Mar 09

    I just LOVE this line!! It’s positively scrumptious! For possible names:
    madeleines (light, lovely French cookies)

    crepe Suzette

    profiteroles au chocolat (maybe a play on jelly rolls?)

    creme brulee or creme caramel

  56. Shelley C | 6th Mar 09

    My, everyone has such wonderful ideas that I don’t see how you are going to choose! Here are a few more for the mix:

    Ruby Torte
    Butter Cremes
    Maple Tassie
    Summer Confection
    Tete a tete
    L’amour du Monde
    Papillon (spelling?)
    A La Mode
    Sweet Desire

  57. Terri Geroux | 6th Mar 09

    Can’t wait to see what you are working on! Probably others have already come up with these, but here’s off the top of my head…

    Creme Fraiche
    Petit Fours
    Profiteroles (little creme puffs!)

  58. Jette | 6th Mar 09

    Fig Puff
    just Beautiful

    Something I can pronounce when I am buying fabric.

    Beautiful fabric

  59. Mary | 6th Mar 09

    Only one thought comes to mind with all that delicious finery … “Oui Oui!”


  60. Vangie | 6th Mar 09

    I already bought (and have been drooling over)your new book and have been waiting impatiently for the fabrics to arrive. I can’t wait to get started. I just read over at La Vie en Rosie about a famous French patisserie called Lauduree- wouldn’t that make a great name?

  61. Aimee | 6th Mar 09

    wow – your line is beautiful!

    Tuilerie Garden
    petite fours
    bouche de noel

  62. Alyson S | 6th Mar 09

    Beautiful! What a great fabric line, and the patterns are so pretty! Hmmmmmmm…names might be…

    Raspberry Tart
    Fruit swirls
    Fruit twists

    Alyson (& ELIZABETH)

  63. deb | 6th Mar 09

    This line is so beautiful. I think…
    Custard Creams
    Chocolate Eclairs
    Raspberry delights

    I just want to get my hands on some!!

  64. Lynnea | 6th Mar 09

    Hmmm….not too much into French words…but I always liked the book “Linnea in Monet’s Garden”!!:-)

  65. Cathie | 6th Mar 09

    How about Eclair, strudel, delicacy, banquet, truffle, hors d’oeuvre, les bon bons, le gateau, au chocolat or couverture?

  66. Carrie in KC | 6th Mar 09

    How about a play on words with Pati-cake? Lovely fabrics!

  67. Kate | 6th Mar 09

    oooh, I’m in love with this fabric already. I used to work in a Patisserie, though it was Swiss, not French.
    How about:
    Petit Four
    Sacre torte

  68. Dandelion Quilts | 6th Mar 09

    I love this and have already ordered a jelly roll. I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I just love when you do lines with red in it.

    Patisserie Pastry
    Petit Treats
    Patisserie Perfection
    Patisserie Puffs
    Kissin’ me Patisserie
    Patisserie Pretties

  69. Robin | 6th Mar 09

    The fabrics are just lovely! Some names that come to mind:
    Summer Creme
    Vanilla Creme

    Apparently, I have cream on the brain. Mmmm. 🙂

  70. Kristin McKinney | 6th Mar 09

    I wish I was good with names! Beautiful!

  71. Southern Gal | 6th Mar 09

    Chocolate Eclair

    Raspberry Creme Brulee

    Baked Sunshine

  72. Silver Scissor Quilts | 6th Mar 09

    I cant’ wait to get some of this. I got a few of your patterns for Christmas. I’m currently making Butterscotch Tarts out of Fig and Plum and I plan to use Patisserie to make Jelly Girl.

    How about:

    partir en mer

  73. Stacey | 6th Mar 09

    sheer decadence, cherry jubilee, sweet treats, i am really bad at naming. thanks

  74. Robin Booth | 6th Mar 09

    My favorite color in this line is the Butterscotch.
    La Petite Soeur (Little Sister)
    Grande Dame

  75. Kristi | 6th Mar 09

    creme brule!

  76. Carol Lewis | 6th Mar 09

    Love the Patisserie fabric! How about Mocha Cappuccino?

  77. girlsmama | 6th Mar 09

    Simply beautiful!

    Some ideas:
    Paris Kiss
    Eifel Tower
    Rue de Paris

  78. Rebecca in TN | 6th Mar 09

    Indulgence…that’s what this all is….a wonderful indulgence….

  79. Ashley | 6th Mar 09

    How about:
    Cericette {Cherry} Log
    Choux Chantilly
    Tuxedo Square

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Diane | 6th Mar 09

    How about si vous plait?
    I’m hoping to get my hands on this lovely stuff soon!, if you please!

  81. Shawn | 6th Mar 09

    Your fabric looks so pretty!
    How about
    Petit Four
    Have Fun!!!

  82. Maria | 6th Mar 09

    Since I don’t speak French, I’ll have to think in my terms.


  83. Kara Petersen | 6th Mar 09

    Congratulations on the new line. Love it. May I suggest gelato. Someone already recommended petit four – which is my favorite.

  84. Angela Davis | 6th Mar 09

    How about these names?

    Dulce de leche
    A la mode
    creme de menthe
    deja vu

    I love your site and work!

  85. Amy S. | 6th Mar 09

    Hmmm. Not so good at this. How about Bonjour for simple french or Vanilla Creme.

  86. Jess | 6th Mar 09

    I love your fabric! There are so many great suggestions and mine are a little simple…like sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie & ginger snap. The one I really like that has already been suggested is Petit Four.

  87. Pat | 6th Mar 09

    I love this line. You have out done yourself. I love every piece.

    Creme Puff
    Petit Four
    Whits Chocolate
    French Pastries…my fave!

  88. Brittany | 6th Mar 09

    Ahh, I so love Patisserie!

    Here are my suggestions:
    -Vintage Rose
    -Sweet Cakes
    -Bon Bons

  89. Barbara | 6th Mar 09

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on this great new line. I think its your best ever (but, then, I always say that when you have a new one). How about

    La vie est belle

    because life is truly good when you are creating quilts with beautiful fabric.

  90. Tressa | 6th Mar 09

    creme framboise
    creme caramel or english caramel cream
    mocha delight

  91. rachel | 6th Mar 09

    okay here is my contribution to the name game:

    crème caramel
    à la mode
    du jour
    crème fraîche
    crème fraîche
    bonne nuit
    crème de la crème
    crème brûlée
    café au lait

  92. Kathy | 6th Mar 09

    I am not reading any other comments so hopefully I don’t repeat a suggested name…
    oh la la (say that with a french accent ok?)

    great line!

  93. Liz Taylor | 6th Mar 09

    I think all the suggestions are great and I love the fabric. The best I can come up with is Creme Fraiche or French Meringue.

  94. Missy Ann | 6th Mar 09

    French Tart 😉

    Madame’s Inspiration

    Atelier Daydreams

  95. Jeanine | 6th Mar 09

    How about spumoni, butterscotch, mint chocolate, strawberry creme, sherbert, caramel, chocolate fudge, French vanilla, or raspberry ice? Can you tell I like ice cream???

  96. Stacey Michals | 6th Mar 09

    love the new fabric!!

    i have to say fruit tart simply because that is my little girl’s favorite – in french it would be

    tarte anglaise

  97. Flutterbug | 6th Mar 09

    My mouth is officially watering now:
    Petit four
    Lavender Honey

  98. abbya | 6th Mar 09

    Mon Petit Chou Actually means my little cabbage but is a term of endearment.

  99. Nikki | 6th Mar 09

    These are beautiful! I can not wait to use them in a project and brag about your talents on my blog. How about Fleur de Paris or Creme Brulee?

  100. Mary Flynn | 6th Mar 09

    Pure Bliss. Now that I’ve read all the suggested names all I can think of is pure bliss. Touching and holding such gorgeous fabric, a cup of tea and all desserts mentioned…..Bliss!

  101. | 6th Mar 09

    The only thing I can think of is Tea & Tarts! I don’t know any French names!!!

  102. Sarah N | 6th Mar 09

    Well – in honor of my daughter (It’s her name!) and the yummy french cookies – I would like to suggest “Madeleine”.

    The fabric looks beautiful – can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  103. sarah | 6th Mar 09

    How exciting! There’s nothing like new fabric and a fabric giveaway!

    Here are my suggestions:

    Frenchy (or)
    French Toast
    French Fried (or)
    French Fries
    French Braids
    French Kiss
    French Doors
    French 101 (this is my favorite)

  104. Karen | 6th Mar 09

    Wow – congratulations, Joanna, on another lovely line! So many great suggestions already. How about:

    Ooo La La
    Cherry Tart
    Figs and Cream

  105. Amy | 6th Mar 09

    French Nouveau
    Bonjour Patisserie
    French Cafe

  106. Lisa Leimone | 6th Mar 09

    Another new line!! Yipeee!!! Love them all!!
    Here are my name suggestions:


    “Paris Market”

    “Blooms of Paris”


  107. Kathleen | 6th Mar 09

    A beautiful line….again! I love, love, love your fabrics.
    I don’t know about a name…the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the post photo was “Let me call you sweettart.”
    I know…..

  108. Camille Roskelley | 6th Mar 09

    Hey! I tried to email you back today, but my phone is only taking incoming, no outgoing. Weird.

    My quilt idea? How about a manly looking quilt called The Big Fig in honor of the big fig. Genius, I know. 😉

    So excited about Patisserie hitting the stores. I know I say this every time, but THIS is my very favorite line of yours. Keep it up, girl! See you soon!

  109. Laura | 6th Mar 09

    Creme de la Creme
    Cafe Paris

    The fabrics are gorgeous, as usual.

  110. Jackie | 6th Mar 09

    City of Love
    Vintage Paris
    Chocolate Covered Stawberries
    Cherry Cordial

    I’d love to be signed up for your giveaway!

  111. Charlotte | 6th Mar 09

    Some ideas:

    Les fruits: (fruits)
    cerises (cherries)
    fraises (strawberries)
    pommes (apples)
    poires (pears)
    ananas (pineapple)
    pamplemousse (grapefruit)

  112. Lisa | 6th Mar 09

    Mon petit chou
    French Treats
    Parisian Poppy
    Le Rouge Fleur
    Creme de Mint

    Thanks for hosting!

  113. MichelleB | 6th Mar 09

    I’m not sure if this one has been named already. Fig Tartlet.

  114. Christy Romine | 6th Mar 09

    The fabrics look delicious! I can’t wait to play with them in person. If only the computer could deliver smells and tastes…heaven!

    As for names:

    Marzipan roulade
    Creme Brulee
    Hazelnut mousse cake
    Pistachio pinwheels
    Creme caramel
    Puff pastry
    Ganache and cream
    Breakfast Brioche
    Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

  115. Amy | 6th Mar 09

    Let’s see….

    Napoleon et Josephine
    Marie Antoinette
    Tarte Tatin

    I could keep going, but I need to fold laundry!!!

  116. Renee | 6th Mar 09

    Love this line. Would love to play with it! Here are my suggestions. Mon Cheri and Joli coeur. They both sound so happy. You’re stuff is wonderful!

  117. Jenny | 6th Mar 09

    Bon Appetit

  118. Claudia | 6th Mar 09

    Butter Creme Frosting, Lemon Brulee, Berry torte, Peach Crisp,

  119. Lizabeth | 6th Mar 09

    Love this.
    Angeluna (an amazing pastry/hot chocolat place in France, the fabrics remind me of there)
    Fruit Tart
    le crepe

  120. Di | 6th Mar 09

    How about:

    Peche Frittes
    Poire Belle-Helene
    Creme Caramel
    Clafoutis aux Abricots
    Gratin de Fruits

    Gorgeous collection! Congratulations.

  121. Erica | 6th Mar 09

    Thank you for letting us try to help! Paris…is my most favourite city ever, I am truly smitten! My suggestions are:

    “pain au chocolat” (how about a quilt in tones of chocolate, butter yellow and gold?)

    “macaroon” (or, as the French call them, macaron) all colours, all delightful! I am making a Schnibbles pattern out of Patisserie to put on the table where I keep my precious Laduree shopping bag – their macarons are to die for!

    Versailles – self explanatory, oui?

    la Louvre – sigh, sigh, sigh!

    Thank you for reaching right into my heart with your latest line and with your patterns!

  122. Kristin | 6th Mar 09

    Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
    Beurre Blanc
    Baker’s Apron
    Cafe Stroll

  123. Daria | 6th Mar 09

    Love the fabric. Not very good at names but here is a whirl….Textile Delites and Fabric Appetizers. Thanks for entering my name. Would absolutely LOVE to win.

  124. Heather | 6th Mar 09

    Cioccolatissimo–I don’t know what it is, but it has chocolate and strawberries and looks devine, just like your fabrics!! I hope I win!!!!

  125. Amanda A | 6th Mar 09

    So many good ideas to choose from already!! Here’s a couple that aren’t already listed. I love Galette the best, something about how it sounds rolling off the tongue seems elegant…

    Marrons Glace
    Chocolate Souffle
    Vichyssoise-such a fun word!

  126. andi | 6th Mar 09

    My idea is to pick edible things whose colours blend with the fabric line. For eample:

    crème (cream)

    baie (berry)

    framboise (raspberry)

    amande (almond)

    café (coffee)

    pêche (peach)

    Hope I win!!
    Andi 🙂

  127. Marcia P | 6th Mar 09

    Oh my. I would go with names for how the fabric makes you feel or things that lead to that happiness.
    – Content
    – smile and smirk
    – Please be
    – In the heart of the family
    – safe place
    – Todays nap

  128. heatherc | 6th Mar 09

    Love Patisserie!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some “)

    My very limited suggestions are:


  129. Jessica Jayne T | 6th Mar 09

    mmmmm those pastries look SO good!

    How about:

    Our Little Secret
    Secret Paris
    Parisan Treasure

  130. Leigh | 6th Mar 09

    How about:

    Ooh La La

    Vivienne or


  131. Dawn | 6th Mar 09

    Oh man, anohter “HAVE TO HAVE” line! These are wonderful! How in the world do you ever decide on a name. I see so many fun ones listed. Naming is not my best talent, but here goes.
    Toot Sweets
    Just Desserts

  132. magnhild | 6th Mar 09

    Delicious photos…

    For your new project here are a few ideas, some venture to different cultures…

    Tres Leche
    Cinnamon & Sugar
    Berries & Cream (or Creme Fraiche)

  133. Abby latimer | 6th Mar 09

    I love this new line, it’s my favorite so far.
    Petit fours
    Sugar & spice
    Sweet treats
    Holiday delicacies

  134. sheri howard | 6th Mar 09

    I love your Patisserie line. I posted some of your fabrics on my blog! Okay, here is my name suggestion:
    Sweet Dreams
    Sweets for Amelia

  135. Tiffany | 6th Mar 09

    Congrats on the fabric line! My suggestion is something like “raspberry delight/raspberry heaven” or “a taste of paris”

  136. Natalie | 6th Mar 09

    Pure Joy

    can’t wait to see your new fabrics!

  137. Angie | 7th Mar 09

    Love the music. What great inspiration – Fabulous France.
    perfectly parisian
    Ooo La La

  138. Stacy | 7th Mar 09

    Wow!!! What great suggestions everyone has given to you. But what really comes to my mind is… “Simply Scrumptious”
    Great collection, can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Stacy

  139. Lyn | 7th Mar 09

    How about Chocolate Fondue or Kiwi Pavlova? =D
    Such lovely fabrics =)

  140. DebbLou | 7th Mar 09

    How about Road Trip (is that one fabric – a map) love it… or how about Gracious. I would love to be able to take all of those beautiful materials off your hands and into mine. Thanks. Debblou

  141. Marianne in BC | 7th Mar 09

    I love this line and the patterns are fabulous. Can’t wait to get my hands on some! I can’t think of any names right now but if some come to me I’ll send another comment.

  142. Marilyn | 7th Mar 09

    I love this line and your blog. I am new to quilting…but learning everyday! My french is the worst…but my favorite dessert is Creme Brulee. I would buy any fabric with that name!

  143. Becky in Georgia | 7th Mar 09

    Love the look of your new fabric line. Also, love the photos of the French pastries:) YUM! I’ve been trying to remember some of the names from when I worked in a French bakery.

    Eclair du chocolat
    Tres Bien!

    Take care!

  144. Christine | 7th Mar 09

    Beautiful fabrics.
    I like Chocolat Eclair and Creme Brulee as project names.

  145. natderueil | 7th Mar 09

    how about

    – Tarte aux Figues (pronounced “tart o figs”)
    – Tarte à la Figue
    – Tarte fine aux Figues
    – Soufflé rhubarbe et figues
    – Fondant chocolat
    – Moelleux chocolat
    – Fondants aux Figues
    – Crêpes figues et Chantilly

    I love your fabric as much as you seem to love our pâtisseries ;o))


    Nat, from Paris, France

  146. Christine Higgins | 7th Mar 09

    how about
    french rendezvous…or
    savoir faire?

  147. anne | 7th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics. Patisserie is beautiful and all the patterns look great.
    I have always love the way the french say the word voila and the way they use it in many situations and I think it would be a good name.

  148. Julie | 7th Mar 09

    Beautiful as always…Sun-Washed Linen…Wine & Roses…Blossom…Creme Frache…Berry Tarts…maybe I’m not so good with the names:) but your fabric would have a happy home withe me!

  149. Lorien | 7th Mar 09

    This is such a beautiful line of fabrics! It has great potential for so many things: I can see a sweet little dress and pinafore set for my 2 girls, or cafe curtains, quilts galore!

    My contributions for names would be
    Cafe au lait
    chocolate eclair

    Wonderful job! I’m looking forward to see what else you do with this great fabric.


  150. cindy novick | 7th Mar 09

    Hi! Love your new line.
    Here are some project name suggestions:

    C’est Si Bon Bons
    Petits Fours
    Cafe au Lait

  151. Gitte | 7th Mar 09

    Patisserie is really wonderful. Such lovely colours.

    I can come up with 2 possible names:

    Sarah Bernhard

  152. Amy Hoskins | 7th Mar 09

    Ahhhh….I haven’t been to France since 2001, but this line of fabric transported me back to my brief time in France.

    How about…


    I don’t speak French, but this seems perfectly CHARMING!

  153. Lori S. | 7th Mar 09

    A chocolate theme 🙂

  154. Amy Hoskins | 7th Mar 09

    Actually I think charmant means “charming” and charmante refers to a person…like “Prince Charmante”. Either way, I like it!

    Who wouldn’t like to find their own Prince Charmante in France, while eating something delicious!

  155. Amy Hoskins | 7th Mar 09

    Or name the line after you, or one of your children….

    Joanna Charmante

    Jo Charmante

    Josephina Chamante

    _______ Charmante

  156. rebecca | 7th Mar 09

    What a wonderful new line. I’ll think on the name issue!! Rebecca

  157. Reina | 7th Mar 09

    I love your new line! I think I need it NOW.

  158. NMSue | 7th Mar 09

    Preordered Patisserie. Anxiously waiting for my order to arrive. Love your fabrics!

    Fruit Tarts
    Summer Pleasure
    Spring Breeze

  159. dame Flo | 7th Mar 09

    Hello from France,
    I’m Florence – dame Flo – I moved lated october from my town Paris to Nice where lived my husband and I missed Paris !!!

    Your have beautiful pic of some french “patisserie”.

    we have so many “patisseries” especially in each part of France,
    so I choice names of those regional taste !

    Saint Honoré
    Paris Brest
    Tarte aux fruits
    Tarte Normande
    Far Breton
    Mille Feuilles

    so many desserts like cheese !!!

    email me if your want pics of the dessert for the colors of each

    Dame Flo

  160. JennyG | 7th Mar 09

    Someone mentioned tea and scones in their comment which got me reminiscing about high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria… with the yummy cucumber sandwiches and lemon curd and raisin scones… (I wish I knew French or Italian so I could come up with a cool name like Patisserie… )

    But my suggestion is Afternoon Tea

  161. Christina | 7th Mar 09

    Decadent Delight
    Decadently Delightful

  162. lnsokol | 7th Mar 09

    I agree with
    Magasin de Boulangerie
    also like
    Emma Claire
    because everyone should
    ‘eat cake’ when in paris.

  163. Shirley LeDoux | 7th Mar 09

    Wow! If this blog is any indication of everyone’s love for Patisserie, the local quilt shops may need security!

    Doux Reves…. Sweet Dreams

  164. marci | 7th Mar 09

    oh it is all so beautiful!

  165. Dawn | 7th Mar 09

    I love the new line of fabrics!! Yummy!
    I didn’t want to read all of the names so this might be dublicated…If so sorry.
    Cream & Sugar
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  166. Sue Goodin | 7th Mar 09

    How about
    Ode to DE Paris
    Ode to De Patisserie

  167. amanda | 7th Mar 09

    I love all your work!
    My suggestion: Pari Pear.

  168. Meg99 | 7th Mar 09

    I can’t wait for “Patisserie” line. I think they are much different from recent lines such as Fig&Plum or Gypsy Rose.
    I would love to use pink,red and cream fabric in Patisserie which reminds me of berries and fresh cream.

    Some titles came up to me:
    C’est bon!
    C’est beau!
    C’est joli!

  169. Shirley LeDoux | 7th Mar 09

    One more….

    La Reves de Patisserie…..Dreams of Pastry Making

    I’m having them.

    Au Revoir!

  170. Meg99 | 7th Mar 09

    I would love to use pink,red and cream fabric in “Patisserie”line which reminds me of berries and fresh cream.
    Some titles came up to me:
    C’est bon!
    C’est beau!
    C’est joli!

  171. Meg99 | 7th Mar 09

    Please delete this comment…

  172. Kelli | 7th Mar 09

    I’m way new to this but how about Creme Brulee or Bavarian Creme.

  173. Karen In Breezy Point | 7th Mar 09

    After reading some of the posts, I’m soooo hungry….and not a pastry in the house!! Well there are some waffles in the freezer, so my only name idea right now until I can satisfy my craving: Strawberry Whipped Cream Waffles. Maybe someone can translate it into French to fancy it up??!

  174. Mary Lou | 7th Mar 09

    Some of my favorite things in life- beautiful fabrics and anything coming from a bakery, especially if it also involves chocolate!

    Summer in Paris
    Strawberries and Cream
    Chocolate Heaven

  175. melanie | 7th Mar 09

    Rose des sables
    St. Honoré
    Choux chantilly

    Love the fabric collection, and I can’t wait to indulge!

  176. Sandrine | 7th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics and the word which comes for me is

    Cupcakes and I love eating them as well as seeing them

  177. Sandrine | 7th Mar 09

    The word which comes is

  178. Christine Cole | 7th Mar 09

    Another beautiful Fig Tree line. For names, how about
    Sweet Swirling Stars or
    Sweet Swirling Pinwheels
    Petit Fours Patch
    Paris, City of Sweets
    Figgy Twist
    Pattisserie Puff

  179. Patty | 7th Mar 09

    Ribbon cake, raspberry truffles, cotton candy, now I am making myself hungry. Your fabric lines just keep getting better and better.

  180. Cathy McMann | 7th Mar 09

    Pain au Chocolat
    English Trifle
    American Pie
    Shoo Fly Pie

    I love, love, love this Patisserie line and already have a layer cake. Just need to decide how exactly to use it.

  181. Jennifer B | 7th Mar 09

    How about something French like Besame Mucho? Or Petits fours? This is just downright decadent:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Nancy | 7th Mar 09

    How about:

    marscarpone or
    tiramisu or

    I guess that is about all I can come up with. But I love the fabric and would love to win some! Thanks for the giveaway.

  183. Nicole Willmore | 7th Mar 09

    I my heavens what a wonderful giveaway. I am soooooooo uncreative when it comes to naming things (including my children) but, I’ll give it a shot. Wait, I don’t know french, everyone here seems to know french. ok, here it goes……..
    Pecan Rolls (one of my favorite desserts)
    Blueberry french toast
    Walnut Blondies

  184. Janelle | 7th Mar 09

    I think this is my favorite line yet! I’ve spent some serious time with the fat quarter bundle the past couple of weeks. I could have these colors in every room of my house.
    How about:
    Vanilla Puff
    Sugar Coated
    Sweet Dough
    Sweets on a Pedestal
    Vanilla Sugar
    Parisian Treat
    Bakers Rack
    Peach Delight

  185. Sandi Henderson | 7th Mar 09

    Joanna I LOVE this collection. Can we go to Paris sometime and hit those markets together? And then design collections from the same inspiration that would ultimately end up completely different? Sounds like fun to me.

    I’m sewing Eliza a dress this week out of some of your lovely fabric and it’s making me want to have lunch (or a trip to Paris) with you.

    Ta ta!


  186. rachael clegg | 7th Mar 09

    fresh vintage
    lovely fields
    love all your stuff. i only wish that i had found you sooner!


  187. Lacie E | 7th Mar 09

    I love everything you do!

    Here are my suggestions:
    French Apple
    Berry Creme
    Chocolate Macaroon
    Pear and Almond Tart

  188. Deana | 7th Mar 09

    Beautiful line! How about

    French Vanilla
    Creme Brulee
    Creme Fraiche
    Creme de Cacoa

  189. diana | 7th Mar 09

    Love, love, love it!

    Just a few;

    Corner Cafe
    Afternoon Tea
    Golden Tuscany
    Antique Shop
    Cozy Comfort

  190. Cindy C | 7th Mar 09

    The fabric is beautiful!! I want to buy several yards for backgrounds, I love the subtle color of several of the prints. My second passion to quilting is cooking and I love to bake. The two names that keep popping in my head are: Cinnamon Swirls and Pecan Sandies. They may not be so “French”, but tasty and should work with the colorways.

  191. Michelle | 7th Mar 09

    How about something with crepes? Or creme caramel? Profiteroles? Clafoutis? Bûche de Noël? Bordeaux, Champagne, Aubergines. And some of my favorite places in Paris were the gardens: the Tuileries and especially Jardin du Luxembourg.

  192. Julia | 7th Mar 09

    This my fist time here and lucky me, I get to enter a contest!! Hmmm….I don’t know any french, so I looked up the word delicious in French…delicieux. There’s an accent over the first “e”

  193. Stéphanie | 7th Mar 09

    Hi there!
    I would love to enter my name in the contest for Pâtisserie. Thank you!

    As for names, here are a couple of suggestions (I didn’t read all the ones that were posted):
    Éclair au chocolat
    Crème anglaise
    Petits fours
    Petit bonbon
    Crème caramel
    Choux à la crème

    P.S. French is my first language so if you would like to make sure the names you choose have no grammatical mistakes, please feel free to contact me! I would be more than happy to help. 😀

  194. Lisa | 7th Mar 09

    How about
    Praline Riviera
    Chocolate Eclaire
    Napolean Torte
    Pate a Choux
    Vanilla Puff
    Napolean Slice
    Petite Four

  195. | 7th Mar 09

    Well done Joanna, yet another delectable line.

    I can see a project from this line being called:

    Butter Crème Gateaux – peach or berry toppings , with tan, butter and creams
    Crepe Suzette –warm shades of yellow and brown
    Chocolate Éclair – brown, cream, and custard
    Crème Brulee – shades of brown, tan,,cream, and custard

    All easily recognisable as yummy French deserts with a familiar flavour.

  196. Paty Z | 7th Mar 09


    I´ll have to go with:

    Dulce de Leche

    Tea Time

    Fresas con crema

    La Dulceria “The Candy Shop”

    Congratulations! The collection is wonderful. I hope it hits my fabric store in Mexico very soon.

  197. Karen Sikes | 7th Mar 09

    How about:

    Ooh la la
    Savannah Lace
    magnolia blossom

    your new collection is beautiful…

  198. Carrie P. | 7th Mar 09

    I love all your fabrics and I love Fresh Vintage. I did not know you had a blog. How exciting. Just a couple names:
    Creme de la creme and figgy pudding

  199. Billie Kretzschmar | 7th Mar 09

    hmmmmmmmmmmm….so many good suggestions already.

    Those were the Days
    Sugar Pie Plum
    Apriot Fried Pies…hee hee

  200. Ellen Easter | 7th Mar 09

    You have done it again – just delightful

    Some suggestions for future projects – sticky apple delight, blackberry souffle, strawberry marzipan

  201. Lisa G. | 7th Mar 09

    Congratulations on your lovely new fabric shipping. Thank you for hosting a naming contest, such fun…






  202. Nancy | 7th Mar 09

    Oh, such yummy desserts topping a gloriously beautiful fabric collection. I love the names used for all the precuts…all food related, all make me hungry (for food, fabric and sewing). Quilting and working with lovely fabrics (yes, I’m a fabric fondler, LOL) especially the precuts does a wonderful thing for me, it relaxes me and helps relieve some of the stresses of life. Having said that, I would have to suggest that very thing. Just one suggestion for me:
    Decontracte … (Relaxation)

  203. Tara | 7th Mar 09

    Amazing fabric! Here’s my suggestion – merveilleux (wonderful.)

  204. Stefanie | 7th Mar 09

    How about:

    Ohh LaLa! (because that it what I think about when I see your fabric)!

    Les Fleurs
    I love francais

    Anyway, I love all of it!

  205. Michelle Smith | 7th Mar 09

    I LOVE all things Fig Tree! Patisserie is beautiful. I can not wait to get some and wrap up in it! Here are my suggestions for your next “yummy” line:

    Pain d’épices

  206. Terry Czarnecki | 7th Mar 09

    Love ALL of your fabrics and patterns!

    How about:

    City Garden
    Birds of a Feather
    Summer in the City

  207. erica | 7th Mar 09

    Your best one yet i think!

  208. Candice | 7th Mar 09

    I love truffles, so I am going to say truffles. Beautiful fabric!

  209. Lisa | 7th Mar 09

    How about:
    Love everything you do

  210. christine :) | 7th Mar 09

    How about French Creme?

    Or Eclair?

    Or Souffle?

    Or Boulangerie?

    Or Mon Petit Eclair? (even cuter, I think…)

    I’m taken back by the beautiful fabrics! I hope I win! And I’m just a wanna-be quilter as of yet!

  211. Ina | 7th Mar 09

    My ideas:

    Paris Nights
    City of Lights
    Honeymoon in Paris
    Memories of Paris

  212. Veronica Johnson | 7th Mar 09

    How about these delicious names to go with the delicious fabrics?
    Pain au Chocolat
    Chausson aux Pommes
    Croissant Amande
    Langues de Chat

  213. lilsis | 7th Mar 09

    All of your fabric lines and patterns are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us!. I’ve been reading through some of the comments and couldn’t begin to come up with names that compare to them. I’ll assume my creativity disappeared with the hour as we sprang ahead.

  214. Bronwyn | 7th Mar 09

    My ideas are: Springtime in Paris, Let them eat Cake!, Crepe Suzette and Bonjour Mon Amie!

    Patisserie is simply delish!

  215. Nicole | 7th Mar 09

    sweet delights
    Strawberries and Cream
    La Dolce Vita
    Juicy Pear
    French Lullaby
    Parisian Pleasures
    Secret Garden

  216. LisaB72 | 8th Mar 09

    I love the colours of the fabrics. They remind me of long summer days with delicious ice-creams melting in your hands and the smells of baking wafting through the air. Will have to ask my local quilt shop about the fabrics.

    How about:

    Lemon Meringue Pie
    Chocolate Strawberry Creams
    Fruit Custards
    Baked Alaska
    Banana Split
    Ice Cream Sundaes

  217. Karen N | 8th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna – as usual your fabrics are gorgeous. My suggestion is a family favourite (a couple of genrations old now) –
    Caramel Slice

    Karen Notley

  218. annie from San Diego | 8th Mar 09

    What a yummy line… are my names: Just Desserts, Simply Chic and Parisian Delights. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!! XXX Annelies

  219. suzanne duval | 8th Mar 09

    “ondine” (water sprite) pronounced ohn-deen

  220. Monica | 8th Mar 09

    Hello Joanne, thanks for this wonderful contest. Here’s some ideas:
    Petit Gateau
    Pear Tart
    Petit Fours
    Easter Eggs
    Petit Fleur
    Butter Cake
    Rhapsodie de fruit
    French Tart

  221. Myriam | 8th Mar 09

    Hummmm! I am in diet but I eat with my eyes!!! they are so beautiful!!!
    here are some patisseries francaises

    piece montee meringues
    charlotte au chocolat rochers a la noix de
    religieuses coco
    profiterolles macarons
    baba au rhum pain au chocolat
    Paris Brest pain d’epices
    bavarois clafouti
    It’s enought?
    Good luck for all
    Myriam and

  222. Manuela | 8th Mar 09

    Congratulations! How exciting.
    Here are my idea

    petit four
    blueberry & cream
    rose quartz
    peach fuzz
    honeysuckle or honey snuggle
    fig´s bakery

  223. Manuela | 8th Mar 09

    Congratulations! How exciting.
    Here are my idea
    petit four
    blueberry & cream
    rose quartz
    peach fuzz
    honeysuckle or honey snuggle
    fig´s bakery

  224. Christine | 8th Mar 09

    Once again you have done a fabulous job with designing fabric and you are a true inspiration to us all. I love the new designs!

    I cannot look at this fabric with out thinking…”Fabric Treats” or “Plaisirs D’etoffe”

    Can’t wait to see all your new patterns!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  225. Laura Weaver | 8th Mar 09

    oh i do LOVE LOVE LOVE all the suggestions…hmm…how about…

    yummy love

  226. Miss Jean | 8th Mar 09

    How about La Vien Rose? Love the song. Love your fabric. Love your patterns.

  227. Nicole | 8th Mar 09

    With the gazillion comments that have already been made, I know my chances of winning are zero, but I just have to try! Patisserie is the prettiest fabric I have seen in ages (maybe since Gypsy Girl) and I would love to have it! I adore everything you come out with.

  228. natalie barton | 8th Mar 09

    this is my favourite line so far, but I love the colors of all the collections.

    Vintage Pastries is my choice

  229. Shirley LeDoux | 8th Mar 09

    I love the new line and the french theme.

    How about “Parisian Stars” or “La Reve de Paris” “Dreams of Paris” or “Parisian Dreams”?

  230. Nicole | 8th Mar 09

    I was so excited I forgot to make a name suggestion.
    How about Amuse Bouche?

  231. CPeterson | 8th Mar 09

    Your work is amazing!
    How about:
    Butterscotch Dreams
    Apricot Fudge
    Sweet Cherry Dream

  232. Kat | 8th Mar 09

    Madeleine… or Creme Fraiche.

  233. Sarah Vee | 8th Mar 09

    I kept dreaming about your company last night…I take that as a good sign:) You’ve got some hard delicious decisions to make. My color combo from my dream is lime green and cream so I’m suggesting “Kiwi Creme Dream”…thanks for the inspiring fabric lines, patterns and overall joie de vie!(spelling??-you know what i mean:))

  234. Katie | 8th Mar 09

    I love it!

    As for names, I’m not great at coming up with them, but I like Framboise, Boulangerie, anything with Fraiche in it, Lavender, or simply Provence. All things that make me want to return to southern France. 🙂

  235. Katy | 8th Mar 09

    All this thinking about desserts makes me hungry! Wish there was a bakery near by! Not sure which direction you want to go in… food or a location, so I chose food.
    white chocolate mousse
    warm blueberry cobbler
    dark chocolate ganache
    creamy lemon custard
    fresh apricot pie
    poppy seed muffins
    cinnamon raspberry scones
    lemon glazed hot cross buns

  236. Pat | 8th Mar 09

    How about Figgy Berry or Figgy Cherry Bliss?
    Love this new line!

  237. Kate | 8th Mar 09

    Lovely site! I just found it while looking for patterns using jellyrolls, so of course I must enter your contest!

    My ideas:

    belle vie (beautiful life)
    délicieux (delicious)
    rêves doux (sweet dreams)
    fingers are crossed!!

  238. Rachel | 8th Mar 09

    I don’t know what looks better – the fabric or those yummy pastries. I do know that the fabric is calorie- and fat-free! Patisserie puts me in mind of eclairs, croissants, macarons, tartes, and rosettes, so maybe they are some ideas for project names.

  239. Merlyn | 8th Mar 09

    Love this fabrics – what about Parisian Spring!

  240. Karen Harris | 8th Mar 09

    Fun contest! My entry:

    Buttercream & Ganache

    Bon Appetit

    Pastry Cream

    Fruit Tarte

    Tartelettes Aux Fruit


    Thanks! Karen H

  241. Shelley | 8th Mar 09

    I’m another in new Zealand waiting patiently 🙂

    How about ‘pavalova’ for a name…… would be great for something soft, fluffly, white, and oh so pretty!

  242. Ellen | 8th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics.
    How about
    Tarte tatin (with lovely triangles of apples)
    or just Luscious!

  243. natalie barton | 8th Mar 09

    Vintage Pastries
    Natalie Barton

  244. | 8th Mar 09

    Wow this is some delish fabric…here’s some contributions:

    Coulis aux framboises
    Creme carmel


  245. shelly D. | 8th Mar 09

    Creme delight
    regal pour les yeux

    Beautiful fabrics =)

  246. Marcia P | 8th Mar 09

    How bout:
    whip cream
    Stir Gently
    Creme de fresh
    Tre bein
    Bon Chance

  247. Melissa | 8th Mar 09

    chocolat au lait (milk chocolate)
    chocolat ganache
    tarte aux fruits or tarte (tart)
    marche aux puces (flea market)
    centauree (basket flower)
    fleuriste (flower shop)

  248. Kerry Roe | 8th Mar 09

    Greetings From Downunder,
    I admit it!I am a fan of yours and your fabric collections!
    Patisserie has not arrived in Australia yet,but it will shortly(or that is what the shops that I have been bugging keep saying!!)
    As for names, keep it simple,international and fun.
    How about:
    French Tart
    French Candy
    French Truffles
    Parisian Star
    Parisian Delight
    Looking forward to Patisserie hitting our stores soon,
    Kerry Roe

  249. Betsy Pratt | 8th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna!!

    Still waiting for my lqs to get their order of Patisserie in. They are hoping for the wonderful cuts to arrive anyday, then the yardage. (I’ll take anything at this point!!)

    For names, I love the French/European connection you’ve had!! The colors are just yum, yum, yummy and instantly evoke a *creamy* feel. And it is reinforced when you feel the fabrics, too! How cool is that?

    How about:
    –Les Cremes et Fig (Figues)
    –Le Coeur de Paris – The Heart of Paris/My Heart is in Paris
    –Les Etoiles au Cremes – The Stars in Creams/
    –Les Couvertures de Patisserie – The Patisserie Quilts

    Looks like you’ve got lots of great choices so far!
    Betsy Pratt

  250. tammy nordwall | 8th Mar 09

    hello: it would be hard to top some of your inspired choices, but how about –

    sur la fleur

    i like jolie because that’s what your fabric is and it’s simple enough to remember and ask for in the quilt shops…

  251. Regina | 8th Mar 09

    Scrumptious -but my European food vocabulary is limited…

    How about “hands in the cookie jar”…

    In any language it is delicious!

  252. Lori | 8th Mar 09

    I didn’t read all the names so I’m sorry if any of these are duplicates. The names I read are great. I love your fabric lines and this one might just be my favorite (combining fabric with dessert-yummy). Thanks for the fun giveaway. 🙂

    douce gateau
    sweet cakes
    sweetie pie
    sweet offerings
    decadent desserts

  253. Michelle Amer | 8th Mar 09

    Gorgeous fabrics (as always), wish we didn’t have to wait so long for them here in NZ.

    How about Tarte au Citron (my favourite dessert?)


  254. amber johnson | 8th Mar 09

    I don’t speak French, but do love desserts. I think some of these would go nice with your colors!


    Raspberry Dreams

    Key Lime Tart

    Creme Fresh

    Graham Crackers or Graham Cracker Crust

    Strawberry Squares

    Chocolate Mousse Cups or Chocolate Drizzle

    Coconut Cream

    Strawberry Shortcake

    Iced Tea

    Ooh, this is fun. I could go on and on!

    Oh, a few more for the road – Napoleon, Eclairs, Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Cream Puffs and Bread Pudding

  255. Somer | 8th Mar 09

    Fabuleux! I love the colors, like chocolate dipped strawberries. Tres magnifique.

  256. amber johnson | 8th Mar 09

    Oh, I just thought of one more: Peanut Butter Criss-Cross

  257. Kelly O. | 8th Mar 09

    I haven’t read all the other comments so I might be repeating some names but how about Creme Brulee or petits fours!
    your fabrics are beautiful and I’d love a chance at a little taste!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kelly O.

  258. April | 8th Mar 09


    Because really, isn’t that what a Patisserie is all about? 🙂

  259. Gladys Appleton | 8th Mar 09

    I love your work how about:

    Strawberry Wine
    Chocolate Passion
    Fresh Creme

  260. wilks | 8th Mar 09

    Stupendous, such great colours.

    Lemon Chantilly
    Raspberry Mont Blanc
    Macarons de Paris
    French Quarter
    Boulangerie (Bakery)
    Cafe au lait
    Amelie Rose (Almond)
    Marquise au Chocolat
    Fleur de lis

  261. Becky S. | 8th Mar 09

    I LOVE the new Patisserie fabric and the beautiful new patterns!!!Please enter my name in your drawing.
    Some name suggestions–
    Croissants and Jam
    Crepes Suzette
    Cream Puffs
    Chocolate Mousse or Strawberry Mousse

  262. Merlyn | 8th Mar 09

    Love this fabric – how about cream puff

  263. Baba | 8th Mar 09

    Sweet Souffle
    Lemon truffle

  264. sarah Bisel | 8th Mar 09

    Love the line.

    Creme Brulee
    Petit Fours

  265. Peddlecar Quilts | 9th Mar 09

    I’m in for the giveaway!! Love all your fabrics so much.Ideas:

    Fresh Daisies
    Caramel Corn
    Lovely lilacs

  266. Astrid | 9th Mar 09

    Wonderful fabric, I really love the colours!

    What about ‘Sweets for my sweet’ and ‘Chocolat Chips’?

    Greetings from Germany

  267. lisa | 9th Mar 09

    Your fabric lines are beautiful and serene. This is the first time I’ve “blogged” anything. How exciting! Your designs are inspiring. How does the name “Audrey” sound for Audrey Hepburn’s elegence and beauty? Your fabrics are elegant, beautiful, and graceful. Thank you for the opportunity for winning your wonderful fabric.

  268. Marta | 9th Mar 09

    How exciting to see this line in Spain but it will be very difficult….
    How about….
    Sweety Pie
    Petit Choux

    These 2 last words in Spanish….

  269. Audrey | 9th Mar 09

    My French is non-existent. 🙂 But I just love the word Raspberry. What about Raspberries and Cream or something with the word Crepes?
    What beautiful fabrics you have. Thank you for your giveaway.

  270. Amy Robertson | 9th Mar 09

    What delicious fabrics!! To me it screamed “luscious” and “indulgence” so my suggestion for the new projects would be Luscious Indulgence. You could break up the name to go with the color-ways. Like Chocolate indulgence or luscious lemon, or whatever.

    Thank you for the contest! I hope I win these!!!

  271. Pauline | 9th Mar 09

    Beautiful colors – love the line! I took French for just about forever and I can’t think of a thing…. but then again, not sure there is anything left to mention =)!

  272. Joanna | 9th Mar 09

    So many ideas – it’s hard to come up with something different! My first thought was something to do with mousse, then I also thought the word chiffon would be lovely too. Good luck – you have many many wonderful choices here!!

  273. carol | 9th Mar 09

    A new project…hmmm..girl you must never sleep!
    so here’s to sweets
    Dreamin’ with Creams
    any song lyric from Edith P

  274. Emiko | 9th Mar 09

    Love this new line of fabric! I just got my jelly roll for this and can’t wait to make something out of it!

    although there are repeats here, here are the names that came to mine from this fabric:

    Petit Fours
    Cafe au lait
    Crepe du jour (or Crepe Suzette)
    Fleur de Lis
    Tarte Tatin

    Thanks for giveaway chance 🙂

  275. PattyS | 9th Mar 09

    This is a beautiful line of colors and exactly what I have been looking for. Now I don’t have to look any further. I want to make a gift for my SIL when I travel to London to visit in May. These are her colors and right now my plans are for a table runner but that may change when I see the fabrics live.
    Creme Puffs
    Pina Cola
    Creme Pie with Strawberries

  276. Paula | 9th Mar 09

    Here are some ideas:
    Confiture, Crème brulêe, Petit four, Pavé au chocolat,
    Clafoutis, Apricot, Pavé, Macaron.
    And my favorite places in Paris: Le Marais, Rive Gauche, Place des Voges.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  277. Shannon | 9th Mar 09

    So beautiful! As far as a name, all I can think of is bon-bons? Either way, the fabric is delicious!

  278. Margaret M | 9th Mar 09

    Reading your blog and looking at the fabrics makes me want to jump on the next plane to Paris! My suggestions are:

    C’est si bonne!
    Creme fraiche
    Sweet dreams

  279. Debbie Cameron | 9th Mar 09

    Wow Joanna,
    You must be dizzy with all the excitement surrounding this project. I only have a couple suggestions to throw into the mix, so forgive me for not reading them and possibly duplicating someone elses.

    I found Mille-feuille (which is a Napoleon) and your colors would be just perfect for this;

    also since your line is called Patisserie, how about Bon Appetit? I like that one the best. It will stick in everyone’s memory, I believe. So many choices–good luck.

  280. Amanda | 9th Mar 09

    I love this line! I just got my honey bun in the other day and it has made the most gorgeous bags. As for the new line

    Sweet Pea
    Blissful Pettifors
    Lovely Meringue

  281. Natasha | 9th Mar 09

    LOVE this line and the Jelly Girl pattern! I already have the pattern now I just need the fabric. 🙂

    How about Creme de la Creme for the next go ’round? I noticed that I’m not the only one that liked that one. Or… La Vie en Rose – The Sweet Life!

  282. Natasha | 9th Mar 09

    LOVE this line and the Jelly Girl pattern! I already have the pattern now I just need the fabric. 🙂

    How about Creme de la Creme for the next go ’round? I noticed that I’m not the only one that liked that one. Or… La Vie en Rose – The Sweet Life!

  283. georgina | 9th Mar 09

    This is the best line I have seen in a long time! So versatile. Can’t wait to work with it. Thank you!

  284. Melanie McFarlin | 9th Mar 09

    Such a beautiful line!

    How about Strawberry Turnover for something with the reds? 🙂

  285. Pat Ioveno | 9th Mar 09

    I LOVE this fabric line! Can’t wait to make something beautiful. My suggestion: “Sweet Creams” since I think anyone would have sweet dreams napping under a quilt made with these fabrics.

  286. Lisa G. | 9th Mar 09

    How about
    * tarte au fraises
    * tarte au framboise
    * millefeuille
    * choux avec chantilly
    * buche de noel (holiday projects!)

  287. parTea lady | 9th Mar 09

    That is a fabulous line of fabric. Since I love to drink tea and eat desserts, how about:
    – French cafe
    – tres bien
    – Parisian flair
    – macaroons
    – tea vert
    – creme brulee
    – le pique-nique
    – haut monde
    – rue du moda
    – creme caramel
    – French flair
    – fabric a la carte
    Wow, this is fun, but I’d better quit for now.

  288. Richelle Robinson | 9th Mar 09

    Mille Feuille – (pronounced mil foy, means 1000 leaves and is what we would call a Napolian)

    Pain au Chocolat – chocolate croissant

    Brioche – a sweet bread

    Bûche de Noël – great for a Christmas quilt, means yule log

  289. Karen | 9th Mar 09

    Your fabrics are simply stunning!! How ’bout . . .

    Ooh La La
    or La La Ooh! for a twist!

    (Even if I don’t win your giveaway, I can’t wait to see what your next line will look like! Thanks for the chance.)

  290. Jean C. | 9th Mar 09

    Your making me hungry just looking at all the wonderful pictures… that and thinking about pastries! Yummmy!
    What about something like Party Trifle or just Trifle?

  291. Pam A fr NY | 9th Mar 09

    Wow! What a great fabric line!

    How about:
    Raspberry Scone
    Strawberries and Creame
    Cream Fraiche
    Chocolate Raspberry Torte
    Chocolat Mousse
    Creme du chocolat
    French Dipped
    Petit Four
    Petit Lime Tart

  292. Jeanie | 9th Mar 09

    I want to win, but don’t grade me on my French:)
    eye candy: sucrerie d’oeil
    sweet treats: festins doux
    colorful treasures: tresors colores
    fabulous treats: festins fabuleux
    yummy crumb: miettes delicieuses.

    I really love this fabric line and can’t wait to cut into it!

  293. Christine | 9th Mar 09

    Pretty Fabrics!


  294. Jocelyn | 9th Mar 09

    Wow you have gotten so many wonderful suggestions already.

    These are what I came up with –
    Romantic Interlude
    Serenity Memories
    Romantic Serenity

    sorry not French, but just loved the beautiful fabrics and the allusion of romance.

  295. Sally | 9th Mar 09

    I love Fig Tree fabrics and patterns. It seems like most of the names have been taken. How about From Paris with Love.

  296. lovetostitch | 9th Mar 09

    There are soooo many fabulous name suggestions and some I thought of, but were taken and then my thoughts expanded to what might be in that pattern set –
    Parisian Nights with some warm cuddly quilts; or Petite Fours with something for each season; or names of pastries, parfaits, and someone suggested tartes….making me have the munchies. I’m going to put the kettle on!!! The line is beautiful!!

  297. Kate | 9th Mar 09

    What gorgeous fabric! I can’t wait to see them in person!

    Mocha Caramel Delight
    Creme Caramel
    Strawberry Lime Parfait

  298. sandi | 9th Mar 09

    Hello, I love the new fabric line. All the suggestions are great. How about Tea Party Time. Sandi

  299. Kate | 9th Mar 09

    What gorgeous fabric! I can’t wait to use it in a quilt.

    Strawberry Caramel Parfait
    Mocha Lime Delight

  300. Alice S | 9th Mar 09

    I don’t have any ideas for names, but its beautiful fabric. I would love to make a quilt for our couch out of it.

  301. Dawn | 9th Mar 09

    Raspberry Kringle
    Strawberry Fields
    Berry Farms
    Pop Tarts
    Love Berries

  302. Jan Blevins | 9th Mar 09

    What a fun way to enjoy spring! Such yummy colors and designs!!

  303. Barney Fife | 9th Mar 09

    The fabric is lovely, especially the greens and browns. Names:
    Tarted Up
    Zero Calories
    Just Desserts
    Just One More
    Check Please
    Sorry if any are repeats.

  304. Teresa | 9th Mar 09

    I always love your fabric lines and patterns… can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new Patisserie for a classy new weekender bag! How about naming one of your new projects “French Kiss”…. it has such lovely connotations (and is one of my fave movies, too!)

  305. Carol Lewis | 9th Mar 09

    I left a comment the other day then I thought of a better name. How about Creme Brulee?

  306. Pam Knight | 9th Mar 09

    Wonderful fabrics AGAIN….
    Petite Fours
    is all I can think of.
    Like Jeannette I will try and wait till they reach New Zealand shores.

  307. Judy | 9th Mar 09

    This fabric line is just as yummy as:


  308. Linda | 9th Mar 09

    Along with fabric and desserts, wine ranks high on my list of loves. What about some of the wine regions of France:

    Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy (Beaujolais in the South of), Champagne, Corsica, Jura, Loire, Provence, Rhone, Savoy

    Your work is beautiful…can’t wait to see more!

  309. Cindy | 9th Mar 09

    Every fabric line you produce is so lovely. I really love the simplistic beauty of each new design set that is released.

    Sun-kissed Chateau Garden is my attempt at a name.

  310. Janice | 9th Mar 09

    Your designs are always……
    creme de la creme

  311. Jeanine | 9th Mar 09

    I apologize in advance if I’m repeating someone else’s idea. There are so many comments to read.
    How about Parisian Delight, Sommerset Rose, Bella Fleur?


  312. Carolyn | 9th Mar 09

    These fabrics are delicioius designs!!! How about
    Creme de la Creme….I’d love to win the giveaway!!!

  313. Carolyn | 9th Mar 09

    These fabrics are deliciously designed! How about Creme de la Creme for a project name…I’d love to win the giveaway…that would be so awesome!

  314. Jamie AZ | 9th Mar 09

    So fun! I know no French, but I do love sweets! My thoughts…

    La Petite Boulangerie (my fave bakery in Pleasanton as a kid, has been closed for years)
    Magnificent Macaron
    Patisserie Petifour
    Paris Splendor
    Tart & Tea
    Sugar & Spice
    Butterscotch Glace
    Mixed Berry Tart (or however you’d say that in French!)
    Creme brulee

  315. Becke Siejack | 9th Mar 09

    Lovely fabric!
    Carmel Latte
    Curlique Cafe
    Hot Mocha
    Raspberry Tart
    Thumbprint Cookie
    Sugared Cookie
    Cupcake Swirl
    Sugar Cone
    Cherry on Top
    Whipped Cream Topping
    Strawberry Topping
    Short N’Sweet
    Peaches N’ Cream
    Pineapple Tart

  316. Chris | 9th Mar 09

    This line is lovely!
    Can you use:
    Tarte Tatin
    Wildflower Honey
    Beaux Gateaux
    Whipped cream Delight

  317. | 9th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna – I think I give this a try – first time for everything. Patisserie looks delicious. My suggestions is:
    The Bossuet – is composed of a thin cake base supporting a heart of citrus crème brûlee hidden in a forest berries mousse, glazed with a raspberry coulis surrounded by thin white chocolate wafers, and topped with fresh field berries;French pastry at its finest!

    Another one I quite like is Praline Riviera.

    Can hardly wait until the new Fresh Vintage to arrive in the mail!


  318. Mary Evans | 9th Mar 09

    Ooh La La! I just received my first pieces of this line today. It is scrumptious! I got the
    My Paris Traveler’s Bag kit.

    These are my suggestions:
    Petit Chou (little cabbage)
    Left Bank
    Choutte (means ‘cool’)
    Bonne Maman

  319. Sally Anne | 9th Mar 09

    Congratulations Joanna, the fabric line is just wonderful. Some potential project names could be Parisian Petit Fours, Strawberry (Framboise) Delight, Pear Lime Tart, Summer Sparkling Lemonade, Apricot Creme Anglaise, Mocha Creme Brulee. There are so many excellent posts already, it will be hard to choose.

  320. Cheryl | 9th Mar 09

    Oh, I think this line is my favorite (until the next Fig Tree line debuts), and I love the turnovers and your turnover specific patterns! Bet you can’t choose just one!

  321. Jackie Shulsky | 9th Mar 09

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

    Pate a choux

  322. brenda | 9th Mar 09

    Love all your fabrics but this new line looks yummy
    What comes to mind is
    Creme brulee

  323. | 9th Mar 09

    Love it!!! It will be a great addition to the stash!!!

  324. Lynda | 9th Mar 09

    I see myself sitting at a cafe leasurely taking small bites of these delectable shouldn’t but want to try pastries.
    Thank you for the opportunity to join in the fun of helping to name the fabrics. My names delectable, chanting, ohohlala, hummmmore

  325. Karen | 9th Mar 09

    The new line is wonderful.
    Creme Lemon
    Mango-Peach Tart

  326. Carolyn Rzesutek | 9th Mar 09

    Your new fabric is so beautiful. All of the colors look like they could be eaten with a spoon!

    My ideas: Sweets for the Sweet
    Creme de la Creme
    Just Desserts
    French Roll
    French Charms
    Postcards from Paris

  327. Gina | 9th Mar 09

    Congratulations, Joanna!

    For names, how about

    Fig Street (in English or French-Champs d’Figue?)
    Spring in Marseilles
    Cafe Du Monde

    Good luck!

  328. Cara | 9th Mar 09

    Oh, that was exactly what I was thinking! What excellent names people have given so far. Not knowing any French, here are a couple more:

    Tres Leches (I know, it’s Spanish but I love how it sounds and the meaning – “three milks”)

    Scrumptious Swirls



    Fleur de lis

  329. Jannette Binder | 9th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics and patterns!
    I love the freshness of lemons, and the food pics you have at the top of this blog post are making my mouth water!
    I hope the following haven’t been suggested twenty or thirty times already: Lemon Creme, Lemon Fluff, Lemon Puff; Fresh Fruit Medley, Fruit Compote, Citrus Circus, Fruit Delight………

  330. Mel | 9th Mar 09

    Delicious fabrics!
    I have a one track mind:
    Chocolate de amor

  331. Perry Dauzat | 9th Mar 09

    I didn’t read all comments, so don’t know whether these have been mentioned, and I don’t speak French, but in French maybe or not:
    Streets of Paris
    French Treasures
    Paris Provenance
    French Provenance
    French Winery
    Wines of France
    French Savories

    Would love to win your giveaway!

  332. Kelly | 9th Mar 09

    Oh, new eye candy!! All that comes to mind this late at night is “Baker’s Delight”.

  333. Wanda Sotkowy | 9th Mar 09

    I love the sweets and am now drooling over the fabrics. Some of the sweet pastry names that come to mind are

    Hazelnut Heaven Biscotti
    Sumptuous Strudel
    Petite Fours
    Vanilla Slices
    Tantilizing Truffles
    Far Out Fondant
    Sizzling Scones
    Cherry Cheesecake

    Okay I am realy getting hungry now! I would love to create something spectacular with these new fabrics. They are to die for!!!

  334. Tammy Wisterman | 9th Mar 09

    I am such a huge fan of yours! I am new to quilting, but have fallen in love with all your beautiful fabrics and patterns. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us on your blog!

    Rasberry Truffle
    Strawberry Creme Puff
    Persian Napoleon
    Framboise Foray
    Cupid’s Kiss

    I hope I win! I do NEED one of everything you have designed! 🙂

  335. Susan | 9th Mar 09

    This line is a gorgeous as all your other lines.
    Here is a couple of suggestions for project names:

    Vente de Patisseries (translation – bake sale)
    Faire de le Patisserie (translation – bake cakes)

  336. Dawn | 9th Mar 09

    What a scrumptiously divine fabric line! I can’t wait to see it up close and personal. It makes me yearn to go to Paris or at least the local french pastry shop:).

    As for a name:
    Divinity Creme

  337. Mindy Peterson | 9th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna. Love Patisserie. I just bought several yards at my local quilt store today to make into an original pattern (I’m a fledgling designer). Some possible names:

    rouleaux de cannelle – cinnamon rolls (the darker peach reminds my of cinnamon

    sorbet de framboise – raspberry sherbet (good for the reds)

    crème de beurre – butter cream

    chiffres d’affaires – turnovers

    gelée de fraises – strawberry jelly (also good for the reds)

    parfait rose – pink parfait

    boulangerie – bakery

    I hope these help stir your imagination.

    Mindy Peterson
    5acre Designs

  338. Peggy Egger | 9th Mar 09

    Peggy said…

    French Kiss
    Parisian Romance
    For Lovers Only
    Love at First Sight

  339. Colette | 9th Mar 09

    I looovvvee Patisserie! Can’t wait to see it at our shop!

    Sweet Dreams
    Apple Blossoms
    Oh Sweet Love


  340. Mindy Peterson | 9th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna. Love patisserie and just bought some today! Some names:

    beaux pastels – beautiful pastels

    delicieux – yummy

    creme de buerre – buttercream

    cinnamon and sugar

    peaches and cream


    Hope this gives you some ideas.

    Mindy Peterson
    5acre Designs

  341. Betsy | 9th Mar 09

    Thank you for the show of the new fabrics. They are simply delicious. Many good names have been submitted already but I like Lemon creme and Raspberry torte and Chocolate torte.

  342. Holly | 9th Mar 09

    What a wonderful new fabric line! I wish I could have a taste of all these scrumptious desserts people are submitting for names! 🙂

    I’ll add:
    Cranberry Bliss
    Pumpkin pie

  343. DebS in CA | 9th Mar 09

    Patisserie is absolutely gorgeous. I always look forward to What’s New at Fig Tree Quilts and aalways look for your booth at the quilt shows.

  344. Jill | 9th Mar 09

    Here are some name ideas!
    I love your stuff!

    Satin Spice Petals
    Cafe Romance
    Lite Afternoon Desire
    Warm Cream Nights

  345. Dawn Jones | 10th Mar 09

    Oooooh – now we can add metreage (yardage) to our stash of Patisserie!

    Quilt names – how about :
    Buttery Croissant
    Raspberry Custard
    Strawberry Meringue
    Chocolate Croissant
    Cafe Au Lait
    Mille Fuille

    Darn – now I’m hungry!
    Kind regards – Dawn

  346. Coral | 10th Mar 09

    Chocolate buttons
    butterscotch syrup
    caramel rosebuds
    raspberry stripes
    raspberry scrolls
    regency raspberry
    regency cream
    puffed cream

  347. Helle | 10th Mar 09

    First of all … I just love your patterns, thank you.

    Lets try with some name suggestions from Norway:
    – Cookies and Cream
    – Snowballs in the sun
    – Sweet Tooth
    – Deliciously Sinful
    – Delicous AND Fat Free
    – No Calories Allowed
    – Chocolate Covered Goodies
    – Fruity Heaven
    – Wow !

    That is all for now. Good luck with your fabric line and your new pattern(s).

  348. irene | 10th Mar 09

    oooh how wonderful to have a chance to win those fabrics. thank you. My suggestions – creme fraiche, jardin des fleurs, cos there is nothing nicer sitting in a garden full of flowers and eating patisserie with some creme fraiche on it…. yum, yum. ok another one, chansons des fleurs – spring is on its way!!
    Irene xxx

  349. Patricia Mezquita | 10th Mar 09

    Bonjour Joanna, J’adore tes collections; voici quelques suggestions :
    Bisou-Bisou,Péchés-mignons,Petit-crème,Mocha Marble tiramisu, Petits-bijous au caramel, Fluffy madeleines,Gâteau aux délices, Petit-lait au caramel,Mélodie Impressioniste, Symphonie patissière, Crème caramel Almanach, Sweet cream sensation, Fresh fig Parfait, Fig longing, Fresh fig lust, Trompe-l’oeil tart, Sweet butternut breeze, Versailles splendor, Saffron and peach capuccino, Peach Carpaccio, Strawberry tagada, Cream and chocolate sensation, Sweet Melting Sensations,Berry passion, Champaign boudoirs.
    Bonne continuation, Patricia

  350. boone Christiane | 10th Mar 09

    The patisserie looks scrumptious,living in Belgium, about 3 hours from Paris with the TGV (train -grande- vitesse) you can see this fabulous patisserie everywhere on display , but we in Belgium are also well known for our delicous pastry.Serendipity !! I’m looking for fabrics to match a quilt , I want to make to celebrate the 10 th anniversary of a quilting group which I belong too. the subject: pies–cakes !
    Your fabrics and patterns are beautiful, a friend is currently making a quilt with the basket pattern and your fabric !

  351. Jill | 10th Mar 09

    Love your lines! ideas:
    Petit fours
    Fresh out of the oven
    sweet feet (for the slippers)
    indulge without guilt
    for your stash sweet tooth
    fat free/ calorie free but just as sweet

  352. Covered Porches | 10th Mar 09

    CAn’t wait to see who wins….

  353. betsy | 10th Mar 09

    Pasteles( Spanish for pastries)

  354. Marthese | 10th Mar 09

    Your fabric line is great.
    A name for your project might be:cakes everywhere

  355. | 10th Mar 09

    I feel so behind on all this activity and enjoyment. This is the first time I have ever commented. I read a sign in Zook’s, Lancaster Pa that paraphrased said…..
    Nobody expect coin collectors to spend their coins, or stamp collectors to mail letters with their stamps….why does anyone expect that I make something with my fabric collection. My sister and I have been collecting charm packs from before they became popular. I just love touching them and looking at them, just plain enjoying them and the possibilities all those beautiful prints and colors and patterns inspire.

  356. Donna Courtney | 10th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics, nothing new, you speak to us with your designs! Here are a few names:

    Baba au Rhum
    Creme Anglaise (Vanilla Sauce)
    Ile Flottante (old fashioned nursery dessert)
    Pain Perdu (another old fashioned nursery dessert, french toast with fruit, my favorite strawberries)
    Profiteroles (puff pastries with vanilla icecream and chocolate)


  357. Emily | 10th Mar 09

    I love your new fabric line! All of your fabrics are so beautiful.

    I don’t know much French, but always liked the word “crepe”.

  358. LadyCourtney | 10th Mar 09

    I absolutely love the new line of fabric, seeing it has started my created juices flowing….looking forward to creating. Here are some of my favorite french desserts:

    Baba au Rum
    Creme Anglaise (Vanilla Sauce)
    Ile Flottante (French nursery dessert)
    Profiteroles (puff pastry, vanilla icecream & chocolate)
    Pear Clafouti

    YUMMY!!! Keep designing beautiful fabrics!

  359. Stephanie | 10th Mar 09

    These fabrics are beautiful…and the name, tres bon!

    I will have to list two of my all-time favorite patisserie treats: Petite Choux Chantilly and Petit Fours (any type).

    It definately reminds me of my time in France…sipping a cafe, enjoying a treat from the patisserie and enjoying the scences on the banks on the Seine…la joie de vivre!

  360. Robyn | 10th Mar 09

    How about:
    cherry Clafoutis tart

  361. claudia krauss | 10th Mar 09

    i am so delighted with all of your fabrics! so inspiring…..warm and inviting
    my thoughts are along the lines of sweet ricotta pie,
    pizzelle, vanilla creme roll, gingersnaps, lady fingers , praline and nectarine pie
    berries and cream

  362. Deb McManus | 10th Mar 09

    I have loved this line of fabric and have enjoyed seeing all of your photos vicariously living through your travels. My name suggestion is Mille-Feuille meaning layers of puffy pastry with a sweet filling in between. Thank you for all of your inspiration

  363. Paulette Britt | 10th Mar 09

    Beautiful collection….outdid yourself!

    Hot Cross Fig Buns

  364. | 10th Mar 09

    As always your fabric is gorgeous and I want it all!! You create inspiration in every line! And this time calorie free!
    Best Wishes

  365. Mary Ernst | 10th Mar 09

    Scrumptious – I like Jen’s suggestion – “Scrumptious” it says it all.

    Mary from Snohomish, Wa.

  366. Brenda | 10th Mar 09

    You are so creative! I love this line of fabric. The colors are rich, warm and so inviting. My mind is spinning with ideas of what I could make with these fabrics.
    I am afraid I do not remember much of the French I learned in school, but here are my ideas for names.
    Creme Brulee


  367. Sheila H. | 10th Mar 09

    What a lovely line of fabrics! My entries in the contest are below and my apologies if they have been submitted by someone already:

    Paris Paisley
    Fig Fondant

    Hope these entries revisit my previous win with Creme Fraiche in the last contest! Hope you find a place for that name in the future on one of your designs. Thanks very much,
    Sheila H.

  368. Ineke | 10th Mar 09

    Love the Patisserie range (and the French music) brings back memories of Paris.

    I was thinking coulis would be good to use as the different ingredients could describe colors. Such as coulis d’avocat, coulis de fraises, coulis de tomates, coulis d’amandes.

  369. Tina | 10th Mar 09

    BEAUTIFUL Fabrics! Great Patterns! So much fun just anticipating the arrival of an order. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  370. June Paterson | 10th Mar 09

    I love the new fabric line. It’s yummy it brings back memories of fresh baked caramel cinnamon rolls I watched my mother bake. She would take them out of the oven an pour fresh cream over the rolls with caramel oozing out of them. My suggestion is “Creme d’amande” or “Creme caramel”. Much success on your new line of fabric.

  371. Kim | 10th Mar 09

    Joanna, I love the Patisserie fabrics, they are all so yummy & I can’t wait to make a quilt with them.
    Here are some sweet names-
    Chocolate Bliss,Orange Marmalade,
    in Espanol, Torta(pie), Postre (dessert), chocolata, budin (pudding), helado (ice cream)
    dulce de azúcar (fudge)
    Now I’m hungry too!

  372. Deanne | 10th Mar 09

    This line is absolutely beautiful!! Here are a few names:
    Sweet Paris
    Petit Fours
    Chantilly Bleu

  373. melissa | 10th Mar 09


  374. | 10th Mar 09

    The new “Patisserie” looks wonderful! I have enjoyed many of your fabric lines, and always look forward to your new ones! I have recently made a “Recipe Quilt” from a variety of your fabric lines. It is so exciting that you are having a special giveaway! I have a few name ideas:
    Creme Patisserie
    Mimosa (A neighbor has a Mimosa tree. It is gorgeous when it blooms-Just like your fabric lines!
    Quark (This could be fun! I have recently had the opportunity to try quark. Very good. It can be used in so many different ways! It would be unique and memorable)
    Sacher Torte (I have had the opportunity to try this also. Yum!
    Shortbread (My mouth is beginning to water!) :0)
    Peach souffle or
    Peach Flambay (Spelling?)
    Peach Strudel! and of course there is always
    How Fun! I can’t wait to see who wins. Thank-you for all you do! Karen

  375. melissa | 10th Mar 09


  376. melissa | 10th Mar 09


  377. Tracey Lewis | 10th Mar 09

    The fabrics are so beautiful and TASTY looking! They remind me of several desserts:

    apple tart
    strawberry shortcake
    raspberry cordial
    blackberry ice
    amaretto mousse
    ginger cookies
    raspberry truffles
    crepes suzette


  378. Deanna Hironimus-Wendt | 10th Mar 09

    I have always been a huge Fig Tree fan. Your collections are so incredibly beautiful. Patisserie is no exception – it is absolutely gorgeous!

    Possible names for new lines might include:

    Crème brulee
    La Parisienne
    Fruits Frais (Fresh fruit)
    Café à la crème (Coffee with cream)
    Panier pique-nique (Picnic basket)
    Fleurs fraîches coupées (Fresh cut flowers)
    Fleurs de printemps (Spring flowers)
    Printemps (Spring)
    Magnifique (Beautiful)
    Un bon vin (A good wine)
    Crème caramel
    Lever du soleil (Sunrise)
    Un Américain à Paris (An American in Paris)

  379. Jill | 10th Mar 09

    Your fabrics are beautiful as always – such fresh colors! Cherries & Cream, Strawberries & Rhubarb, Caramel et Creme, Key Lime, Baking Day…

  380. Jane | 10th Mar 09

    This line is beautiful. Now when I shop in our french bakery, I’ll always think of this fabric. Douceur de France.

  381. Barb | 10th Mar 09

    This line is beautiful just like all your other ones have been. Beautiful colors and patterns. I can’t wait to get to my quilt shop.

    Name: Shades of Tuscany, Tuscan light.

    Tuscany is so beautiful. Maybe you need a field trip? I’d be glad to go with you.

  382. Michelle | 10th Mar 09

    Love the line. Hope I win!

    Creme Brulee
    Cafe au Lait

  383. Shirley LeDoux | 10th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna,

    I love the colors in the new line. I’m also a huge polka dot fan so I’m loving the combo of polka dots and flowers. I can’t wait to see it all in person. Reading these posts makes me want to go back to Paris.

    A “Slice” of Paris

    Postcards From Paris

    French Kisses

  384. Jeanne S | 10th Mar 09

    I love your fabric designs and would love to win. I don’t really know much French, but thinking of your enchantment with Paris, how about
    Parisienne Enchantment

  385. Pat | 10th Mar 09

    Another big hit and how about “just for fun” for the name.

  386. Monique | 10th Mar 09

    Joanna, just got your new book in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it!! The cover alone is wonderful…it just makes you want to jump right into reading the book from cover to cover (which I did last night:))Today I’m going to peruse it more slowly. I love your entire fabric line and whenever I visit a quilt shop it’s always the line I ask for. But once I get some of that yummy fabric I just want to let it sit on my shelves because it’s too pretty to cut up…silly me!
    Anyway, a suggestion for your next line…I read through some of the suggestions and they are all wonderful. Not sure if someone suggested this one:
    Papillion ( butterfly). Lots of colors, gossamer wings, airy. Could be associated to fabric?! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  387. Shelley | 10th Mar 09

    I would go with something sweet – playing off the sweetness of the patisserie, but shifting into the sweetness of love… I’m thinking “little kisses” or “many kisses” – but translate to the most beautiful language on Earth… 😉

    Thanks for offering such an amazing giveaway!

  388. Denise | 10th Mar 09

    What a gorgeous collection, for a name
    Sweet Treat!

  389. Alanna | 10th Mar 09

    I just stumbled on your blog from Simplify (Camille’s blog)! Everything is delicious!

    Cremes Brulees
    Petits Fours

  390. Carol Callahan | 10th Mar 09

    As always I love your lines of fabric. The patterns, the colors are excellent! The delicate details of each is breathtaking.
    So with that the name I offer is Saoirse…pronounced Seer-sha. It is actually Galic and means freedom. It is to be my granddaughters name(she is due any day)..and I think it is beautiful, just as she will be, and would be the perfect name for a new line.

  391. Judy | 10th Mar 09

    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new line to hit my quilt shop.

    I like the name a la mode.

  392. Julie Kato | 10th Mar 09

    I was at Prairie Queen Saturday and saw the new fabric. I also saw Keiko Clark there, I should follow her and buy everything she buys. Maybe I will bake a Brioche today.

  393. Jean Llewellyn | 10th Mar 09

    There is only one word for the new Patisserie fabric collection – FABULEUX!

    A few words to add to an already eclectic collection:

    Amelie rose
    Marquise au chocolat
    Joconde (Almond sponge)

    Regardless of the names, the mouthwatering colors and patterns will speak for themselves and turn every project into a truly luscious confection.

  394. Deb Scheibel | 10th Mar 09

    my ideas are:
    at last
    from my dreams
    dusky nights
    summer breeze
    warm embraces

  395. sumomuvino | 10th Mar 09

    Yum. Please pick me!

    en rougissant (blushing)
    Bouchée (mouthfull)
    Cassis (blackcurrant)
    and for fun…le creme de je t’aime

    okay, i’m ravenous (ravineux)

  396. sugar | 10th Mar 09

    Patisserie looks good enough to eat!

    As far as the naming contest, how about:

    Petit four



    Bises (pronounced ‘bees’ and means kisses)?

  397. Lizzie Swinney | 10th Mar 09

    NOt being French and not understandingthe language I find it easier to read and remember names like, Just deserts.

  398. Diane Wilkinson | 10th Mar 09

    Everyone has added so many great ideas I am out of creativity. However I suggest easy french words for those who do not speak French such as
    2. framboise
    3. galette
    because they all evoke something very tasty!

  399. Bev DeRoo | 10th Mar 09

    Congratulations, you’ve done it again! Patisserie is absolutely scrumptious. I’m looking forward to creating something delicious with it. I just love to look at the fabric and dream!!! Thanks.

    My suggestions for names are:
    – Paris Sunrise
    – Paris Sunset
    – Totally Paris
    – Patisserie Passion

  400. Candace | 10th Mar 09

    Fantastic fabrics! And the photos are wonderful!
    How about “Cabaret” for a new fabric line?

  401. Karen Kunz | 10th Mar 09

    I also love this line!! Makes the designing juices flow! For names how about a new line of: My Cheri Amour! Definitely a must for babies or the little girl in all of us.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  402. Kay | 10th Mar 09

    Days in Turin’
    Turin’ Vineyard
    I have some of Patisserie on it’s way to me.
    I just love the fabric and patterns you share with us.Just finished some star quilts out of a combination of your fabrics. That is what makes working with your fabric so nice the different lines can be used with each other.

  403. Kay | 10th Mar 09

    One more name. Apia n Way. kws

  404. Annette Capovilla Hall | 10th Mar 09

    I can’t get enough of Fig Tree fabrics!!! Here are a few of my ideas for new fabric lines….

    Charme de Provence
    Parisian Bonbons
    Confiscerie de Provence

    Au revoir,

  405. Damary Fletcher | 10th Mar 09

    Well, I just started quilting a couple of years ago, am all crazy about your fabrics and every time I go back to Mexico I teach my cousins and friends on what is quilt since we don’t do that. I bring your fabrics and all the magazines where I see designs I like.
    You were asking for a name for one of your lines. I think for about blue / gray colors a cool name for me will be:: SUEÑOS (dreams) or in tones of green it feels like ESPERANZA (hope)

  406. Rebecca Brammell | 10th Mar 09

    No longer claiming fluency, your contest has started my rusty brain whirring…in high school I had the opportunity to visit France on two different occasions as well as stay with a family in Belgium! First time was a school group, second I stayed with a French family and loved the name of their town – I am sure there are many towns that have great names but I always remembered this one:


    Then there was Nice where I studied for a few weeks. Couldn’t get over those small rock beaches as opposed to sand…not very comfy! So perhaps a line called Nice and pieces in the collection with names such as:

    *le soleil

    How about my favourite song at the time by Etienne Daho and some of the lines in the song, “Tombe Pour La France”

    *la vie
    *N’importe quoi
    *Toute va bien

    And random thoughts:

    *one slice or two
    *noix de cocoa
    *noisette (hazelnut and tres yummy as Nutella)
    *pomplemousse (love that word!)
    *mignon (cute used to describe babies/toddlers)
    *timide(I become this when I try to speak French!)
    *names from a French classic novel
    *names of herbs: basil, thyme, dill, oregano, rosemary

    I’d better stop now! Probably won’t sleep tonite with all the words popping into my head!

    Thanks for your great fabric lines and patterns, website, and friendliness!


  407. Natalie | 10th Mar 09

    Ooo La La

  408. silvana | 10th Mar 09

    I love all your fabrics!

    Some names:pudding au rèves;tarte à la rhubarbe blue, gâteau de marrons heureux, brioche à l’amour;compote de bonheur; crème bavaroise au chocolat;crêpe garci de bonheur;

    Jacaranda; Ti amo; Amame

  409. Ruth Bernardi | 10th Mar 09

    I just love your new designs – as always!!

    Suggestion: “Savoir-vivre” because it means style of living as well as being able to shape your life like a piece of art which could be our personal way to cope with a/the crises.

  410. Jenny Reese | 10th Mar 09

    I love the beautiful hues in your new fabrics!!With four young children I can’t sew fast enough! My one suggestion would be to go back to your peasant roots and pick up the “flavor” and colors of RATATOUILLE.

  411. Carol Sheffer | 10th Mar 09

    Congratulations on your new line! As always, I am not disappointed. Great work; just love it.
    As I am a country gal, how about as names
    Parlor Delights
    Parlor Fancies
    Cotton Candies

  412. Village Quilter | 10th Mar 09

    Love the new line. Can’t wait to see it in my local quilt shop! My suggestion is:
    Parisian Morning

  413. Linda K | 10th Mar 09

    I love the fabrics (as usual!). I can envision pages or projects with these names:
    Marzipan Truffles
    Raspberry-Ganache Tartlettes
    Chocolat Chantilly Macaroons
    Patisserie Petit Fours

  414. thomp | 10th Mar 09

    It’s my cake and quilt it too!

  415. Linda Elicker | 10th Mar 09


    Un petite dejuner’

    Simply, une, deux, trois!

    La chocolatier

    Dipped en Sucre

  416. maureen | 10th Mar 09

    I LOVE your stuff. The patterns are great and the
    fabric is better!
    How about some flower themes in french?
    Les petit jardin
    La belle fleur?
    Keep it coming!

  417. Natalie | 10th Mar 09

    Such a LOVELY fabric line! beautiful pictures as well. So MANY good ideas already. Hmmm….

    Coco Fleur
    Roseraie (rose garden)
    Reverie (daydream)
    Fleuriste (florist)
    Jardinet (small garden)

  418. country things | 10th Mar 09

    As always, the fabric is wonderful and I am truly amazed that each line keeps getting more and more beautiful. A lot of good names have been tossed out, so my limited suggestions are:

    creme de la creme
    French Kiss or French Kisses
    Peach Nectar
    Peach Flambeau
    Cocoa Dolce & Spice

    Thanks for allowing me to participate.

  419. Phyllis | 10th Mar 09

    Lemon Chantilly
    Tea and Petits
    Macaron deParis
    Berry Tartelette
    Mocha Slice
    Princess Cake
    Morning Buns
    Chocolate Brulee
    Springtime in Paris

  420. Phyllis | 10th Mar 09

    Beautiful fabric.
    Lemon Chantilly
    Tea and Petits
    Macarons deParis
    Chocolate Brulee
    Berry Tartelette
    Springtime in Paris
    Mocha Slice
    Princess Cake
    Morning Buns

  421. Mary Ann Dove | 10th Mar 09

    I’m German and have never been to Paris so how about
    Strawberry Tart or
    Key Lime Pie in Paris

    Mary Ann

  422. Phyllis | 10th Mar 09

    Beautiful fabric
    Lemon Chantilly
    Tea and Petits
    Macarons deParis
    Chocolate Brulee
    Berry Tartelette
    Springtime in Paris
    Mocha Slice
    Princess Cake Morning Buns

  423. Phyllis | 10th Mar 09

    Moring Buns

  424. Phyllis | 10th Mar 09

    Misspelled first time.

    Morning Buns
    French Horns
    French Buns
    Cherry Muffins

  425. mae | 10th Mar 09

    I love your fabrics and patterns and make a bee-line for them whenever entering a quilt shop.

    Here are some of my thoughts for upcoming lines:

    Fresh Fig Custards

    Vintage Petit Fours (sp)?


  426. Denise | 10th Mar 09

    Love your Patisserie patterns and fabrics! So yummy!

    cream colors: parfait au caramel & delices aux amandes
    light peach: charlotte aux abricots
    green: citron vert
    rust: la rouille

  427. Jo Anne | 10th Mar 09

    Beautiful new fabrics. I enjoy all of your work. One of my favorites is Allspice Tapestry.

  428. ahinton | 10th Mar 09

    Thank you for oppotunity to play.


  429. sharon jones | 10th Mar 09

    Hi, I love all of your fabrics and great patterns! Here are some ideas for new creations :
    Strawberry & Rhubarb
    Marigolds & Marjoram
    Mint & Marmalade
    Belle des Jardins
    Annie’s meadow
    summertime cottage
    vanilla dream
    foxglove fields

  430. Mary Jo Baird | 10th Mar 09

    I love the colors in the new line! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    My suggestion: Patty Cakes or

  431. mary burns | 10th Mar 09

    Oh I just love this fabric line!!

    Here is my list for names:

    Romantic Grapevine
    muted pearl(s)
    Lilliputation ( meaning small, pretty, miniature)
    Lilies Garden
    Fruity -Tooty
    Fruit Garden

  432. Ann Toth | 10th Mar 09

    I can’t wait until I can add to my poundage of fabric collection.

    What lovely fabric to make quilts.

  433. Lynne Anderson | 10th Mar 09

    Love your newest range – as I do all your ranges.

    My choice for a name would be La Vie en Rose (did I spell that correctly?_

    Just as that is the melody of Paris, Patisserie is a melody of beautiful fabrics.

  434. Carol | 10th Mar 09

    A truly gorgeous line and I’m looking forward to the patterns for it! My project name suggestions are “elan” (distinctive flair or style) and “entremets” (desserts).

  435. Claudia | 10th Mar 09

    I have to admit I love all Fig Tree fabrics but Patisserie is absolutly beautiful.

    Titles? Well, Patisserie reminds me of blonds, so how about – “Blonds really are more fun.”

  436. Sara | 10th Mar 09

    Lovely line of fabrics!

    coeur a la creme

    cafe au creme Quebec

    cream puffs

    patisse et creme

    bread and chocolate

  437. Laura | 10th Mar 09

    My suggestions are:
    Tres Jolie (very pretty)
    Fleurs delacoeur (flowers of the heart)
    Fruit du jardin (fruit of the garden)
    Fleurs du jardin (flowers of the garden)

  438. Holly | 10th Mar 09

    Lots and Lots of great ideas. The new line of fabrics is just beautiful. My friend and I are known at our local quilt shop as the ones who came in once a week on our lunch-break just to “feel some fabric”. I can’t wait to feel Patisserie! How about:


  439. Peg Younger | 10th Mar 09

    What a beautiful new line. I’ll have buy online–why doesn’t anyone local carry your gorgeous fabrics?

    I don’t know French, but suggestions:
    Wine & Roses
    Wine & Cheese

    I prefer a name that is easily recognized, and that I won’t slaughter the spelling and/or pronounciation


  440. Carol | 10th Mar 09

    Beautiful as usual!
    My contribution:

  441. Loretta Swan | 10th Mar 09

    As always your new fabric line is just beautiful ! I want to go bake something wonderful until I can get to the fabric store and start cutting. Since I do not speak french I like “A Paris Dream”

  442. Joyce | 10th Mar 09

    Creme Fresh….my favorite 🙂

  443. Leslie | 10th Mar 09

    This is my favorite fabric line yet. Congratulations! Also love your new turnover pattern book.

    I just went through my Julia Child baking book for some names:
    Chiffon Roll
    Piped Meringue
    Raspberry Tartlets
    Berry Galette
    French Apple Tart
    Cinnamon Beignets
    Petits Fours

  444. Tamara | 10th Mar 09

    Congratulation on the new line.

    Some Ideas for Names
    Chocolat Figue (Chocolate Fig)
    Baba au Rhum
    Brioche aux Sucre
    Petite Choux Chantilly

  445. Wendy Altman | 10th Mar 09

    I bought Patisserie from an online retailer about a month ago, and absolutely love the color palette! This beautiful collection inspired me to make travel plans for Paris – I leave on March 25! The arrondisements, each with their own special boulangeries and patisseries, provoke the imagination -of cookies (madeleine), high tea at Laduree, caramel mousse, and of course, macaroons in every possible color! Bon Appetit, mon cherie!

  446. Ruby&me | 10th Mar 09

    Another stunning fabric line. What will I make with this one?
    What about “Kiss me over the garden gate”

  447. Jenna Dunagan | 10th Mar 09

    How cute!

    mon amour
    beau millésime


  448. sharon | 10th Mar 09

    how about : pate choux
    baba au rhum
    St.Tropez cake
    Brioche aux sucre
    tarte au citron
    tarte au chocolate
    or slices: chocloate slice, vanilla slice
    lady fingers
    frozen confections: sundaes, creme glace
    lord just thinking about this I will have to go on a diet!

  449. Elizabeth | 10th Mar 09

    Your new fabric is beautiful but all your fabric is. How about this: Jo’s Fig Tarts/ Jo Figure/ Honeyfigroll’s

  450. Tamara | 10th Mar 09

    Congratulations on the new line. makes me want to go get some yummies from the bakery.

    Name ideas:
    Paris Brest aux Fruits
    Chocolat Figue (Chocolate Fig)
    Petite Choux Chantilly

  451. Linda | 10th Mar 09

    I have tons of your fabric and would love to have some of this new line, so here are my ideas!
    joie de vivre
    très beau

  452. Shellerella | 10th Mar 09

    How wonderful of you to offer the naming to your fans. Thank you for the chance for some goodie too!
    Here is my offering:

    Tout Sweets
    Pistache et Printemps
    Pomme de Terre
    Folis a Doux

  453. Sarah Hatch | 10th Mar 09

    Pastel boxes fastened with bakers twine, delicate paper liners, the palitable taste of sugar in the air, too pretty to eat, to delicious not to….

  454. Jamie V | 10th Mar 09

    Yummy fabrics! These are the wordes that come to mind – fondant, ganache, confections, sugar sweet, royal icing, mousse, butter cream, French pastry, creme brulee …
    Jamie V in MT

  455. Mary | 10th Mar 09

    They all look so yummy! We should all save room for dessert!

    Tutti’s Treats
    I will take 2 of everything.
    Save room for dessert!
    A-Tisket, A-Tasket put them all in my basket!

  456. Barbara | 10th Mar 09

    Fortunately, fabric is easier on the waistline than sweets. The new fabric line certainly looks sweet enough to eat. Some more lo-cal options are:
    Apple Orchard
    Sticky Toffee Pudding
    Peach Blossoms
    Ginger and Spice
    Sugar and Spice
    The French Market
    Vieux Carre
    Moulin Rouge

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  457. Mary | 10th Mar 09

    They all look so yummy! We should all save room for dessert!

    Tutti’s Treats
    I will take 2 of Everything.
    Save room for dessert!
    A-Tisket, A-Tasket put them all in my basket!

  458. Jessica | 10th Mar 09

    When I look at bolts of fabric it makes me feel so content. Other times I get that feeling is when I’m walking in a cherry orchard that’s in bloom (the colors, and smell) so maybe-

    Orchard Blooms
    Indian Summer
    Desert Rose

    I’m not good at names, but I always love your fabric lines.

  459. colleen sandbach | 10th Mar 09

    what a wonderful collection! For us with mature eyes the already BAKED Collections are so easy to use!Although with the wonderful names like honey buns and turnovers our minds can easily wander to eating!I don’t know many quilters who don’t enjoy both and are good at both. How about TWICE BAKED? or Fritters? Red CAKE? Dutch Chocolate? Dinette Cake.(my grandmother’s favorite)Struedal?thanks for the chance!

  460. cathy | 10th Mar 09

    love the fabrics!!!! latte eclaire, delectable delights,parisian pastry, ooh laa laa

  461. Lorraine I | 10th Mar 09

    Hi the new line looks yummy
    How about
    Butter Tarts
    Sweet Delights
    Lemon Merange Pie

  462. Victoria Smithson | 10th Mar 09


    Tart Tatin
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Chocolate Eclair
    Hot Crossed Buns
    Sweet Treats
    Lemon Chiffon
    Brandied Pears
    Glazed Donuts

  463. Tamara | 10th Mar 09


    Chocolat Figue (Chocolate Fig)

  464. Karen | 10th Mar 09

    Hi….not sure of spelling but I like:

    creme brulee
    ooh la la

  465. Amy | 10th Mar 09

    LOVE the new fabric!!! So many great ideas already. Only thing I can think of is butterscotch croissant or peach delight.

  466. georgia | 11th Mar 09

    Yumm- oh as Rachel Ray would say!

    thanks for the chance.

  467. Nancy W. | 11th Mar 09

    I’ve been impatiently waiting for Patisserie to hit the shelves. Its wonderful. New Line…
    Rubarb Cotton
    Tea Cake
    Clover Meadow

  468. Diane Ericson | 11th Mar 09

    Ilove your music. I have to have it. Is it a CD?

    Buttercream Blues
    Lemon Lace
    Peach Pantaloons
    Lavendar Love

  469. Nancy Helpinstill | 11th Mar 09

    Can’t wait to see this beautiful line in person!

    How about:
    Figgy Pudding
    Fig Preserves
    Sliced Figs
    Pate de Choux
    Cream Puff Pinwheels
    Figs and Cream
    French Pastry

  470. Peggy Suding | 11th Mar 09

    The line is an irresistible temptation.
    How about Sweet Treats, Sweet Delights,or Petits Fours

  471. DeAnn | 11th Mar 09

    My sister-in-law sent me a link to your site and I’m so glad that she did! Your fabrics are gorgeous and make me want to start a new project right now! I also love your patterns and can’t wait to get my hands on some!
    A couple ideas for project names:

  472. Sandy | 11th Mar 09

    I hope I am not to late!
    tarte aux pommes Renversee (Carmel custard)
    tarte aux cerise Creme Fraiche
    tarte aux fruits Chocolate Eclair
    fruit de la passion
    creme glacee
    creme de la creme
    creme anglaise
    chou a la creme

  473. Jess | 11th Mar 09

    What beautiful fabric! As for names how about boulangerie.

  474. Yolette Warner | 11th Mar 09

    I just purchased fabric i absolutely love it. How about Nostalgia. Your fabric reminds me of my grandmother’s wallpaper.

  475. Lynn | 11th Mar 09

    Smacaroon? Lemon, strawberry, peach, caramel, cherry kisses, or bombes, jellies.

  476. Anna-Maria | 11th Mar 09

    Those Jelly Rolls remind me of my trip to Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Rue de Siene
    Joanna does Paris

  477. Patty | 11th Mar 09

    Beautiful fabric.

    Name contest:
    Fruity Summer Fun
    Taste of Summer

  478. melissa | 11th Mar 09

    pretty petite

  479. Jackie | 11th Mar 09

    this is my FAVORITE of your many lines ever!!

    i am no good at naming though…. sweet desserts, dessert dreams, cream dream….

    thank you!

  480. TERRY | 11th Mar 09



  481. jan | 11th Mar 09

    Ooohhh La La

    How about Taffy Treats, Taffy Sweets, Polka Dot Party, Polka Dot Desserts…

    Wonderful Line!!!

  482. Laura | 11th Mar 09

    You have designed the most delicious (no calorie!) treats.
    Some names…
    Bonbons au chocolat
    Quilted Treats
    Croissants & Cream
    Creme Caramel
    Trip to Paris
    Tea & Tarts
    Sweet Treats

  483. Laura | 11th Mar 09

    You have designed the most delicious (no calorie!) treats.
    Some names…
    Bonbons au chocolat
    Quilted Treats
    Croissants & Cream
    Creme Caramel
    Trip to Paris
    Tea & Tarts
    Sweet Treats

  484. Paula | 11th Mar 09

    Patisserie looks very enticing and I would love to make something using it for some friends who have recently bought an old mill in France.

    But to be constructive, can I persuade the designers to invent a successor to Urban Indigo? It must be my favourite fabirc line ever. The quilt I made from it excites me every time I look at it still (and I know what is wrong with my construction and quilting even iof others don’t).

    So how about Chambray and Champagne?
    Adventures in Distressed Denim?
    Blue and better?

    But please do return to a similar palette!

  485. Gail Williams | 11th Mar 09

    How about:

    petit gâteau


  486. tina | 11th Mar 09

    YUM the fabrics are gorgeous….. the search is ON! 🙂

    posie parfumé?
    en fleur?
    magnifique motif?

    Whatever the name, I know the end result will be remarkable!

  487. Kristin Madden | 11th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna,
    Your new line is so fabulous! ‘Sugar Threads’ or ‘Warm Buttered Toast’ are my votes for your contest because your fabrics are so yummy, that I could just eat them up!! Why is it that your fabrics always bring me to thoughts of food…mmm?!!! ha! I’m working on a king sized quilt for our bed with a little bit from Urban Indigo, Dandelion Girl and Allspice Tapestry…and wouldn’t Patisserie be a great addition!! Oh and my other suggestion for a future pattern, etc…is ‘Beaches and Dream’ (or dreams if you will)…your fabrics are so soft, romantic and they always transport me to somewhere I want to go (like the beach)! Thanks for the beautiful fabrics, you are inspiring!


  488. Barbara K | 11th Mar 09

    Hope I am not too late for the giveaway. How about chanson or musette, two styles of french music long associated with the cafe scene. Your fabrics are beautiful.

    Barbara K

  489. Deb | 11th Mar 09

    Figgy Pudding
    Brown Sugar Cinnamon Tarts
    Parisian Olive

  490. Becki | 11th Mar 09

    Please promise to use spell-check if you use any of my suggestions!! :o)

    -mille feuille
    -lavender the (tea)
    -honey bee

    Thanks for letting me “play”. Becki

  491. sharon | 11th Mar 09

    Patisserie is your best work yet! It is beautiful and pink is my fav color, so I’m in love. I speak NO french I looked through some of the names listed and my fav is Parisian Romance, to me it says it all…..or perhaps just plain Parisian Love.

  492. Dixiequilter | 11th Mar 09

    These are absolutely yummy fabrics!!

    My ideas
    Sweet Time in Paris

    Jelly Filled Croissants

    Parisian Bread Basket

    Sweet Dreams

    French Market

    Paris Picnic

  493. Shirley Shedron | 11th Mar 09

    I love this fabric line very much. The colors are so warm and cozy. I can’t wait to make a quilt with this fabric.Shirley

  494. Judy M | 11th Mar 09

    A terrific collection !!! How about Napolean or Butterscotch Cream.

  495. Sam | 11th Mar 09

    Wow, they are gorgeous! What on earth could I suggest that hasn’t already been said??!

    Creme Cafe
    Rich Ganache
    Lemon Meringue
    Creme Caramel
    Strawberry Tart

  496. Shirley Shedron | 11th Mar 09

    I just love this line of fabric,I have the jelly roll and layercake. I can’t wait to get started. The line is do warm and cozy. Keep it up I love your fabric.
    Choclate Fruit
    Fruitie Delight

  497. Maria | 11th Mar 09

    I don’t think I can compete with all the other names but I would love to be entered anyway. I think you make some of the most beautiful fabric out there. Don’t ever stop!!

  498. | 11th Mar 09

    I just cant’t get enough of your Fig Tree fabrics so here goes…..

    Fig Tree’s Bonbons
    Fig Tree’s Sucre Gateau
    Fig Tree’s Bonbons et Champagne (Champagne for the wonderful buttercreams you design!!! – they go with everything!)

    And because I think you should design with more lavenders….
    Fig Tree’s Lavende de Provence
    Fig Tree’s Lavende Anglaise

    Fig Tree’s Cour le Creme’
    Fig Tree’s Parisiene Confiserie

    I’m wishing myself luck…

    Annette Capovilla Hall

  499. stella | 11th Mar 09

    You have outdone yourself again. my votes are for Chantilly, Fresh Sweets, Pitcher of Cream…

  500. sue | 11th Mar 09

    So many great names, but they do sound more like a bakery. I was lucky enough to go to France and Paris and the colors in the sky are beautiful and inspirational. Many artists go there to paint. Here’s a few thoughts:

    Paris Nights
    Paris Inspiration
    Petite Palette
    Paris Palette
    Que Cera Cera


  501. anne | 11th Mar 09

    I think I might be the 500th comment…. it should be a lucky number for me!

    thanks so much for letting us play and for designing the most beautiful fabric for us to play with!

  502. Lola | 11th Mar 09

    How about profiteroles?

  503. Sheri | 11th Mar 09

    I just love all the Patisserie fabrics and can’t wait to get some to sew up! But I always love all your fabrics and patterns! France was wonderful and eating the goodies was a delight! Some names,
    cerisette et chartreuse would be good for a Christmas batch!
    gateau, mousse, crepes, petite fours, meringues, madeleines, glace
    Thanks for the contest!

  504. tamara | 11th Mar 09

    My suggestion is Chocolat Figue (Chocolate fig)


  505. Trelly | 12th Mar 09

    Sweet romance
    the flower of sugar
    Peach in syrup

  506. Peggy | 12th Mar 09

    No matter what I do I can’t see any comments, including mine dated past Mar 6th. Hope this is working on your end. To repeat, this wonderful fabric line and your great description make me want to jump on a plane to Paris. My name choices are:
    C’est si bonne
    Creme Fraiche
    Sweet dreams
    Thank you

  507. Tressa | 12th Mar 09

    All I can think of is food now! My names aren’t Paris inspired, but definately yummy fresh food inspired.

    Lemon Verbena
    Vanilla Chai
    Honey Lavender
    Berries and Cream
    Flower inspirations are:
    Sweet William
    Honeysuckle Breeze

    Thanks – your fabrics and patterns are beautiful!

  508. Kim | 12th Mar 09

    Hi Joanna,
    Is it too late to submit a name possibility for your future fabric lines? If not, here’s my contribution:

    Pate de Fruits

    Thanks for the offering this fantastic giveaway.

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