Quick Fig Tree Club Clarifications

Quick Fig Tree Club Answers:

Many of you have emailed with Fig Tree Club questions and I just wanted to post a few of the responses here in case anyone else has the same questions. 

•  The shops all have a wide range of spots available based on what they signed up for. If one shop is full, feel free to call around to another to see if they still have openings, whether it be brick & mortar or online. Shops should also be starting wait lists if they fill up so inquire.

•  The reason the spots are limited is because we are only running this as a limited Pilot Program this semester. Once the spots that they signed up for are filled, they will not be able to add any more at this time.

•  The quarterly patterns will only be available to those who are in the club.  

•  Each pattern will come with a kit created by the store to match the pattern from our latest collection.

•  We don't know what any of the upcoming patterns are yet because the next fabric collections have not even been finalized yet. The only project that has been designed so far is the first one, Cobblestones [picture with the Club info]. As soon as we have anything to design with, we will design!

• We are quickly accumulating a list of other stores who wish to participate. Those stores will get a chance to join in the fall for next year's projects. 


Thank you for all your interest. Have fun in the Club!

talk to you later.

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  1. jaybird | 24th Jun 09

    thanks for all those clarifications! 🙂

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