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Last weekend I got the great opportunity to literally “pop in” to the Long Beach show, look around at all the wonderful booths [a lot of whom where using my fabric here and there… I think that I will always get a kick out of that no matter how long I have been a designer…] and have some fun time with some colleagues from MODA. Now there is a pair of fun gals… in case you’re reading ladies!

I was there for such a short time that after a quick walk through of the show, I pretty much buried myself in the vintage quilt and fabric booths, which the show placed all together for our viewing convenience. OOOHHHH I could have spent the whole weekend there, sifting through the bins of vintage fabric, fondling the antique quilts and imagining the hundreds of things that I could do with all of the aforementioned. Here are just a very few of my favorite things…Applique


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Miss Jean | 4th Aug 08

    I didn’t go the show this year but I will for sure next year. Glad you had a great time. Isn’t the quilting on the quilts in the pictures fabulous?

  2. annie from San Diego | 4th Aug 08

    of course I took the same pictures….loved the same quilts you did!!! I wish I could have spent more time looking at YOUR quilts, but I was on a quick RUNBY!!!! I hope that the festival gets its act together for next year. Lots of things they can improve on, but still loved the time I spent there. Hugs, Annie from San Diego

  3. Carrie | 4th Aug 08

    Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing, I must hand quilt a special quilt. Antique quilts are so inspiring. Looking forward to your new fabric line. All your little hints, wish I spoke one lick of French.


  4. IZZY | 6th Aug 08

    Hey Girl,
    I had fun in California with you. Red convertible, friends and fabrics, what more could you want? Can you believe we saw so many celebrities!? IZZY

  5. Jeanie | 6th Aug 08

    Really beautiful quilts, I especially like the first one. Might we see something similar designed from you soon?:)

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