Strawberry Fields Revisited!

Introducing… Strawberry Fields Revisited.


Out of all of our lines, the one that is requested the most by far is Strawberry Fields. For years I have been receiving pleas and requests to reprint those lovely Strawberry Fields prints but it was just not in the cards…

We are finally happy to announce that we have redone- not reprinted- but added to and created a whole new Strawberry Fields collection and named it Revisited. With some of the favorite prints from the original collection including the original large floral, dots and the gingham, this collection is a wonderful return to the favorites and a whole new group at the same time. We have added some wonderful new fresh vintage prints including my new favorite… a tiny little daisy in almost every color way in the collection… as well as a new taupe color that grounds all the rest and makes them sparkle!

Strawberry Fields Revisited ships to stores in January, 2015.

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  1. Tami | 24th Sep 15


  2. | 25th Sep 15

    Thank you, THANK YOU.

  3. Jennifer Gwyn | 25th Sep 15

    I will learn from mistakes in my past, and buy (hoard) bolts instead of bundles!

  4. Kati Rozsnyo | 25th Sep 15

    So gorgeous! And I’m sure it will be January 2016 🙂 can’t wait!

  5. Marcia R | 25th Sep 15

    It’s gorgeous. I have a little box of the original that I’ve collected over time. Now I’ll finally be able to make a quilt with it!

  6. Sinta | 25th Sep 15

    Oh happy days! A wish has come true! I just can’t wait to see what patterns you have come up with to go along with this group this time!!!

  7. Joanna | 25th Sep 15

    I totally know what you are talking about. I have 1/2 bolts of all the florals that I have been unwilling to use… until now LOL!!

  8. Joanna | 25th Sep 15

    Sorry… yes of course 2016!!

  9. Joanna | 25th Sep 15

    I had the same exact feeling when my advance yardage came!!

  10. Joanna | 25th Sep 15

    You are very welcome LOL!!

  11. Laurel | 25th Sep 15

    CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joanna | 25th Sep 15


  13. Karen | 25th Sep 15

    By far my favorite fabric ever! Can’t wait to get some. I’m EXCITED!!!

  14. Joanna | 26th Sep 15

    We are excited too!

  15. Pamela | 26th Sep 15

    I’m fairly new to the quilt scene and I am grateful for this opportunity to have these fabrics!

  16. Joanna | 26th Sep 15

    Welcome to Quilting!!

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