As we start to organize and pack up the boxes this year, I just wanted to thank you guys again for an amazing sale and your unbelievable support of our little family business. You guys showed up in a serious way!!

You guys… this year’s sale was a whole new level of crazy but I know that so many of you loved every minute of it! So many of you reached out to tell me that this was exactly the kind of fun and distraction that you needed during this Covid year and I am so glad we could be here for you! I know others of you did not quite get the items you were hoping for, and I want to thank you for having a good attitude and for taking it in the spirit that it is intended!

And as always, you guys are the best part of the whole thing. Here are a few of my favorite comments from the crazy festivities…

“Thank you Joanna and Company! I had more fun. It was a nice break from Covid, Politics and on a personal note, Cancer! I bought things that made me happy and have plans to get back into my sewing soon! I am doing very well and just have radiation to go! Thanks again for all the excitement and Fun!”… Diana

“The 12 (8) days of Christmas has been amazing. I missed a few things (sometimes life gets in the way) but I also got some really awesome things. Thank you Joanna and all your behind the scene elves. As always I loved every minute, including those stressful seconds of getting my order in. Haha I will be there next year!”… Valerie

“So much fun Joanna!! Sad I missed out on some things but so very happy about the goodies I was lucky enough to snag! What a learning experience in bullet speed shopping!!! Thanks for the 12 days of cheer our world so needs”…. Diana

“Thank you Joanna & elves for extra special goodies this year. Oh Joanna your fabric designs are so wonderful and make such beautiful kits and bundles. I had a great time this year and appreciate so much that again you offered “The Twelve Days of Christmas!” Merry Christmas!”… Penny

“I have been lucky enough to get some things. this was my first year. having a lot of fun. My hubby is shopping for me because he has the pay pal account. he is as much into it as I am. Thank you. Will come back next year.”…. Rita

“Thank you so much! I missed some days due to travels and changing time zones twice….but I’m so excited about the days that I was able to race the clock and get some goodies!! It was SO much fun and you really did a great job providing a variety of kits, notions, and fun goodies! You and your team are the best!” … Dawn


We love our customers so much, Joanna and Eric and the rest of the very tired Fig Tree elves too :-).

Tell me your ONE FAVORITE ITEM [whether or not you were able to get one] from the whole sale this year to be entered to win a FREE CHRISTMAS BUNDLE! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Theresa | 30th Nov 20

    There were so many things I loved about your sale. I didnt end up with anything but the kits were amazing. I like that you incorporated various designers fabrics in the sale. The red and gray fabric bundle was one of my favorites. I love Christmas and anything done in Christmas Figs makes me happy.

  2. Carol A Croner | 30th Nov 20

    Hi Joanna… Thanks for a fun week! My two favorite goodies were the two that were snagged right out of my cart before I managed to pay for them.. There and then gone, LOL.. They were the red and white fabric bundle and one of the quilt kits. I do love the ones I did get though, one of which was the pomegranate (sp). table topper on the very last day. Thanks again and I’ll see you next year…. I hope, Carol

  3. Heather Martin | 30th Nov 20

    I loved the Catalina Stars quilt kit. That is the one thing that I wish I was quick enough to have purchased.

  4. Dana Haskell | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite, and I was able to get it, was the Classic Red & Cream Sampler. I’ve been wanting it for awhile and when I saw it, I jumped on it. Now I just need to collect some more reds for it.

  5. Shelley | 1st Dec 20

    Your Harlequin pattern in Fig Tree Christmas colors! I will be ordering that pattern soon! It looks very vintage in Halloween fabrics, but the Christmas fabrics had my eyes😍

  6. Karen | 1st Dec 20

    What a wonderful sale this year!! For some strange reason setting an alarm to shop in the middle of the night is quite fun! My favorite item was the retro bundle. Can’t wait to get my box of goodies! Thanks so much for all you do to make this such a fun event!

  7. Candy | 1st Dec 20

    First time taking part in this sale and I truly enjoyed it! Setting the alarm on my phone helped a ton with remembering when to shop. My favorite item was from the first day – the Oh Christmas Tree kit. So happy I was able to snag one!!

  8. Patti | 1st Dec 20

    What a fun sale Joanna! It kept me on my toes that week for sure! My favorite was the Yuletide Spruce kit but I missed out on that entire day’s sale. 😞 I’m hoping to be able to find the fabrics to make it but is the pattern available? I couldn’t find it on your site.

  9. Heidi | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you for the very fun, and very exciting, sale! I have never set an alarm to buy fabric in the middle of the night before, but I did for Figtree! 🙂 I’ve watched from the sidelines before but decided to participate for my birthday, and it was a win all around! So, THANK YOU for your hard work and talent! My favorite was the Oh Christmas Tree kit!

  10. Becky | 1st Dec 20

    Thanks for the great sale and all the work you and the elves put into making it so much fun and exciting! Loved all the fabrics and quilt kits. My favorite were the Christmas mugs with the fat quarters. Thanks again!!

  11. Barbara | 1st Dec 20

    Oh my gosh Figtree and co…. I am blown away by how many absolutely wonderful items I was able to find. Star quilt, red and cream bundles! Just so many way cute things. Gotta love the glam bag and of course the Christmas apron!! You and your elves deserve a round of applause for putting on a FANTASTIC Christmas shopping event! Thank you thank you! I look forward to watching all your designs in the future and can hardly wait to open my Christmas box!

  12. LISA RETTIG | 1st Dec 20

    Pretty much any fabric bundle! It was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to see all the goodies in person! Thank you all for your hard work.

  13. Maria L Zook | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite for the year was the Poinsettia Quilt. I missed out on the kit, but I did order the pattern. I always love to see the Christmas quilts you feature each year. I like knowing when the sale will go live. Your Christmas sale is my favorite and the one I save up for.

  14. Nancy | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for the fun sale. I loved all of the kits and bundles. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the the Oh Christmas Tree kit. Thanks again!

  15. Kelly Kiel | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for another fun year, haven’t missed one yet!! I always look forward to just seeing what items you come up with each year! However, the item I really watch for is the kit with a brand new design! This year it was the Yuletide spruce kit for me! Many thanks again to you, Eric, and all your staff. You all do a fabulous job at bringing joy to my life!!

  16. Rori Jensen | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you Joanna for such a fun purchasing “frenzy!” If you hesitate for a second, you lose out. Haha! In years past, I haven’t time to be involved because of teaching quilting, but this year because I wasn’t teaching, so I was all in and snagged some goodies. Maybe some class ideas for next Christmas’ classes. I hesitated on the Catalina Stars Christmas Kit, but I’m sure I can cobble something together. Thanks again!

  17. Cydne Watson | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you foe everything! It was a fun time shopping. The bundle of fabric is my favorite! And the Christmas Tree quilt. Can’t wait until next year!

  18. Robin Davis | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you for your wonderful products. I really like your fabric and quilt kits! Anxious for next year to see what you have for all of us. Happy Holidays!

  19. Jodie | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite was the kit on Day 1 – the Christmas tree – mostly because I was new and didn’t know what I was doing and was excited to figure it out and be able to get it! Thank you for having such beautiful items to look at and admire whether we got them or not. My box is much fuller than I expected it to be – will be Christmas all year in my sewing room – and there’s not a thing wrong with it. Hope you, your family and all the elves get some rest and have a great holiday season!

  20. Shannon L Thomas | 1st Dec 20

    The Christmas tree Kit from the first day was amazing as well as the flower kit towards the end… I did not get either but who knows what the future holds!!!

  21. Jennie Reker | 1st Dec 20

    All of the fabric bundles!!! I love the colors and just the way they all come together!! Stunning. You are so very talented and yay for small business!

  22. Mary Kolb | 1st Dec 20

    Fly Away Christmas was my favorite kit from the Twelve Days of Christmas but I was unable to get one.

  23. Daniele Van Winkle | 1st Dec 20

    I loved all the bundles!!! I love seeing beautiful stacks of fabric 😍 and like using them to decorate my craft room!! The sale was so fun. I didn’t actually purchase anything but I did buy a box so I’m glad I was able to help someone in need. Thanks for giving back FigTree

  24. Laura Watts | 1st Dec 20

    My one favorite item? It will be hard to choose. I was the most giddy about getting the Christmas Tree kit. I have been wanting to make this quilt, so when I saw it I ordered before reading the description. Imagine my joy when I finally read how much was included! I felt like I had hit the jackpot!

  25. Monica | 1st Dec 20

    My Favorite is the FULL Christmas Tree Kit! I love kit and always love when backing is added. I don’t like buying backing fabric. I always love the little scissors. My surprise kit/purchase this year is the scrappy Christmas trees (honey bun kit. Just love it!!!

  26. Sharon Bennett | 1st Dec 20

    As is every year…. I’m too sloooooooow to grab any of the goodies during your 12 Days! lol! But, I follow along and look anyways! 😉 My favorite offer by far was the Christmas Stars kit. I tried to buy JUST that item (and hopefully be able to get it with the regular shipping option)… but, it seems I’m going to have to devise a quicker strategy for next year! Thanks for keeping it fun! Merry Christmas!!!

  27. Betsy Verrico | 1st Dec 20

    Christmas Sweater Kit, Thank you.

  28. Maureen Neary | 1st Dec 20

    I was very happy with what I got during the sale. While I felt the selection was great maybe next year some year round projects that isn’t all red and white. The reason I’m saying this is because I was able to get two quilt kits and a bundle of Christmas fabrics so possibly I’m good for awhile with Christmas themed products. Having said that your next 12 Days is a year away so I’m sure I will fall in love with anything new. This was my first year and have to admit a little daunting at first. I couldn’t believe how fast items went. Thanks for all your creativity and I wish you and your family Happy Holidays.

  29. Paige McFall | 1st Dec 20

    I love the bundles! I was fortunate to grab one of them, plus the toweling bundle. As always, the 12 days sale was lots of fun.😀

  30. Diana Rosenthal | 1st Dec 20

    This was my very first time and I couldn’t get the hang of it. Missing every day every time. Finally on the last day I sat 35 mins on the site vowing not to miss . I plunged like a Bob cat clicking on the first bundle and kit you had no matter what the cost or what it looked like. I was on a mission. However victory was clenched from my cart in seconds which I didn’t realize could happen. Disappointment rushed over me at checkout. Afterwards I regained my composer and realized this really was a lot of fun win or lose. One thing for sure is I’m ready for you guys next year, I’m gonna practice clicking and timing all year long ,lol…..I loved all your fabric bundles hard to pick a favorite. Thank you and your staff for such a good job.

  31. Sharon Colburn | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first time participating and it was fun. It’s hard to decide what my favorite item was between the Meadow kit or the fabric bundles. I was all set up and ready for the sale when my son stopped in for a visit. I was trying to keep my eye on the time and not seem rude to him, and, alas, I missed the Meadow kit. Oh well! But I did get the Christmas tree kit so will have fun with that. I absolute love your fabrics and hope to start collecting all of them. Thank you for adding fun to this Christmas season. P.S. Would love to win the Christmas bundle (as many others do too).

  32. Dawn | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for your fabulous fabrics. Love love them all. Many thanks to you and your elves for a great time! My favorite is the Christmas mug and fat quarters!!

  33. Nancy Burdulis | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year of the sale…I can not even begin to tell me how much I enjoyed each & every day of the sale! I purchased so many wonderful items! With such a crazy year for all of us…I think I love your red & green fabric the best!
    Such beautiful colors..I am ready to make a wall hanging & table runner! I love red at Christmas! You work so hard for all of us…Bless you, your family everyone
    involved in your shop! Stay safe & enjoy the holidays! 🎄🎉❤️

  34. Julie | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for all the fun and the fun to come. My favorite was the Christmas mug and the fabric bundles.

  35. Barb | 1st Dec 20

    So many things to love, but my favorite was the mug/fat quarter bundle. Such a cute idea!

  36. Stacy Lindblom | 1st Dec 20

    Even though I wasn’t fast enough to get any, the adorable holiday aprons and the red/green bundles were my favorites! I’ll be sure to be quicker next year. Thanks again for all of the fun!

  37. Carrie | 1st Dec 20

    I loved reading your blog and all of the fun items that were on the 12 days of Christmas. This is a huge undertaking , and I appreciate all you do for your customers. I hope this is a special holiday season for you and your family as you will need the rest after all of this! Thank you for offering savings to all of us and I look forward to shopping with you in the future. I love the kits and fabric bundles…
    I looked forward to the sale items each…it was a fun experience. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  38. I can’t pick a favorite. I am new to quilting and love your color palette but also intrigued by the variety of patterns. I can’t wait to do the hydrangea chatter in the spring… After I finish all my Christmas projects | 1st Dec 20

    I can’t pick a favorite. I am new to quilting and love your color palette but also intrigued by the variety of patterns. I can’t wait to do the hydrangea chatter in the spring… After I finish all my Christmas projects

  39. Suzanne Johnson | 1st Dec 20

    I participated as an observer this year….I told myself that I just couldn’t add one more project to my waiting list. But oh boy was I disappointed to miss out of the Oh Christmas Tree Quilt! Thank you so much for always inspiring and sharing your amazing talent with us all! Looking forward to next year!

  40. Diane Giampaolo | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you once again for bring I get all this fun to us at a time when I think we really need it. I don’t know about anyone else but it felt like a kid again at Christmas, patiently waiting for the next day. Thank you!!!

  41. Jaime Reardon | 1st Dec 20

    Your fabric and quilt designs are timeless. I love the bundles and kits❤💚 Such Fun!

  42. Theresa | 1st Dec 20

    Very hard to choose just one fav, but I’ll pick the red \ cream bundle. Sure was a fun little daily light in the storm. Thank you!

  43. Deb | 1st Dec 20

    Wasn’t able to get anything but enjoyed seeing what was offered!

  44. Deb | 1st Dec 20

    Wasn’t able to get anything but enjoyed seeing what was offered. Maybe next year!

  45. Deb | 1st Dec 20

    Wasn’t able to get anything but enjoyed seeing what was offered. Maybe next year! I’ll try harder

  46. Anne Kauzlarich | 1st Dec 20

    Hi Joanna, Eric, Susan and other Fig Tree elves! This was my first year participating in the fun. And though my box isn’t as full as I’d like (not your doing but my budget), I was glad to get a kit!! I also admired the Gingher scissors (which in hindsight I should have gotten for gifts), lived the fly-away quilt kit, toweling bundle (was too slow), poinsettia quilt kit and the Fig tree green and red bundle in the mug. Thanks again!! Looking forward to Winter Solstice quilt along! My budget bought that one too!! Peace and joy, Anne

  47. Julie Liedahl | 1st Dec 20

    I loved everything you sold. So much of it I have as I am a hoarder of Fig Tree but found myself wanting more. I loved your new tree quilt pattern and cant wait to buy it when it comes out for sale. Your red and green bundles were fabulous too! Just wondering if there will be a Christmas Fig 3 in our future??? Please please please.
    thank you!

  48. Tonia Zeiler | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for the distraction and super fun sale! I don’t get out of bed at 2am for just anyone! I love your wall hanging patterns and the table runners. I’ve also enjoyed the pumpkin patten this year plus your fabrics are just right! The FB community and the sew alongs are also a delight even if I don’t get to participate in each one, I enjoy seeing others work. Thanks for all you do!

  49. Melanie | 1st Dec 20

    I loved everything but I am looking forward to my Poinsettia kit and adding another Fig Tree Christmas Quilt to my collection 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your family from ours in Canada!

  50. Wendy | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite thing was the one that got away: the red cream bundle. But I will love my other bundles just as much. Thanks for a fun sale! Merry Christmas!

  51. Dede | 1st Dec 20

    My favorites are always the bundles. The different fabrics let my imagination soar. A special thank you to Susan who so patiently answered all questions on the FB page. Now on to our Winter quilt along! Merry Christmas Joanna and the staff at Fig Tree for making this year so much brighter!

  52. Rhonda Renfro | 1st Dec 20

    So many beautiful fabrics and items to love during the Twelve Days! My favorite was the Oh Christmas Tree kit. Was so fortunate to snag one! And I’m disappointed that I didn’t make up my mind in time to get the Catalina Stars kit. This was my first year to participate; but won’t be my last. I am looking forward to receiving my box.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  53. SarahBeth | 1st Dec 20

    Sadly I was not able to purchase anything. I love the towels. Can’t wait till next year 🎄

  54. suzanne coyner | 1st Dec 20

    This was so much fun and I didnt get everything I wanted, but my checkbook is probably happy about that! Loved all the bundles, and got 3 of them. My favorite was the poinsettia kit. Alas I will have to use my gorgeous bundles to make it.

  55. Kimberly A West | 1st Dec 20

    MY favorite thing was the Catalina Christmas kit. I wasn’t able to score any of the flash sales, but that one I wished I could.

  56. Maura Jones | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you for the 12 days of Christmas. This was the first time I participated. I just love your fabrics and patterns, so I knew I would love whatever I purchased. And did I go a little crazy, yes I did! I did lose items I wanted because I got so excited, I screwed up the order sequence and lost the item for being too slow. I still
    managed to buy plenty. Everyday was like Christmas morning, the tingly anticipation. All in all I needed this
    splurge this year. So thank you and Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays.

  57. Shannon Vonnegut | 1st Dec 20

    I really loved the red and white bundle. I am always looking for new kits to make. I also love the notions, I like to find ones that people use and recommend and always hope to see what people are using and loving.

  58. Julie Strange | 1st Dec 20

    My first year and I didn’t buy anything but was tempted by the bundles. They looked great. Always a little wary of buying from US due to import taxes but may just need to save a little harder for next year xx

  59. Donna Sproston | 1st Dec 20

    Hard to pick a favorite but it might be the toweling bundle. After my successful cancer surgery at Mayos in June, friends brought in dinner for several weeks. I plan to use the towels for gift wrapping loaves of Christmas bread, and my husband, the dishwasher, will get a couple too. My bundle of Christmas fabric will become candle mats for some. In spite of Covid, this year has brought special blessings.

  60. Susan G | 1st Dec 20

    It is so hard to pick just one favorite! The “O Christmas Tree” full kit will be my favorite. Thank you so very much Joanna and the Fig Tree elves 🙂 for this special sale. I will have many projects to accomplish for next years Christmas gifts. I love the greens in your bundles and the fabric combinations that you choose, they couldn’t be more perfect. You have truly brought joy to the “quilting” world!

  61. Nancy A. | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the poinsettia kit and the Christmas Stars kit. I also liked the smaller items like the bags with the surprises inside (I wonder what they will be!). This was my first time participating, and I got several things that I am excited about. However, it makes me sad to read comments about things disappearing from people’s carts or slow, rural internet connections that prevent people from taking part. I take my high speed internet for granted and forget there are a lot of places where it is not available. Maybe you could allow people a maximum amount of time to make their purchase before they lose their item from their cart–like when you buy concert tickets and are told if you don’t finish your purchase within a certain amount of time, the seats will go back to the general pool.

  62. Ellen Reibling | 1st Dec 20

    I love the night owl shopping option. My favorites were the Catalina Stars Christmas kit and the Red and White bundle. Always amazed at the speedy sell outs!

  63. Cecilia Terranova | 1st Dec 20

    Thanks Joanna for bringing us the 12 days of Christmas sale. It was exciting to see what you brought to the table each day…had a blast! Definitely look forward to 12 days 2021. I have to commend you for how perfectly you displayed your items on the blog and suggestions for how to use them…very helpful. Plus, your photography was perfection! My favorite items were the bundles…loved them, but I could kick myself for not grabbing the cute bag with all the mini charm packs…so cute! Thanks for all you do for us and for your endless talent.

  64. Dorothy Fletcher | 1st Dec 20

    This is my third year participating in the Twelve days of Christmas sale. Every year has been fun. This year was special though. I haven’t been in a quilt shop due to Covid. Thank you so much for your lovely bundles of fabric and fun sale!! I finally was quick enough to get the red/white bundle and mug/fat quarters. Missed the chicken towel and meadow kit. Red/white bundle was my favorite!!

  65. Beth Gauler | 1st Dec 20

    I am in love with the pomegranate kit. I love working with wool & this will be a beautiful table topper (next year!)
    I’m so thankful I discovered Fig Tree. Your patterns & fabrics bring such joy to my life. You have such a creative soul. The sale was a blast, but I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t have to get up at 3 AM to shop anytime soon! Thanks for all you do & Merry Christmas to you, your family, & staff! ❤️💚❤️

  66. Teresa C. | 1st Dec 20

    I am so excited to say that I got the three bundles that I wanted and will be making the Red and Cream sampler (block of the month) and I also love the cute mug with fat quarters. It’s been such a crazy year, I lost my beloved husband in May, I didn’t get to see him in March or April, because of Covid, but I’m so thankful I got to be with him his last two weeks at end of life. The Fig Tree programs I joined have helped me so much this year and the 12 Days was a great boost! Thank you guys, all of you, and Merry Christmas!

  67. Lori Hubert | 1st Dec 20

    I loved all the bundles and the mug full of fabric but my favorite thing was the full Christmas Tree kit!!! Thanks for all your hard work putting this sale together!!

  68. Barb | 1st Dec 20

    Thanks so much for the fun days of Christmas! I loved the surprise each day of what we might be able to snag. My favorite thing I purchased was the spruce tree kit, can’t wait to get that. I wasn’t quick enough to get a mug with fat quarters, but I have mine from last year that I love. Thanks again for your hard work, it was lots of fun!

  69. Tami Martin | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite kit and Sadly the one I missed was your Poinsettia kit. The reason I missed it was due to I thought I already had that kit… was I ever wrong. I of course have the pattern but it was not noted in that color way and I’m not sure if it was kid at all. I have almost every kit produced by figtree since 2017. I hope you might consider offering that one again🙏🙏🙏

  70. Karen S | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite item was the final quilt kit – the trees made from a Honey Bun. What a fun, new design! Don’t know how you do it Joanna, but you rock! Sometimes during the sale it’s just fun to sit and watch how fast items “disappear.” I look forward to this every year, and even when I tell myself I’m not going to buy much, what do you know! Fun things appear and into my cart they go! Thanks again for all the work you and your elves put into this event. Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

  71. Lisa | 1st Dec 20

    Fabric bundles are my favorites. Especially like the Christmas themed and Red & White. I’m not really fast enough to get an order, but enjoy the blogs and ideas. Beautiful photos too!

  72. Diana Marlow | 1st Dec 20

    I really loved the first day kit of the Christmas Tree. I also loved everything else. I was one of the fanatics that stayed up until 2.10 in the morning! It was worth it! I have enjoyed your designs long before Moda started using your talents. I found my first pattern in Texas at Cabbage Rose Quilts on a business trip. I worked at a quilt store in Arkansas where I talked the owners into carrying your designs. I love how timeless that your designs are and can see them worked up in the new Christmas bundles! Have a Wonderful Christmas! Thank you for making a bleak time happier!

  73. Lisa C | 1st Dec 20

    I missed everything but I was glad to see others getting things at a great price and I enjoyed reading their scores. I think my favorite thing for sale were the Christmas mugs, some cute towels and the Christmas Tree kit, but I really just love everything.

  74. Diane R Wilkinson | 1st Dec 20

    12 days was a blast. My only regret was I didn’t buy the Christmas Stars and I have been kicking myself. I told myself I had to much Christmas fabric already!! I set my alarm clock twice to shop in the wee hours of the night. I interrupted an eye exam to shop. Friday I delayed checking out of a hotel for several hours to make sure I had good wi-fi! And Saturday I paused at mile 4 of my run to SHOP and of course shopped all day long after that!!!!!
    My goodies will arrive this weekend, I am so excited.
    Thanks for the fun time, loved reading the FB posts and sharing in the joy!!!!!

  75. Laurel | 1st Dec 20

    I’ve only just discovered Fig Tree as a beginner quilter and enjoyed pulling up the sale and blog each day trying to understand how it all works. I think I could have snagged the Red and Grey bundle (my favorite item of the week) but was not ready to jump in like that. Next year I will be ready to go for it. In the meantime, I stuck around studying the entire website and every pic of the Catalina Stars quilt and finding Catalina fabric for it. It was all a lot of fun!

  76. Jane | 1st Dec 20

    Sounds like a good time was had by all! Fig Tree always has such happy products! I wasn’t able to participate this year as my husband had major truck repairs during that time. But, I’ll look forward to next year & enjoy seeing all the new Figgy treats that Joanna has in store for us. Merry Christmas to all!

  77. Ann W | 1st Dec 20

    There were soooo many goodies this year, but if I have to pick just one it would be the Oh Christmas Tree quilt kit. Love that the kits had everything needed to make it included! Thank you so much for another fun 12 days!

  78. Cheryl | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite thing was the ‘oh Christmas Tree ‘ kit and the toweling bundle…. we just closed on a house purchase and I’m looking forward to spending time in the new place doing some Christmas sewing to make it home! Thanks for the fun and hopefully it wasn’t too tiring for you and all the elves!!

  79. Theresa Veroline | 1st Dec 20

    Hi. My sister got me hooked on your fabrics a couple of months ago and I have purchased so many kits. I live the Xmas bundles and the kits you put out for the 12 days of Xmas. I was setting my alarm clock for the middle of the night and refreshing my screen all day everyday so I wouldn’t miss anything. I was truly in a frenzy for 8 days ! Lol. I love the poinsettia kit! Thanks for all the fun!

  80. Charlotte Shurko | 1st Dec 20

    I know it will take me out of the contest but it would be too hard to pick a favourite. I love all of your fabric! It isn’t easy to come by here in Nova Scotia, Canada and I spend a lot of time surfing the internet and buying what I can find. Hopefully next year I will be more prepared to participate in the sale. What a fun adventure it appears to be!!!

  81. Jen D | 1st Dec 20

    I was not able to purchase from this wonderful sale this year, I’ll try again next year!
    I love the panels and all the great ideas!

  82. Florence Yovino | 1st Dec 20

    Another great year, Just as much fun as last year. It really begins the christmas season for me and inspires me to begin my christmas shopping for others now that shopping for me is done.

  83. Debra Taylor | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the bundle of Moda toweling and was so sad to miss it! Maybe next year…🎅🏻

  84. Nanci Cartwright | 1st Dec 20

    I was mostly watching this year to see how it goes but missed some of the start times. If I had opened in time when you had the red and creams bundle, I would have definitely tried to snag me one. But on a good note, after the 8 days of Christmas was over, you posted a kit for the blue and cream winter quilt coming up on your blog and I was able to get one of those. Next best thing to red and white and I love the combination of chambray with cream quilt fabric.

  85. Lois Zeitner | 1st Dec 20

    After 5 year of participating in the 12 days of figs it’s still exciting. All along I was hoping you were going to have the pomegranate quilt as a kit. So on the last day I was thrilled to be able to get the pomegranate table topper. I might just have to make it into a quilt. Also so pumped for the Harlequin quilt. I actually recruited a Elf (my daughter) for that late night one. She knew what I liked.
    It’s so much fun. Thank you so much.

  86. Nina Rowan | 1st Dec 20

    FigTree is definitely an exciting place to be. I loved the Classic Red and Cream Sampler, so very pretty.

  87. Misti Creach | 1st Dec 20

    I loved so many items from the 12 days of Figs but my favorite was the Yuletide Spruce kit on day 7, I’ve already ordered the backing fabric for it. I look forward to receiving it and my others goodies in the mail. Merry Christmas!

  88. Susan | 1st Dec 20

    I missed the Poinsettia Kit because I didn’t know you posted the time of the next day’s sale. Now I know to read carefully.

    I was very happy to get Christmas Stars & the Red & Cream bundle. All of your patterns are gorgeous & I look forward to making lots of them in the future,

  89. Freda Molenkamp-Oudman | 1st Dec 20

    Reading the comments posted so far made me smile…and that’s what is the best part of the 12 Days of Figs! It’s a fun week of choosing some great new projects and the adrenaline rush to trying to make your purchase before the items sell out. My favorite item was the Yuletide Spruce kit – so looking forward to making it over the Christmas break.

  90. Stephanie Hironimus | 1st Dec 20

    Hello Joanna! I love, love, love your fabrics & treated myself to a Christmas Figs & All Hallow’s Eve bundle right before your sale, so with being a stay-at-home mom, I couldn’t justify purchasing a kit or another bundle… but I would have loved the Moda zipper pouch with mini charm packs. I can never have too many charm packs & anything Moda (zipper pouch) would have been lovely! Thank you for all that you do – I wish I lived near you so I could help out during your busy times!

  91. Connie Hoffmeyer | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the bundles with different designers in them. I was lucky enough to to snag one. Always love snagging a kit and I love how some came with backing!

  92. Lora Newmeyer | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for this special, exciting and crazy sale! It was so much fun to see what was going to be on sale each day. It was like reading a mystery book – what’s coming up next, what surprises are in store? I loved it! It’s hard to pick a favorite item but I think one of them would be the Yuletide Spruce Tree kit – so cute!
    Thanks again for everything the Fig Tree family and elves do and spreading fabric joy.

  93. Jennifer Kalt | 1st Dec 20

    I was so excited to snag the Catalina Stars kit. I have the quilt in Catalina and now I will be able to make it in Christmas Figs II. All the items in your shop were great but I was not fast enough to purchase them. Tons of fun trying, though. Thanks.

  94. Jennifer Reed | 1st Dec 20

    My first time participating! It was a lot of fun, I love the anticipation! I bought WAY more than I planned to! Excited to get my box! Thank you again!

  95. Carolyn Sweetman | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite always are your kits. They are incredible.

  96. Angelina Scott Ziemba | 1st Dec 20

    This was the first year for me. I liked that you had little goodies and gift items as well as fabric and quilt kits. I was able to snag the Poinsettia quilt kit and a fabric bundle as well as a couple of other things. Can’t wait till next year😊 Merry Christmas Joanna and to the whole Fig gang.

  97. Gretchen | 1st Dec 20

    I didn’t snag it but the Catalina Stars kit was my favorite.

  98. Carol McCaig | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the camaraderie of the sale and all the wonderful choices offered. I was delighted to grab the Christmas Star quilt kit and the last day spring kit too!

  99. Coreen Burnett | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite is the mini Meadows kit! I was so excited to get a kit!! Thanks for all you do all year! You add a whole new level of fun to quilting!

  100. Lura Scott | 1st Dec 20

    I loved this sale!! This was my first year in participating. I had no idea what to expect. I love the poinsettia quilt. So pretty and festive. I was not able to get that one. But, I did score a few others and can’t wait to start sewing my projects.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Happy Quilting To All!

  101. Susan Hathaway | 1st Dec 20

    Oh Christmas Tree- classic!

  102. Ashleigh | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the Catalina stars kit in Christmas fabric. I am putting that on my list of must makes!

  103. Kathy M | 1st Dec 20

    I hate I missed the tree kit from the first day. It is beautiful.

  104. Ruth K | 1st Dec 20

    The Christmas Harlequin pattern, so sad to be “broke” this time around your 12 days of Christmas but I still got a layer cake and just need the cross weave fabric to make it, ah and the pattern of course. But overall there isn’t a thing that I didn’t like!

  105. Donna Uyeno | 1st Dec 20

    There were so many fun things but I think my favorite was the Oh Christmas Tree kit. Love your stuff!

  106. Judith McNabb | 1st Dec 20

    I participated by enjoying everyone’s comments and fun. I just don’t make decisions quick enough but I had lots of fun seeing everyone’s purchases and choices that were offered. I think what I loved the most was all the fabric bundles. much needed this year.

  107. Sally A. | 1st Dec 20

    Once again, Joanna, terrific sale and so much fun to participate. Missed out on the Christmas Tree quilt kit. I had it in my cart but during the process of checking out, I was advised it was no longer in stock. From past experience I know not to hold onto anything in my cart and quickly check out, but this year was amazing how fast items disappeared. No worries, waiting for my box of other goodies to arrive. Setting the alarm for midnight shopping is exhilarating. Beautiful photos of everything and hope the shop will be able to be open next year.

  108. Mrs. Jennifer Gregory | 1st Dec 20

    Soooooo hard to pick. Everything is beautiful and was so well put together. I think my fave was the red and cream bundle. Those colors are so pretty together and are usually paired with green for Christmas or blue for 4th of July and so just the red and cream is a fun way to putt hem together. Thank YOU so much for this fun experience❤️

  109. Cindi Schroeder | 1st Dec 20

    I love the flying kiss quilt but was not able to get it. Your favorites are beautiful and I look forward to getting my sampler kit soon! I’d love to win the Christmas bundle! Thank you for a fun shopping time!

  110. Cindi Schroeder | 1st Dec 20

    Should be flying geese😱

  111. Donna Sellers | 1st Dec 20

    Oh Joanna how can we pick just one favorite thing!?
    That song ‘these are a few of my favorite things comes to mind!’
    Think if I must choose I would say are the flour sacks with Micah 6:8 on them. Will be such a great reminder as it hangs in my kitchen. Hoping I can make it into a wall hanging mini quilt.
    May God bless you and your this Christmas Season Joanna.🎄

  112. Becky S | 1st Dec 20

    I loved it all, but the Oh Christmas Tree and Yuletide Spruce kits were my favorite!
    Thanks so much for the fun giveaway.

  113. Lynne Stockstill | 1st Dec 20

    Hello my name is Lynne and I have a Fig Tree obsession. I love all things Fig Tree and had great time participating in the 12 Days of Christmas. It was my first year but won’t be my last. Thank you so much for ALL of the work you and your elves did to put this sale together. It sure was a great diversion and a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit.

  114. Linda B | 1st Dec 20

    Oh my two favorites were the toweling and the red and gray bundle! I missed both, but still have kits from years past to keep me busy. Lots of HAPPY people scored this year!! And am so excited about the Figs and Shirtings Stitchery Sampler!

  115. Traci slomba | 1st Dec 20

    I love everything fig tree, things were going very fast! I always look forward to your retro Xmas bundles and I was lucky enough to snag one! I look forward to the sweater pattern as I was not able to purchase a kit, your new patterns are always beautiful! This bundle is gorgeous and whoever wins im sure will be grateful! Thank you to Joanna and her family and elves for another incredibl 12 day of Christmas!!!!

  116. Julie Wallace | 1st Dec 20

    It’s hard to say which was my favourite item but I loved all of the fabric bundles you came up with. I had do much fun with this and it really brightened my days. Thank you so much!

  117. Suzy McDonald | 1st Dec 20

    I didn’t actually get to purchase anything for several different reasons. But it doesn’t matter, because I know that my prepaid shipping money will now go to feed someone in need. That’s such a great aspect of this sale schematic, and I applaud you for thinking in terms of those in need and not just in terms of selling more. Some things are worth more than $$. And I’m so glad you recognize that! Great job on putting together all the goodies. They were impressive! Merry Christmas!

  118. LeAnne | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite things were the bundles! I think one was called a retro bundle, but all of them were wonderful! It’s hard not to love EVERYTHING! 🙂

  119. Robin | 1st Dec 20

    The moda toweling is a favorite as was the red and white bundle!

  120. Kim C | 1st Dec 20

    I had so much fun shopping the Eight Days of Christmas. I even set my alarm for three o’clock in the morning so I would have a chance to snag some goodies. My favorite was the fabric bundle on day six. Yes I did go back to verify which bundle I loved and missed out on. Lol! Can’t wait to do this again next year. You guys are the best!!

  121. Kristie | 1st Dec 20

    There were so many lovely, lovely items! I think my favorite (again) was the mugs with the fat quarters. If I am sticking with fabric only, it would be the poinsettia kit — wonderful! Thank you for doing this, it is so much appreciated!!!!!

  122. Kristie | 1st Dec 20

    One item only would be the mugs with fat quarters! And this bundle you are showing is so pretty!!!!

  123. Kim Strickler | 1st Dec 20

    Your 12 Days of Christmas is always so much fun. I didn’t get anything this year, but have been lucky in years past. It’s hard to pick a favorite item this year! Everything looked so festive especially that Yuletide Spruce quilt!

  124. Dawn | 1st Dec 20

    Hi, Joanna! I don’t know how you do it! You make EVERYTHING in my favorite colors, styles, and designs! It is like you are a mind reader! I don’t know how to pick a favorite, but I missed out on the Harlequin kit, which I really like, the friction pens……..we were flying home that day, and there was no way to get in on those goodies. I also have such a weakness for all the bundles, but I was trying to be intentional in my buying, but now I want all the red and green bundles! You are seriously the best, and I can’t wait to work on these kits and get my house ready for NEXT Christmas! It will be so much more figgy next year!!!

  125. Diane Rielly | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for your sale. This was my first year and I had so much fun. My favorite was the poinsettia quilt kit. I tried so hard but it went so fast! But more than the goodies I am thankful for you. You have such a wonderful gift and I am so glad you share it with all of us. Merry Christmas.

  126. Sandra | 1st Dec 20

    Being the first time participating along with my friend was so much fun! We would talk each day after the post was up to see what each other ordered! Overall, I don’t know what my favorite part was other than EVERYTHING! The positive comments from others made it all fun too!

  127. Aimee | 1st Dec 20

    I enjoyed my first 12 days of Christmas sale so much! Thank you, thank you to everyone for all your hard work. If we just start again now- I think I miss it already 🙂
    My favorite was the poinsettia kit/ quilt.

  128. Bev Johnson | 1st Dec 20

    I LOVE the fabric bundles – just ALL of them!🥰🥰🥰

  129. Teresa E Brown | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the toweling bundle, of course I was too late to the show. I loved counting down the minutes to log on, this was my first year and I was a bit confused at first. Hopefully next year, I will get better and faster. Thank you for a few fun days!!

  130. Julie Binskin | 1st Dec 20

    loved Catalina Stars & the red & white fabric bundle!

  131. Christine Coll | 1st Dec 20

    I fully enjoyed this 12 days of Christmas sale. This was the first year I heard of it and I wasn’t even sure I was up for the craziness of it all. I peeked in on the first couple days and then realized there was a time for each sale. The first time I tried I wasn’t quick enough but the second time I was ready! My speedy little fingers scored some amazing christmas bundles and a Christmas tree quilt kit! This was day 5. After that I jumped right in and went for it for the rest of the days. I’m pretty sure I have a full box of fabulous fabric and patterns. I can’t wait to see it all when it arrives. This week had been exhausting for me between moving into a new apartment and working over 50 hours at my job. This will be a nice little treat I can relax with in the evenings to get me through the cold months to come. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this event. It definitely created some excitement in my life!

  132. Annalisa Fellman | 1st Dec 20

    Such a fun sale! Thanks again for all the work you and the elves put in to make it such a great success. I was able to get some wonderful little goodies that I will share, as some gifts to family members, but the item that I didn’t realize I lost until I looked at my receipt……….the Santa mug filled with fabrics. I was so excited it was there to put in my cart, and I had a good laugh when I realized I wasn’t fast enough. Oh they were so very pretty…..always next year. 🥰 thank you for all the excitement and distraction! Happy Holidays!!!

  133. Sondra Ames-Hauger | 1st Dec 20

    I absolutely love Fig Tree and even though I didn’t score any of the amazing items this year, it was so fun seeing what was available and reading all the fun exciting chatter on the Facebook group! It’s been so wonderful watching the following of Fig Tree Quilts just bloom so absolutely beautifully over the years! You deserve all the love Joanna and team! You have built something so wonderful and loved by many! I loved most of the kits you put out this time, so much variety and beauty! Wishing you nothing but the very best in 2021!

  134. Jennifer Collins | 1st Dec 20

    I have participated for several years and I had some trouble remembering the right time this year. My favorites are always your fabric bundles! I really wish I was quick enough to buy the red and white toweling bundle! But on a positive note I have just finished quilting the cream wool BOM —the sixth Fig Tree quilt that I have quilted since August.

  135. Leslie Tait | 1st Dec 20

    This was my second year and I had so much fun. Can’t wait to get my box. My favorite item is the tree kit from day 1. It’s so cute and should go together quickly. THANK YOU!!!

  136. Joanna Haugen | 1st Dec 20

    What a fun 12 days of Christmas. Since this was my first year I had no idea what to expect. I am thrilled to have discovered your fabrics along with quilting the last couple of months. So excited for my entire box to touch and feel the fabrics, see the patterns and see which mug I ended up with. I think the mug will be my favorite item because when I use it I will think of the joy you, Susan & your elves put into peoples lives. Thank you to you, Eric, Susan and all the behind the scene elves. Merry Christmas!🎄

  137. Kimberly Peterson | 1st Dec 20

    I loved this sale event more then I can say! So much fun to check in and see what neat things would be for sale each day and super excited when I would get something! My favorite things included the frixion pens and awesome bundles. I am looking forward to next year!! Thank you Joanne and team for this fun event!

  138. Kris Sage | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you for a wonderful fun break in this crazy time . I was an obsessed wild woman shopping .. I can’t wait to get the sweater kit and the tree kit . Next year every bedroom will have a figgy Christmas quilt in it !!!!

  139. Rhonda Smith | 1st Dec 20

    I love the Christmas Sweater. We were traveling during the 12 days (camping) and most days I didn’t have a signal to be able to participate. Oh well there’s always next year!

  140. Cherilyn Bramall | 1st Dec 20

    I love the bundles that are pulled together, all color ways are always so beautiful. I have several of them waiting for be seen. Beautiful!! Thank you for bringing such beauty and joy to my life.

  141. Melody Brown | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for the fun 12 days of Christmas event! I’m so excited to get the two fabric bundles I ordered and the Catalina star kit!! What a great time! Can’t wait until next year ❤️

  142. Cathy | 1st Dec 20

    I purchased a box but was always too late to get some of the wonderful prints and kits but happy to know the money will go to a great cause. I really liked your latest Christmas tree quilt with all of your fabrics. I have purchased some of your scrap bags and have enjoyed adding a few of my own to make a small quilt. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! I love your website!

  143. Karen Sanford | 1st Dec 20

    Loved participating in 12 Days of Christmas! I had so much Fun! Wish I could have gotten one of the Catalina Stars kit but wasn’t fast enough. I made Catalina Stars and Halloween Stars so now need to add Christmas Stars to the collection. Thank You for the Fun time. Merry Christmas 🎄 ❤️

  144. Lynnette Perkins | 1st Dec 20

    Oh my! I loved the “thrill” of each day! I have never before sat at a computer chanting “open, open, open. But there I sat……waiting for the excitement to begin each and every day. Next year I am hoping for another chance of the Christmas mug with fat quarters and the red and cream sampler!?!? Thanks to you, Eric & those fabulous Elves my Christmas season begins

  145. Kim Peterson | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the distraction! One item I had in my cart but wasn’t quick enough was the Catalina Star, but got many other things! Love your blog, the quality of your patterns and fabric! I love that you answer your emails personally. I will be ever loyal to you and your site!

  146. Cathy Asimakopoulos | 1st Dec 20

    It’s hard not to live everything! I didn’t get a chance to purchase, but I love the Oh, Christmas Tree. It’s simply beautiful and classic looking.

  147. Kim Peterson | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the distraction! One item I had in my cart but wasn’t quick enough was the Catalina Star, but got many other things! I see that I missed the Christmas Sweater too—I missed that one all together. Love your blog, the quality of your patterns and fabric! I love that you answer your emails personally. I will be ever loyal to you and your site!

  148. Gail | 1st Dec 20

    Love, love love your small business and all the fun and excitement of 12 days of Christmas. I was fortunate to buy so many wonderful items , but my favorite is my scrappy Christmas toweling bundle! Stay safe!

  149. Cynthia | 1st Dec 20

    Fun sale! Loved all the fabric bundles. Realized that I need to practice being quicker. Items disappeared in the blink of a eye! Thank you!

  150. Terri | 1st Dec 20

    I set my alarm for 2:00 am to be able to compete for one of the offerings! I scored a beautiful bundle of fabric. Next year I want to try for Fig Tree fabrics however! Still super excited to have played along! I also was able to get an appliqué kit which I can’t wait to start! Thanks for the fun!

  151. Susan Tracey | 1st Dec 20

    Every bundle or kit was my favorite. I did snag one half yard Christmas Bundle. I actually woke up at night for two of your late night postings and logged in. I saw several other kits or bundles that I wanted. I showed restraint on the mug with fat quarters as I have a large stash of Fig Tree anyway. Just saying if you snooze you lose and I am kicking myself now for not pulling the trigger.

  152. Laura | 1st Dec 20

    The Poinsettia quilt kit and I was lucky enough to get it, A big thanks for posting the time of each day’s opening, it was easier to see and get exactly what you wanted if you were there on time, my third year participating and excited to do it again next year. Thank you!

  153. Margo Baker | 1st Dec 20

    Your sale was so wonderful. I was not able to participate since I am on short hours due to COVID. I did sign up two blocks of the month this coming year and am so excited to join the fun. Your fabric and patterns are so amazing and always add to my stash when ever possible. Looking forward to a wonderful 2021 and look forward to seeing what fun Fig has in store for all of us.

  154. Stephanie Carter | 1st Dec 20

    Dear Joanna, Oh my, I must confess, this is first time I have purchased your fabric! I have admired it from afar, but jumped in this year! My favorite item from the sale has to be the lovely Poinsettia quilt. It sold out, but I will get over it when my other goodies are delivered! Thanks for the work y’all do in putting this fun sale together. And by the way, I read your Veterans Day Instagram post – we lived in Krakow for a short time and understand the “before the war” time frame. Dziekuje bardzo, Stephanie

  155. Kathy English | 1st Dec 20

    I loved so many things in the sale! Missed the Oh Christmas Tree and think it is the perfect size and pattern for a Christmas wall-hanging… Loved the challenge of getting goodies – from setting alarms, getting up in the middle of the night, and making it to the rest stop while driving the grandkids back home right before the final day’s sale began! (Didn’t have a clue last year but made sure I figured it out this year!) Thanks so much and I can’t wait for the mail delivery!

  156. Becky | 1st Dec 20

    I’m new to all of this but I enjoyed looking at all the products and amazing fabrics. Love the colors! Maybe I’ll get to participate next year.

  157. Deborah | 1st Dec 20

    The Christmas Catalina Stars kit! It was so pretty! I missed it but hoping I can make something work that’s close. 🙂 PS I was so excited to learn you were Polish. My grandma was Polish and would love to hear her chat with her Polish friends. She just passed aware this year at 95. We were so fortunate to have her for so long! <3

  158. Leah Turner | 1st Dec 20

    The Yuletide Quilt kit is still in my heart and head. And it’s something I will be on the hunt for when the pattern is released. Thankful for all the fun. In a risk free way you gave us the thrill of xmas shopping fun and comraderie communicating and sewing along even from across closed borders. THANKS team Fig Tree.

  159. Jennifer | 1st Dec 20

    I like the little things in your shop, such as the measuring tape twill tape. Your bundles can’t be beat but this little scissors and the like are my fav!

  160. Lori | 1st Dec 20

    My first year as a sewer, quilter and Fig Tree 12 days participant. Was a little too slow on the draw most days, but enjoyed the challenge. Thanks! Looking forward to next year, and your upcoming collections.

  161. Julianna | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year participating in the 12 days of Christmas, already looking forward to next years 🥰. My fav was the pointsetta quilt kit, I wasn’t lucky enough this time.

  162. Michelle Davidson | 1st Dec 20

    Hands down the Red & Cream Bundle is my FAVORITE!!!
    But…all the items I was able to snag are AMAZING!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to rip out open THAT box when it gets here!!🤪
    Great sale!! I’ll be back next year!!🎁 🎄

  163. Deb | 1st Dec 20

    The apron! Looking forward to 2021 🙂

  164. Stephanie Valdez | 1st Dec 20

    My favorites were the Christmas Catalina Stars kit and the toweling bundle. I was too slow this year, but there is always the next one! It was so much fun seeing all the goodies!🎄🎄

  165. Katie W | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you so much for all the fun! This was my first 12 Days sale and I snagged a few deals! My favorite was the one I missed, though….the Catalina Stars in Christmas Figs! Luckily, I have a few other Christmas Figs projects coming from the sale, plus some fabric I already had, so I’m sure I’ll have enough left to make this, too. 😉 I’ll just grab the pattern when it’s time for that one! 😀

  166. Mary Harrison | 1st Dec 20

    Hi Joanna. I checked your blog every day. The item that is my favorite is the new Christmas tree pattern. I did not get the kit, but i’m anxious to get the pattern when it is released. I have a huge stash of Christmas Figs, Christmas Figs II fabric and will be ready to add this quilt to my “must make” list. My sister and I are currently working on our Christmas Wreath quilt kits.

  167. Kristen Webb | 1st Dec 20

    I loved everything especially the kits and bundles!! I missed the first day Christmas Tree quilt kit which I loved but I certainly made up for that by purchasing 3 other kits. Your fabrics are beautiful, the colors amazing. Next year I am not holding back. It is going in my cart for sure!!

  168. Katherine | 1st Dec 20

    I really wanted the Meadow kit but it was gone. Glad the sale was such a success !

  169. Sonya Hayes | 1st Dec 20

    There were so many goodies, it’s so hard to pick just one favorite. After going back and reviewing them all, the one item that just stands out the most is the Christmas Stars quilt. That pattern just seems to look amazing in all the Fig fabrics but even more so in the Christmas Figs II collection. I can easily picture myself sitting on the couch curled up under this quilt with the lights from my Christmas tree glowing on it. As I sit there enjoying my tree, I am content. Life, while a little crazy right now, is good. I am thankful. It’s the simple things that usually bring us the most happiness and that’s what this quilt represents to me.

  170. Robyn Williams | 1st Dec 20

    Loved the Sale. I was not able to get much as I am Eastern time and Posts were Pacific time, I had to be at work at noon most days. I was awake the night you posted at Midnight and was able to get a bundle. Loved the fun of it, even if I did not get much. Looking forward to next year.

  171. Carol Murry | 1st Dec 20

    I wasn’t able to get anything but I LOVED everything and am looking forward to next year’s 12 Days of Christmas! I know you must be exhausted, but I want to thank you for all the effort you put into this and made it so much fun. I especially loved the bundles (the red and gray were beautiful!!)

  172. Wendy Peatross | 1st Dec 20

    I got the Mini Meadow kit coming. Looking forward to a spring project in the middle of winter.

  173. Rebecca Stipe | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you again for another wonderful 12 Days of Christmas shopping. I look forward to this sale every year. It is so much fun! I liked the full Christmas Tree kit which I was able to snag. Merry Christmas 🎄

  174. Dondi M | 1st Dec 20

    I so wanted a Fig Tree Christmas bundle. I had one in my cart two different days but, alas, before I could check out, it was taken. Such tragedy. Haha. Next year, right? I learned a lot this first year! I am so grateful for the thrill of the hunt! No animals were hurt or frightened, so it’s all good! Plus, no one in my family has had a diagnosed case of Covid-19. Sign me out as happy! I did get a quilt kit and a great pattern.

  175. Kathi Cappellini | 1st Dec 20

    Wow! My favorite of your offerings this year was the red and cream bundle! Looked like a yummy candy cane!!

  176. Darlene L. | 1st Dec 20

    This is my fourth or fifth year participating! I always enjoy the excitement and anticipation every day during the sale. If I had to pick one item it would be the Christmas mugs with fabric bundles. I loved the Moda toweling but was too late to snag a bundle. Thanks for a break from all the craziness! It was fun!

  177. Kathrin Gosteli | 1st Dec 20

    I love the red and white sampler. I’m hoping to do that one day. I didn’t join the 12 days, but it was fun to check every day what was going on. I think I’m a bit addicted to your fabrics now. 🙂

  178. Sara LaRocca | 1st Dec 20

    That Catalina Stars kit was beautiful but it was gone when I finally decided to buy it. But don’t worry! I went ahead and bought the pattern and have enough in my stash to make a pretty one…or two!

  179. Karen Heineck | 1st Dec 20

    I love the grey and red bundle. And I even was able to purchase it!! I plan on making the wreaths quilt with it. Thank you so much!

  180. Ann | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year and I wasn’t prepared for how quickly items disappeared! I loved the Christmas quilt but it was gone. Thanks.

  181. Elizabeth Lampman | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you for all of the fun. I’m a recently diagnosed fig addict and enjoyed every minute of the 8 days. I also really love the pictures and comments on social media.

  182. Jeanne S | 1st Dec 20

    I wasn’t on time to order any of the kits or bundles, maybe next year. My favorite was the Christmas stars and the Christmas trees.

  183. JennyH | 1st Dec 20

    I wasn’t able to buy anything (and most of the time I wasn’t even able to see what the kit or bundle was). So I’ll say the Christmas Tree kit was my favorite – I did catch a brief glimpse of that one and it looked adorable!

    Have you considered offering a kit or bundle towards the end of the sale that only people with empty boxes at that point could buy? It would be greatly appreciated by those of us who have physical or internet limitations that make it impossible to claim those very popular items.

  184. Valerie Kubat | 1st Dec 20

    I loved the sale! I was able to observe last year but didn’t join since I was working. This year it was wonderful to be involved, I even set my alarm (especially for those late night times) to check out what you had for sale! I was able to grab several bundles for myself and I think my favorite is the Retro Bundle … I really love those little dear, red and green checks, and those tiny snowman faces!! I can’t wait to play with my new bundles when they arrive!

  185. Dayna D | 1st Dec 20

    What a fun time you gave us! Thank you for the creative way of selling your beautiful ideas and creations! I have loved the past few years since I found you on Instagram and have made several of your mystery Block of the month quilts that are special treasures in my home. I have learned so much from your patterns and love your fabric collections. My favorite items are the patterns and kits. I was too slow to get my favorite the Catalina stars with the Christmas figs fabric but I’m truly happy for those who have mastered the Figtree 12 days shopping skill! Merry Christmas!

  186. Maria Ferreira | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year and I missed a few
    Things that I wished I could have been able to get like the Christmas stars kit and the red and blue hire fabric bundle. Can’t wait until next year!

  187. Maria Ferreira | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year and I missed a few
    Things that I wished I could have been able to get like the Christmas stars kit and the red and white fabric bundle. Can’t wait until next year to play again!

  188. Laurie Dtell | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year for 12 days shopping. I had so much fun. I learned after the 1st day I needed good internet- missed Oh Christmas Tree kit but did get the pattern later in the week. My favorite is the Christmas Star kit. Will always remember my physical therapist running out to my car to get my purse so I could get the kit in time. Laying on the table having tens and ice treatment I couldn’t go outside. I can’t wait to get my box. Thank you Joanna and all for such a fun event with wonderful items and fun bonding in this group. I love quilters 💕

  189. Chenn | 1st Dec 20

    I loved all the goodies! I missed this one, but my favorite was the Christmas tree quilt! Thank you for the fun time for all of us! And all 5he hard work you and the Elves do! Merry Christmas to all!

  190. Vickie Webb | 1st Dec 20

    This was my second year playing and I had a ball. Missed out on some things and scored some things. I am really excited to get the honey bun Christmas tree quilt and the Christmas toweling. I’m just now finishing up some of the projects I picked up at last year’s sale so I’m excited to get some new ones. Starting a piggy bank for next year. 🎄🎅

  191. Mary Jo | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite was the Yuletide Spruce Tree kit. Unfortunately I missed out on it but hope yo7 will offer the kit again. If not, I’ll buy the pattern and make my own.

  192. JaNae | 1st Dec 20

    Thank you Joanna, Eric, Susan and all the Figgy Elvies! I looked forward to the sale each day and night!! It was a pleasant distraction from the real world. My favorite was Oh Christmas Tree. I was ready to purchase it, and someone walked in my office at work right then…needless to say I missed the purchase. But I purchased other items and the Oh Christmas Tree pattern, so all is well. I learned quick that if you think you might want something, you can’t think about it, you just have to purchase it! 🙂 I loved the 12 Days of Christmas in 8 days! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!

  193. Juls Edison | 1st Dec 20

    Day 4- Christmas Stars kit is my hands down favorite! Love that quilt. Love it.

  194. Candace Rice | 1st Dec 20

    I loved them all but am most excited about the red and cream bundle!! Thank you for such a fun time that kept us laughing and setting alarms at all hours of the day. It was such a great distraction from the craziness that is 2020.

  195. Stephanie | 1st Dec 20

    All the bundles! I was able to get them and so thankful! I have been needing to stock up on reds and greens to make Christmas quilts so this was perfect!

  196. Terre Sturtevant | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite item was the moda necklace but missed it while checking out. But did get the christmas tree kit which I really wanted

  197. Louise Wagner | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite, the Christmas Sampler Block book, that is going to be such a fun project!! I was tickled to get a chance to purchase it. But I did get a lovely bundle of fabrics as well as a kit! Now the anticipation is waiting for the package to actually arrive!! Merry Christmas to all!!

  198. Melinda Hawkins | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year and was always late to the party. I even set an alarm one day but was held up by an appointment. Well, there is always next year. 😉 Thought your post were so pretty and enjoyed them. Thanks for all you do!

  199. Barb Smith | 1st Dec 20

    This was my first year and I enjoyed the fun surprises. My favorite item I purchased was the Stars complete kit. I love to piece but I’m not real good about buying the backing. This way I am set with the complete quilt. Thank you Fig tree and Merry Christmas.

  200. Karina Bak | 1st Dec 20

    So many amazing things to choose from, I will pick the very first item I was able to get and that was the Christmas Tree from day 1; I can’t wait for it to arrive. This was my first year and it was so much fun! Setting my alarm to wake up at 3 am to shop was so much easier than 5 am to get ready for work! 😂

  201. Rebecca Blair | 1st Dec 20

    Last year was my reconnaissance year because I had no clue what was happening! This year made for a very tense 90 seconds every day. I found it helpful to set my alarm and tell my husband to be quiet, leave me alone, and didn’t he know there was a flash sale? He was such a good sport. I would have loved the towels, but settled for 2 of the bundles instead. I can hardly wait until they arrive! Thanks so much!

  202. Lori Petersen | 1st Dec 20

    I wasn’t able to get one but I loved the first kit…the Tree kit, #3 Fly Away for Christmas kit, and #4 the Christmas Stars kit. Maybe next year, fingers crossed 😉

  203. Lynnette | 1st Dec 20

    I wasn’t able to score anything this year so I’ll have to be content to play with all my past years purchases patiently waiting their turn to be sewn Love this time of year and love Fig Tree!!! Now I’m waiting for the new Yuletide Spruce pattern to be available on the website. It’s my new favorite!!!

  204. Karen DeMello | 1st Dec 20

    My “one” favorite item was the Red & Grey FQ Bundle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough during the 12 Days of Christmas to grab one but I had fun trying. Looking forward to this event next year.

  205. Susan Dowhaniak | 1st Dec 20

    My favorite was the Oh Christmas Tree kit even though I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. There’s always next year, I had so much fun.

  206. cassanova | 1st Dec 20

    nice blogg!

  207. Debby | 1st Dec 20

    I love the Christmas Poinsettia quilt kit…..that is my favorite!! Thank you Joanna…it was fun!!!

  208. Callie | 1st Dec 20

    Yuletide Spruce! I was looking at it, changed pages on your site and poof, it was gone. Can’t wait for the pattern to come out!

  209. Cheryl | 1st Dec 20

    Any red and cream bundle! Couldn’t play this year, but enjoyed looking at the wonderful gifts!

  210. Karen | 1st Dec 20

    Your 12 Days was such fun again this year! I loved that the backing comes with the Christmas Catalina Stars– one stop shopping! And the Christmas Sweater kit, I can’t wait to get my box– love love love that kit!!

  211. Keri Follmer (keriontheporch) | 1st Dec 20

    Hi Joanna! My favorite was the Yuletide Spruce kit. I missed buying it but there is always next year. Love all that you guys create. Merry Christmas to you and all the FT crew!

  212. Laura Carter | 1st Dec 20

    The full Christmas Tree kit was a first day favorite. I liked the Spruce Tree also, but it looked like a bit more work.

  213. Annette | 2nd Dec 20

    This is my first year to even know about your twelve days of Christmas sale. My favorite was the O Christmas tree kit. I missed out on it, but I found a kit at an online shop. Your fabrics and kits are always so nice and thought out. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  214. Jane | 2nd Dec 20

    The Fly Away kit was my favorite. Set my alarm and was able to get that and the towel bundle in the middle of the night. I recently found the version of this pattern from a 2007ish magazine and was sorting through my stash when this version pops up as a kit! So excited!! This was my first year shopping the sale! Last year, I watched to get a feel for how this worked and that experience made me super excited to try it this year. Thanks so much for the hard work of everyone involved, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

  215. Pat Rogers | 2nd Dec 20

    Well as usual, I was always late to the party and items sold out before I could get them! But that did not take away from the fun of watching and trying every day! I have an obsession with quilts that are predominately red, so I would have to say my favorite was the red/cream fabric bundle! Hey, I finally got my All Hallows Eve bundle on the second go round, so not giving up on the red and cream bundle! Happy Holidays to you and the whole crew!!

  216. Hildy | 2nd Dec 20

    I loved the Oh Christmas kit from the first day it’s such a fun quilt!

  217. Kimberly | 2nd Dec 20

    I am super excited to get a couple of the kits I was able to snag! As I mentioned on the facebook site this was a really fun treat for me to get a new stash started. At the beginning of the pandemic all of our quilt shops were closed down so I took my entire stash and made masks for our community hospital. Im pretty sure my stash did about 4K of them. Our local hospital gave them to anyone in the community that needed one and gave away over 30K masks for our small rural area. Im really excited to get to work on Christmas Sweater and Yuletide Spruce kits as soon as they hit my hot little hands from the mailbox. As much as 2020 has been a challenge I have certainly been blessed this year.

  218. Kathie Fosnaugh | 2nd Dec 20

    Christmas bundles were so gorgeous! I have been watching each day. It was an exciting offering!

  219. Sharon | 2nd Dec 20

    I was able to purchase several items, but my favorite was the Christmas Catalina Stars Kit. I love that quilt. It’s so fun to make and I love the design. Thank you for such a fun 12 days of Christmas, in 8 days!

  220. Maria L Zook | 2nd Dec 20

    I look forward to your sale each year and the new quilt kits. Sadly, I missed out on my favorite, the Poinsettia quilt kit. You do a great job with this sale and I appreciate your time and effort .

  221. Kristi Castanette | 2nd Dec 20

    I was a “looky lou” this time because I am new to your sale and didn’t really know what to do! Next year will be different (I hope). I love the Christmas Tree quilt pattern and all of your beautiful fabrics!

  222. Pamela Beevers | 2nd Dec 20

    My one favorite item was the Oh Christmas Tree complete quilt kit. I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the 12 Days of Christmas sale to us! Job well done! This was my very first sale and it was so very exciting to see what each new day brought and try to complete the sale before the items were gone! My heart even raced at the excitement! I am a relatively new quilter and I look forward to receiving my box and spending time in my sewing room. Merry Christmas to all!

  223. Catherine Howe | 2nd Dec 20

    My first “12 Days of Christmas”, my favorite item-the box! From that moment on I was so excited! Enjoyed every day of sales-missed a couple of items I would have loved, but I’m looking forward to the arrival of that special box (or two) and all the treasures it (they) will hold! Sew much fun!

  224. Terrie | 2nd Dec 20

    LOVE this sale as always !! and you always go above and beyond !! Thank you so much for the amazing job you do on it !!
    My favorite item this year since you specified one was a real surprise to me was the vintage village apron !! I did not get one they were long gone but soooo cute !!! I do always make sure I get something and I love what I got so thank you thank you !!!

  225. Mliss Hunter | 2nd Dec 20

    Thank you for your sale, it was my first time joining and it was fun to stay up til the early morning to see the new items posted. my favorite item is the Simplicity bag. My mother taught me to sew using those patterns when I was about 10 years old so that bag brings back fond memories. Look how far I have come with sewing those simply patterns to complicated quilts. My love of sewing has only grown.

  226. Norri Hennagin | 2nd Dec 20

    I love the bundles and getting to see all the kits! I didn’t score any of them this year, but I would love to try again next year. I especially loved seeing Mums and Marigolds in Christmas fabrics. Red is one of my favorite colors!

  227. Becky Heslop | 2nd Dec 20

    I scored the Fly Away kit!! Arrived yesterday!! Christmas is early this year! I have been a fan from the beginning.

  228. Sharon | 2nd Dec 20

    Thank you for the fun! I bought a few things but it was fun watching how fast everything went! Is there a picture of the last bundle on day 8, around I think 2:15 your time? It looked pretty, but I was driving and stopped at a light. I looked again when I got a mile up the road to my stop and it was gone that fast! It was cute and I am interested in what I missed.

  229. Heather kittelson | 2nd Dec 20

    That’s hard- so many choices. I would say the Harlequin pattern w the Xmas theme quilt was beautiful.

  230. Cecilia | 2nd Dec 20

    The Old Christmas Tree complete kit would have been a great score or any of your fabric bundles. Thank you for hosting the exciting shopping event.

  231. Sharon Shergold | 2nd Dec 20

    My fav is the Yuletide Spruce, but it is really hard to pick 1 favourite. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, right now in Vancouver B.C. we have been told only family living in the same house can celebrate together. BUT we keep thinking how much fun next year will be 🤞🤞

  232. Amy | 2nd Dec 20

    Yuletide! Any fig tree is great in my book

  233. Lorrie | 2nd Dec 20

    Christmas is all about traditions, and this fun 12 Days event is sure to be a new one for me. There were so, so many wonderful things, and the Yuletide Spruce kit was my very favorite. This is my first year quilting, and I only hope I become as addicted to the whole process as I have become in buying your fabrics and patterns with their gorgeous colors and designs. Thank you Joanna and all your elves for making this crazy year one with so many beautiful surprises, and providing so much fellowship for your group of fans.

  234. Kathy Bertsch | 2nd Dec 20

    I wasn’t able to get anything at the sale but I do get the little figs box…love it! And I will sign up for the 6 bundles a year, fabulous fabrics!

  235. Kimberlee | 2nd Dec 20

    The kits were amazing! I wasn’t quick enough to get the ones I wanted but will keep my eyes open for new goodies!

  236. Donna Smith | 2nd Dec 20

    Loved so many things but my FAV were the Christmas mugs with fat quarters!

  237. Leanne Arnold | 2nd Dec 20

    The Red and Cream stack was beautiful! Missed it because of not checking out fast enough.

  238. Nicole Sterzer | 2nd Dec 20

    At the top of my list of favorites is the mug filled with fat quarters. Cleaver, Cute and Festive! Thank you! Can’t wait to get my box!!

  239. Christy Nolan | 3rd Dec 20

    Oh my gosh – how to pick a favorite?? It’s a toss-up between the kits and the bundles . . . so I’ll choose bundles!!! I still have some neatly stacked from previous 12 Days of Christmas events. What am I waiting for? They’re just SO pretty, I can’t cut into them. I’m going to have to have to take a week off from work and have my own Fig Tree Retreat – nothing but Christmas quilts to make. Thank you so much for another fabulous 12 Days (already looking forward to next year)!!!

  240. Cheri Crabe | 3rd Dec 20

    Loved it all! Thanks so much for posting the times for each days sale this year instead of just some days, it really helped. You can’t imagine how much joy you and your team bring into so many lives, good times and bad, year after year. Please know that you are loved by so many for your talents and hard work.
    Stay well and take some time for yourselves this season.

  241. Connie Miller | 3rd Dec 20

    Loved it all, fun shopping, my favorite I think is Catalina and the Red, cream and gray bundles.

  242. Penny Holliday | 3rd Dec 20

    The best 12 days of Christmas ever! I especially loved the quilt kits this year! A very special kit that I purchased was Oh Christmas Tree! I also wanted a Catalina Star Kit but wasn’t fast enough even though I had it in my cart & was sending! Beautiful selections and so much fun! Thank you!

  243. Anita R | 3rd Dec 20

    So many good items to just puck one, maybe the new Christmas Tree kit or the Poinsettia kit. Thanks for the fun!

  244. Phyllis R | 4th Dec 20

    The chartreuse stork scissors just makes me smile when I think of it. And I am looking forward to the poinsettia pattern.

  245. Tiffani | 5th Dec 20

    I’m so looking forward to using the vintage tote bag to store all of the amazing kits!!! I can’t wait to get started on them all. Start sewing for next year’s Christmas gifts when they come in. It may take me a little bit to figure out what to start first. Thank you for all of your hard work and amazing store!! Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄

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