Thank you’s & Giveaways

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your gracious and generous comments & the unbelievable amounts of emails we have been getting from you since the APQ article came out [for those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, see post below for more info]. Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I am daily humbled & blessed by your stories, your inspirations and your encouragements. I can say with all honesty that I am a designer because of wonderful women [& a few good men :-)] like you. Thank you.

I would also like to ask that if you have placed an order with us this week, that you give us a bit of “leeway” as we have been a bit understaffed to meet all of the demand these days….

In honor of all of this wonderful “hubbub” we are going to have a “Dandelion Wishes” kit giveaway!! One kit will be given away at the end of this week to one lucky winner. If you have already ordered one and you are the winner, we will refund your money.
If you would like to add into your comment, a possible name for one of our new quilts…. something that sounds “fresh” and “vintage”; it will be a scrappy quilt made from Dandelion Girl fabric, cream & alot of little patches… If I use your name for the quilt pattern, I will send you the pattern for free. I know its kind of hard without seeing the quilt… but that’s all I can give you at the moment.

Talk to you soon.Dandelionwishesfinal1_2

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  1. Vickie E | 5th Feb 08

    Joanna, I bought the AQS mag just for your article! Loved it. Please enter me for the quilt kit.
    And a quilt name? How about “Sugar & Cream Pie”
    Your fabrics always remind me of old fashioned sugar and cream pie 🙂

  2. Cathi in Ireland | 5th Feb 08

    Oooh…I feel like I’m back in France listening to your blog ambiance music! I have several of your patterns and just thought I’d delurk to enter your giveaway!

    I can’t get the magazine or the fabrics easy here in Ireland, but love them anyway! If I wasn’t such a frugal quilter with a big stash of scraps already, I’d buy them all up!! Fabric here is insanely expensive, but I think some charm squares might be within budget!!

    For the new quilt name, how “Katy’s Little Dandelion Patch” (I’d name it after my two little Irish girls, but their names are hard to pronounce: Aine (onya) and Aisling (ashling)

    I recently bought your houses book and have to say I really love the patterns in it!

  3. Priscilla Campbell | 5th Feb 08

    Joanna- I loved the AQS article and your lovely house- (as much as I could see)- Your new line is great- and I think of Ginger Peaches or Ginger and Cream – So that is my suggestion- Please keep up the great work- Priscilla

  4. Libby | 5th Feb 08

    Hey Joanna! I’m going with my first thought “Patchwork Dreams” I dream about quilts! Have a Great Day!! Libby

  5. Sheila Holland | 5th Feb 08

    How about “Creme Fraiche” for a name? Love your blog, website and most of all – your talent!

  6. Cory | 5th Feb 08

    Joanna, What about Dandelion Meadows? When I read your description of the fabric, I can see the little girl running through a Dandelion Meadow. Good luck with picking a new name. Take care and God bless, Cory

  7. Nancy | 5th Feb 08

    Please enter me into your give-away. I love all of your quilts/patterns.

    New quilt name? My Grandma’s Kitchen…

    My grandma’s kitchen was always a warm snuggly place filled with good things.

  8. Thimbleanna | 5th Feb 08

    I’m throwing out Prairie Flowers ’cause nothing else comes to mind! 😉

  9. Carole Prevost-Meier | 5th Feb 08

    I can honestly say that I am up to date on both articles. Lovely! I love the dandelion quilt! The other quilt in the Australian magazine is sweet! I see that you enjoy what I would call French folk music; music that is played in what we call Boite a Chanson in Quebec. If you are interested in a more contemporary artits, from Quebec, I think you would enjoy Harmonium’s first album. As for a quilt title, perhaps a French one would suit it! Champs des fleurs! Count me in for the draw! That is so generous of you! Thank you!

  10. Kathy Vetter | 5th Feb 08

    The article and photos in AP&Q were wonderful!! I like “Dreaming of Dandelions” as that is what I have been doing since seeing your quilt in the magazine.

    Love scrap quilts and the fact that your different fabric lines coordinate with each other.

    Please enter me in your kit giveaway.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  11. Pat | 5th Feb 08

    I just received my APQ magizine yesterday. I love your quilt and fabric. I opened right to your article and read it first. It was very interesting. I enjoy your patterns,fabric and your blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

  12. Sequana | 5th Feb 08

    I just love your fabrics, but then, who wouldn’t?

    “Sassy Sixties” is my name suggestion. Or if the 60’s are not vintage enuf, “Flirty Fifties.”

  13. Carolyn | 5th Feb 08

    I never was very good at naming quilts, mine are usually “Fall Quilt” or some such thing! “Dandelion Daydreams” is what came to mind. Please enter me in your contest…it’s so nice of you to do this!

  14. Rae | 5th Feb 08

    I came straight to my computer to look up your site after reading about your designs in APQ… was inspired by your lovely and inviting setting.
    My vote for a new quilt name: Helen’s Haven.

  15. Terry | 5th Feb 08

    I’d love to win a kit. Thanks for all your hard work designing wonderful things for us to make. How about “Dandelion Seads” for your new quilt!

  16. Terry | 5th Feb 08

    I mean “Dandelion Seeds” – sorry for the typo!

  17. Sandy | 5th Feb 08

    Cannot wait to get my AQS magazine. Would love to be lucky owner of the quilt kit. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  18. CG | 5th Feb 08

    Ooh, I hope I win 🙂

  19. Catherine | 5th Feb 08

    I think these fabrics would make the perfect quilt for reading, napping, or relaxing on the sleeping porch…my name for this quilt? ‘Warm Summer Nights’.
    Ahh…fresh and vintage, yep, need to make myself one.

  20. Bobbi | 5th Feb 08

    How about Dandelion Dreamer!

    Beautiful quilt!

  21. Heidi Miso | 5th Feb 08

    Happy Mardi Gras! My suggestion for a name is “Arielle’s Playground”

  22. Helen | 5th Feb 08

    When I think of dandelions I think of our puppy napping outside in the grass (last summer before the rains hit) so my quilt name suggestion is Daisy’s Dandelion Dreams.

  23. Amy | 5th Feb 08

    Love all your work! I check your blog daily for inspiration. Keep up the great work! How about “Daisy Chain” for the new pattern?–Amy

  24. Samantha | 5th Feb 08

    What about Dandelion Patch or Patches of Sunshine for your new pattern? Thanks for doing the drawing! I’m crossing my fingers. 🙂

  25. Kari | 5th Feb 08

    How about Sunny Patch or Lemonade Stand. I tried to imagine where you’d find a Dandelion Girl!

  26. Jean-o | 5th Feb 08

    So nice of you to let your readers be involved like this. When I think of Dandelions I always think of when they go to seed and we would blow on them and make wishes… so my suggestion is Dandelion Wishes. Have fun with reading all the ideas! Jean-o

  27. Jean-o | 5th Feb 08

    So nice of you to let your readers be involved like this. When I think of Dandelions I always think of when they go to seed and we would blow on them and make wishes… so my suggestion is Dandelion Wishes. Have fun with reading all the ideas! I did have another thought, and it was about Roses… Rose Water Vinegrette but I’m not sure if that would even go with the fabric. Again, have fun. I’m not going to hold my breath… take care. Jean-o

  28. Pam fr NY | 5th Feb 08

    Great article!!!! Love your patterns & designs… let’s see a great name would be:
    summer meadows or peaches & cream. Thanks for bringing such beautiful things.

  29. Linda | 5th Feb 08

    When I was a little girl we used to call those seeds that you blow off the dandelions fairies, so my suggestion would be Dandelion Fairy, or fairies. Gorgeous quilt in the mag, need to get myself a copy straight away.

  30. Linda | 5th Feb 08

    Well I was too quick hitting the post button. My other suggestion would be Dandelion Wishes.

  31. Connie | 5th Feb 08

    Dandelion Patches from Fig Tree Quilts. Love your patterns.

  32. Dawn | 5th Feb 08

    I loved the article and pictures as well! How nice of you to have the give-away.

    Oh you could get so many fun names for the new quilt – it does make it hard not seeing it!

    Figgy Pudding
    Wishing Seeds
    Beautiful Weeds
    Wishing Weeds
    Fresh Patches

  33. Valerie | 5th Feb 08

    Ok. I don’t want to seem lazy, like I only post for giveaways, but come on! Lol* There is Fig Tree to be won here! Lol*

    I say, Meadow Patch (oh shush, this is my first time at this!), or Meadow Path (get it, the creamy patches make a path to a dandelion meadow?), or Path to Dandilions, or why not come right out and say Vintage Meadow, or Vintage Path, or Vintage Yellows.

    Ok. Back to lurking. You know I’m going to buy this stuff even if I don’t win anything right? LOL* Now I’m hooked darnit!

  34. Maci | 5th Feb 08

    How about “Fields of Gold”, “Golden Weeds”. or “Better than Gold”??? “Childhood Bouquets”? I love the quilt so please drop my name in the hat.

  35. Judy | 5th Feb 08

    Oh, I am horrible at naming quilts! The only thing I can think of is Dandelion Wine. LOL! Ok, see, I told you so…please enter me in the drawing anyway!

  36. christine | 5th Feb 08

    I love all your patterns and fabrics and would love to be in the draw for the Dandelion Wishes kit. As for a name for you new quilt, how about Fresh and Fancy.

  37. Debbie | 5th Feb 08

    This is not easy trying to think of names, but what about “Dandelion Kisses” “Golden Kisses” “Golden Kisses,Simple Wishes”not sure will have to sleep on it. Pls put me in the Draw.

  38. Sinta Borland | 5th Feb 08

    How exciting! I got my copy in the mail! Congratulations to you, you deserve it! I love the the fabric line… I have the charms sq.’s. Here’s my name to put into the “hat”:
    Dreams & Wishes.

  39. kylie | 5th Feb 08

    I’m not much good at naming quilts, but I do like “Dandelion Dreaming”. Hope you find a great name as sure the quilt will be stunning.

  40. josie | 5th Feb 08

    How about –
    Vintage Pieces
    Vintage Peace
    Summer Cuddle

    Frankly, you’ve done such an outstanding job naming all your patterns in the past, I’m SURE you will come up with another winner! YOU continue to amaze!!!

  41. tina | 5th Feb 08


    Crisp Greens?
    Fervent Figs?
    Girl on the Edge?
    All That?

    So hard to give a name to an unseen beauty!

  42. Jo | 5th Feb 08

    Hmmm….I think “Simply vintage” or “Simply fresh”. What about ” Fig-o-lic-ous”. I am sure whatever name you choose it will be fantastic! Please enter me in your giveaway.

  43. Janet | 5th Feb 08

    How about “dandelion summers”, I would love to win the kit. I have already used one of your “dandelion girls” jelly roll to make a tote bag, I love the colors. thank you for offering.

  44. Cara | 5th Feb 08

    Dandelion through the snow
    Dandelion and Daisy chain

  45. Toni | 5th Feb 08

    I love looking at your blog..I like Dreaming of Daisys…Sweet Dreams.. Daisy dreams..sweet daisy dreams.Toni

  46. Dee | 5th Feb 08

    What a beautiful, soft line…what a nice way to wind down for the night with your music. How about this name: Dandelion Peach Wine. Dee

  47. Ginny Worden | 5th Feb 08

    Let’s see, how about Scraps of Dandelion Dreams. Sounds so summery, which sounds wonderful right about now. Congrats, and thanks for the lovely designs.

  48. Ginny Worden | 5th Feb 08

    Lets try again, I don’t think my first comment was accepted. Congrats on your article, and all the lovely designs, my idea for a name, Scrappy Dandelion Dreams. Sounds summery, which about now sounds wonderful. Thanks, and good luck to all, including me.

  49. Jane | 5th Feb 08

    I would love to win this kit! Some ideas for the pattern name (or future patterns) Fresh Laundry, Clothesline, Wet Paint, Fresh Paint, Fresh Ink, The Sun Room, The Solarium, The Vintage Path, The Sancutary, Vintage Postcards, Fresh Breeze, Fresh Mornings, Fresh Fruit.

  50. joanna | 5th Feb 08

    You’re hired! You are a natural with those names. I am loving some of these names people are coming up with and some of yours are definitely among them so stayed tune….

  51. SSH | 5th Feb 08

    What beauty! I’d love to make one. Hope I get chosen for the quilt kit!

  52. Amanda | 5th Feb 08

    This is so sweet of you to give away a kit! I would love to win one. Please enter my name in your drawing.

  53. Darlene | 5th Feb 08

    What a wonderful giveaway, Joanna! 🙂
    Here are my suggestions:

    Dandelion Figs
    Vintage Dandelion Figs
    Dandelion Dreams
    Dreamy Dandelions


  54. Fiona | 6th Feb 08

    Would love to win this! Have just finished a quilt top and am on the lookout for the next project. How about the name of Clotted Cream Pie. Thanks for taking the time to blog. Always love reading this one! Hope we get the magazine soon in New Zealand!

  55. Rae | 6th Feb 08

    Please enter me in the contest!
    How about:
    Dandelion Fields or
    Dandelion Meadows?

  56. Rae | 6th Feb 08

    Please enter me in your fun drawing!
    How about:
    Dandelion fields or
    Dandelion meadows?

  57. Miss Jean | 6th Feb 08

    Joanna: I’ll throw my hat in the ring with Vintage Garden, Fresh Buttercups or Vintage Dreams. Some of these entries are great so you have a lovely list to choose from for quite a while.

  58. Christy | 6th Feb 08

    I love reading your blog, please add my name to the many. And how about these for names, Vintage Dandelions, Fresh Patches of Dandelions, Dandelion Patches? Enjoy. Christy

  59. Amy | 6th Feb 08

    I can’t believe some people already had the same idea that struck me – Dandelion Wine! It was a favorite springtime project for my great-grandpoppop! Hmmm. How about Dandelion Bouquet?

  60. Sara | 6th Feb 08

    Please enter me in the kit drawing. Beautiful quilt and magazine article.

  61. Stephanie | 6th Feb 08

    I have quilt ideas swirling around in my head. I would LOVE your quilt kit. Apparently my first thought, Dandelion Dreams, is very popular so how about Figgy Pudding?

  62. Janice MacGowan | 6th Feb 08

    I’d like to suggest Meadow Breeze or Soft Meadow Breeze.

  63. Debbie C. | 6th Feb 08

    I love this fabric and would be pleased for you to enter me into your drawing. Everyone has such wonderful suggestions for naming your new pattern. The curry and sage colors of this line make me think a name like “Spice Cupboard”.

  64. Corey | 6th Feb 08

    I would love to be entered in the drawing!! Any of these strike your fancy?:

    Figs & Cloves
    Dandelions & Buttercream
    Buttered Figs
    Spiced Buttercream
    Cinnamon Scraps

  65. Jane Weston | 6th Feb 08

    I just read the article in APQ yesterday..I was wonderful and so well presented.

  66. michele | 6th Feb 08

    Please include my name in the drawing. I have already ordered a kit but winning one would be great! I get a little excited everytime the mailman comes to the door, yes yes I know the fabric doesn’t come out til March.
    My entries for quilt names: Dandelion Wishes or Dandelions in the Breeze
    I am thinking of little girls in their blue floral summer dresses making wishes on dandelion puffs running through the meadow of fresh spring grass with the butter yellow of dandelions sprinkled throughout in little splashes of colour together all the shades of colours of spring meadow flowers.

  67. kc | 6th Feb 08

    I enjoyed reading the article.

    Sunny day in Cotton field
    Natural Figs
    Vintage Blossom
    Fresh Washboard
    Spring Buds
    Fresh Teatime
    Fig Tartlet
    Clothespin and the pole
    Cinnamon Oatmeal

    Please help me with endless idea…

  68. joanna | 6th Feb 08

    endless ideas are good! that’s how I come up with my names. Love some of these. I don’t know how I’m going to pick just one… I think I will pick a few names for free patterns. Too many good ones!

    thanks for all the creativity!!


  69. | 6th Feb 08

    I’m not very good at names but here are a few because I’d love that pattern.

    Fresh generation
    Cream Style patchwork
    Patchy yesterday
    Patchwork memories
    Vintage Vision
    Fields of Dandelion
    Fresh memories

  70. nanette | 6th Feb 08

    I’m not very good at names but here are a few because I’d love that pattern.

    Fresh generation
    Cream Style patchwork
    Patchy yesterday
    Patchwork memories
    Vintage Vision
    Fields of Dandelion
    Fresh memories

  71. Kim | 6th Feb 08

    Hi Joanna, Love the new fabrics, they are sooo yummy!
    Names for a new scrappy quilt-

    Buttercream Kisses
    Daisies don’t tell
    Daisy Patches
    Loves me, loves me not?

    I’d love to win the kit too, keep up your awesome designing!

  72. Michele | 6th Feb 08

    How about Vintage Summer Dreams or Fresh Dandelion Breezes? I also enjoyed the aticle in APQ – so much so that I logged on to your website and placed an order……


  73. Ina | 6th Feb 08

    Hi Joanna, the article and photos were beautiful!

    Lots of good suggestions for the next quilt name. My entry is: “Summertime Hopscotch” for 2 reasons.

    1) lots of little squares remind me of drawing hopscotch squares with chalk in front of my house and

    2) hopscotch is definitely “vintage”. You just don’t see kids playing it anymore. 🙁

  74. Elizabeth Miller | 6th Feb 08

    I love all your designs. Your new “dandelion” fabric is beautiful as always. I’m not very imaginative so here goes.
    A few names: Figuratively Dandy
    Dandy’s Figs
    Dandelion Figurine’s

  75. Ellen - aka Nini | 6th Feb 08

    What a great magazine article – I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. Well, here are a few names to throw into the hat….

    Milk and cookies
    Ice cream squares
    Creme brulee
    Fig newtons
    Field of Figs

  76. Jo Anne | 6th Feb 08

    Nice article, very interesting.
    Quilt name: Meadow Magic

  77. Stacey | 6th Feb 08

    What a great article in the new issue of APQ. I love your fabrics and patterns. I’m constantly asking my local quilt shop when your next fabric line will be in!!
    I can’t wait to see your new pattern. Some possible names…dandelion bouquet or patches and cream.

  78. kc | 6th Feb 08

    Here is some more…
    Baked Caramel Apple
    Scent of Cinnamon
    Marshmallow fudge
    sprinkles on top
    Pineapple Crisp

    I guess I’m hungry…

  79. DEB | 6th Feb 08

    Some possible names—
    A Wee Breeze
    Scattered By The Wind

  80. Mary Jo Baird | 6th Feb 08

    Love anything Fig Tree!

    How about

    Family Reunion
    Malt Shoppe
    Indigo Sqrinkler
    Heritage Trail
    Dawson’s Pass
    Garden Path
    Hensley Settlement
    Stairway to the Smokies

    Hope these help! I want a pattern!

  81. Ellen Sickler | 6th Feb 08

    Can’t stop thinking of all the possibilities…..

    Milk & Honey
    Sugar-coated figs
    Cream & Sugar
    Milky Way
    Sugarplum Farm
    Squared Away
    Sugar Cubes
    Scrappy Figs
    Summer’s Ice Cubes
    Mended Dreams
    Cool Run Patches

  82. Linda | 6th Feb 08

    Springtime Nap
    Afternoon Nap
    Spring Comfort
    Sunny Comfort
    Springtime Afternoon
    Lazy Afternoon
    Afternoon Tea
    Teatime Comfort
    Tea on the Sunporch
    Dandelion Wishes

    Sorry for so many — these are my favorite colors!

  83. Robyn | 6th Feb 08

    Thanks for the giveaways. How about Clotted Cream for the pattern name?

  84. kathy | 6th Feb 08

    Basil and Butter
    Good Morning

  85. Carolyn Cady | 6th Feb 08

    The magazine article about you is well-deserved. Keep up that energy! I’ll have to give a name a bit more thought because the names I had in mind have been used, or are close. Excellent choices for you to choose from; it will be a challenge. Of course, we all want to win!

  86. Sharon Lagace | 6th Feb 08

    I really enjoy your emailed Newsletters.
    Thank You so much for the inspiration…
    Name for a quilt?
    I’d say any of the following:
    “Keep It Peach”
    “Peached Delight”
    “Afternoon Porch Peaches”
    “Peach Swing”

  87. Karen | 6th Feb 08

    I fell in love with your patterns and fabric after I discovered you in my latest APQ magazine. I ordered all your issues of Vintage, two patterns and was lucky enough to get the Dandelion Wishes Kit ordered before you sold out!
    What color of cream paint and what brand is it you use? TIA

  88. Diane Gill | 6th Feb 08

    My suggestions: “Dreamy Days”,”Milky Way” or “Vintage Dreams”. I love your fabric. I have collected quite a stash, but I hate to cut it!

  89. Jenny Fish | 6th Feb 08

    Love Love Loved your article! I am a fan of your style. My LQS just put one of your lines on sale (along with a bunch of other Moda lines) and I stocked up. Can’t wait to use them! Okay, as for pattern names. I am going to try to include some French. I hope it is correct, I don’t speak the language! Forgive me if I post something off colored, I am not trying to offend, just be creative.

    Figgy Pudding (sorry couldn’t resist!)
    Moulin Rouge
    Vintage Soire
    Buttercup Boutique
    Vintage Revue
    Nouveau Histoire
    French Vintage

    Oh my, I could go on! It seems like since you have drawn so much inspiration from you visit to France, you should reflect that in a quilt pattern or really fabric line(like folklorique). Keep up the great work. You inspire me!

  90. Barbara | 6th Feb 08

    just a thought – cream & crumpets
    love the fabrics and the quilts !

  91. blossom | 6th Feb 08

    How about Cream Puff

    Peaches and Cream


    Heavenly Clouds

  92. redgeraniumcottage | 6th Feb 08

    I love the name Milk and Honey. That’s a great one. Love anything you do!!

  93. D'Awn | 6th Feb 08

    Couldn’t wait to get my APQ so I could read your article and see the pics….and I surely wasn’t disappointed!

    Pattern name:

    Patches and Cream
    Peach Cobbler
    Dandelion Tea

    Lots of good names to choose from! Glad I get to read them all….I think they’re all good!

  94. Becky S. | 6th Feb 08

    I love the APQ article and the Dandelion
    Wishes quilt.I can’t wait to make it.
    Sorry, I can’t think of any clever quilt names right now.

  95. Kim | 6th Feb 08

    How about “Dandelion Daydreams”?

  96. joanna | 6th Feb 08

    karen [& the others who have emailed me about what kind of cream paint I use in my home]-
    My husband really wasn’t kidding when he said that we had 30 quarts of different creams in the garage! Each of the rooms in our home uses a different cream paint because i found that depending on the size & light exposure or each room, the colors looked vastly different. So I can’t even begin to recommend a color or a brand. I really do recommend that trial & error is the best way to figure out what kind of cream will work in your room. I do know that Lyndhurst Cream was one of my favorites in a few rooms but I don’t remember the brand of that particular one!
    happy “cream” hunting…

  97. Darlene | 6th Feb 08

    I thought of another one! 🙂

    Frothy Dandelion Figs

  98. Rhonda | 6th Feb 08

    Hello, I discovered your blog about a couple of weeks ago but had not left a comment yet. Just LOVE the colors of your quilts. I got the magazine yesterday and what a nice surprised to see you and your quilts in the article. And an even more surprise to see that you’re doing a give-away here.
    Based on the colors and prints…these names came to mind:
    Untouched Meadows
    Deep in the Heart of Summers
    Fluttering Dandelions
    Charmed Dandelions
    Fresh Creme de la Creme

  99. Rhonda | 6th Feb 08

    I think my first comment didn’t get post. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have visited since. LOVE all your quilts! Got the magazine yesterday and loved reading the article. Based on the colors and prints these names came to mind:
    Untouched Meadows
    Deep in the Heart of Summers
    Fluttering Dandylions
    Charmed Dandy
    Fresh Creme de la Creme

  100. Wendy | 7th Feb 08

    What a nice article in APQ. I enjoyed it and the photos of your quilts and studio very much.

    For a future quilt, how about Sweet Taffy, or Dandy Prints Charming?

    Have a lovely day!

  101. theercs | 7th Feb 08

    Cute quilt!

    Quilt name: Summer Wishes

  102. Marianne | 7th Feb 08

    Your fabrics are so yummy and you have worked so hard! I am so happy that you are finally receiving the accolades that you deserve.
    Congrats, Joanna.

  103. Julie Lundquist | 7th Feb 08

    I LOVE your fabrics and colors…

    Figgy pudding
    The heart of Home

  104. Mary Anne Drury | 7th Feb 08

    What a great article in APQ magazine !! Your home is beautiful! (and what cute kiddos!)

    ….let’s see…. a quilt name …

    Aunt Bee’s Front Porch
    Mayberry Morning
    April in Paris

  105. Jean DeFrances | 7th Feb 08

    Fresh Taste
    Peach Sorbet

  106. Pam Knight | 7th Feb 08

    You have done it again Joanna …great fabrics. Peach Sorbet was my pick but I see someone has already thought of that. Keep up the good work it is inspational!!!

  107. Laurie | 7th Feb 08

    Gorgeous everything, Joanna! So loving all the fresh hints of Spring on your blog! Laurie~

  108. Lisa Leimone | 7th Feb 08

    Wow!! You have a hard job ahead of you in picking a name, what great suggestions!! Well since you have sooo many adoring fans who send so many warm wishes your way, I thought this name might fit…

    “patches of wishes”


  109. Betsy Pratt | 7th Feb 08

    Hi Joanna!

    I couldn’t resist jumping in to play! You’ve got tons of great choices already!

    Sweet Flower Fields
    Fresh Summer Fields
    Buttercups & Dandelions
    Figgy Twigs
    Figgy Blooms
    Figgy Flowers
    Flowers & Figs
    Dandelion Cream
    Dandelions & Daisies
    Dandy Daisies
    Twigs & Cream
    Les Fleurs d’ete (Flowers of Summer)
    Figs et Creme
    Dandelion Pond

    Take care!
    Betsy Pratt

  110. willemijn | 8th Feb 08

    oh, i love the creations you make, they are lovely….. but hard to get in the Netherlands.
    But, please enter me in the contest.
    I thought of a name for a next quilt:
    Dazzeling daffodils!
    good luck!


  111. Sheila in Ohio | 8th Feb 08

    Having you in APQ is enough to make me subscribe again.

    Compliments of Henry Ward Beecher, I suggest “Golden Kisses” or “Cheeks of the Meadow” for the pattern name.

  112. Robin | 8th Feb 08

    I just loved reading your article in APQ. Love your quilts.

  113. Janice | 8th Feb 08

    Quilt name suggestion: Summer Breezes and Dandelion Wine

  114. Kris | 8th Feb 08

    I enjoyed the article and insight into your studio.

    Suggestions for quilt name:

    Simply Scrappy
    Dandelion Blessings
    Fresh and Breezy

  115. Angela | 8th Feb 08

    Hmmn…don’t know if it’s already been suggested but the parameters (dandelion fabric, creams and vintage) made me think of blowing dandelion seeds and watching them float away — so, “Dandelion Wishes” is my suggestion. Of course, doing that used to drive my father nuts — so, maybe not :0).

  116. Patti Cardona | 8th Feb 08

    What about Summer Field Peaches?

  117. newnora | 8th Feb 08

    I will give it a shot, try these names on for size:
    creampuff meadows/or fields/or squares
    creampuff trellis
    creamery dreams/or treats
    tamarind way/ tamarind road
    pina/or creamy/ petit fours
    salle de soleil
    sunbaked torte/sunbaked tarts
    sunbaked shortbead
    rouge tapioca rouge respise
    lemonbutter ladles
    saffron breeze
    butterchurn biscuits
    butterskotch blvd.
    sundance flats
    flaxen petals
    almond puff pastry
    gamay rouge rosato
    warm peachy fuzzy

  118. newnora | 8th Feb 08

    I will give it a shot, try these names on for size:
    creampuff meadows/or fields/or squares
    creampuff trellis
    creamery dreams/or treats
    tamarind way/ tamarind road
    pina/or creamy/ petit fours
    salle de soleil
    sunbaked torte/sunbaked tarts
    sunbaked shortbead
    rouge tapioca rouge respise
    lemonbutter ladles
    saffron breeze
    butterchurn biscuits
    butterskotch blvd.
    sundance flats
    flaxen petals
    almond puff pastry
    gamay rouge rosato
    warm peachy fuzzy

  119. Julia | 8th Feb 08

    It’s lovely! I’d love to win the kit and make it for my mom!

  120. Diana Marlow | 8th Feb 08

    What fun! May I suggest: An American in Paris,French Bistro, A Day in Provonce, Creme Fresh, Milk and cookies, Madeleines, Pastry Creme. I really have enjoyed your patterns. I have just loved your blog page. I have shared it with alot of friends.

  121. Lorraine | 8th Feb 08

    Here goes with my suggestion …Petite Creme Brulee . Happens to be my favourite dessert 🙂

  122. Ina | 8th Feb 08

    Thought of a variation on my suggestion. If it is a patchwork quilt made with 5″ charms the quilt could be called “Hopscotch Charms”.

    As little girls, we use to use our charm bracelets to toss onto the hopscotch. That’s what made me think of Hopscotch Charms. 🙂

  123. Barbara France | 8th Feb 08

    I loved the magazine article and your ideas for making original quilts.
    Dandelion Days is my quilt name suggestion.
    Thanks for all the inspiration
    B France

  124. Janet | 8th Feb 08

    How about Figgy Pudding? Janet

  125. Gail Mathes | 8th Feb 08

    Please enter my name in the drawing! Here
    is a name for you, ” On A Summer Breeze”
    Just bought the magazine tonight, love the article and the quilt!! Your fabric is beautiful, can’t wait for the new line to come out!

  126. Gail Mathes | 8th Feb 08

    Please enter me in the drawing! I bought your magazine tonight , enjoyed the article and the quilt is beautiful. Here is a name for you, “On A Summer Breeze”.

  127. Marian Edwards | 9th Feb 08

    This is my first visit to your blog site and I am blown away…’s simply delightful and brings back a rush of memories of my visit to Paris last November….j’adore Paris!!!! My suggestion for a scrappy quilt name is ‘Dandelion Fantasy’ Cheers, Marian from Oz

  128. Paulette in WV | 9th Feb 08

    How about Blowing Dandelion Seeds?

  129. Sheila Holland | 9th Feb 08

    I was finally able to find the mag and the article about you and your work and home was wonderful. About 200 names ago, I sent in “Creme Fraiche”, but I noticed no one was sending in any “Dew and dandelion” combos, so here goes:
    Dewdrops on the Dandelions
    Dew and Dandelions
    Summer Dew
    Dandelions and Dew
    Or maybe even just something like “Days of Dandelions”
    Whew. We are all really getting in to this name thing!

  130. Lonnie Drahos | 9th Feb 08

    When I saw your article in AQ, I fell in love with you, your ideas, and your patterns. Name your new quilt pattern, Peaches n’ Cream or Outdoor Wonders.

  131. toni | 9th Feb 08

    How about:

    Daisie Chain

    You have so many good ideas. Good luck.


  132. Kaaren | 9th Feb 08

    Hi Joanna,

    Picked up a copy of APQ yesterday and loved the read. As a relatively new quilter (I just recently retired as a teacher/artist and designer in the decorative painting field)who loves anything vintage, your creations and use of color have just blown me away! Please enter me in your draw and also consider the following as possible names for your new quilts…

    Daydreams and Dandelions
    Pastels and Petticoats
    Sassafras Reflections
    Scent-iments and Sage
    Butterflies and Buttonhooks
    Parsley and Pincushions

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


  133. Laurie | 9th Feb 08

    How about:

    Meadow Morning
    Summer Breeze
    Dandelion Breeze
    Warm Wishes
    Springtime Stroll
    Lazy Days
    Vintage Afternoon

    Gorgeous fabrics! Can’t wait to get my hands on some!!

  134. Sandy F. | 9th Feb 08

    I really enjoy your style of colors and quilts. My name suggestion is Apricot Preserves. Yummy!

  135. Bonnie Walker | 9th Feb 08

    Just love the quilt shown above. The charm packs are fun to work with all the different fabrics. I do have one jelly roll that I got in a quilt package. The layered cake squares is a great idea. Give us lots more new patterns to go with all these fresh cut fabrics!Enter me in your drawning if it is not too late. Thanks.

  136. Bonnie Walker | 9th Feb 08

    Just love the quilt shown above. The charm packs are fun to work with all the different fabrics. I do have one jelly roll that I got in a quilt package. The layered cake squares is a great idea. Give us lots more new patterns to go with all these fresh cut fabrics!Enter me in your drawning if it is not too late. Thanks.

  137. Nancy | 9th Feb 08

    I have made mostly dark primitive quilts for the past few years, and then read the wonderful, insightful article on your process of designing and colors choices, I am absolutely taken with your Prairie Sweets, will be ordering that from you soon.
    A name, always hard to name a quilt even when it’s in front of you, but here goes;
    Fresh Cream

  138. Tina Dillon | 9th Feb 08

    I love your designs and blog – truly inspirational. I would like to enter your giveaway draw and suggest “SUNLIT MEMORIES” as a name for your latest quilt, using Dandelion Girl fabric.

  139. Tina Dillon | 9th Feb 08

    Have already entered for the naming of the quilt but wanted to add “PEACH DELIGHT”,”APRICOT DECADENCE” and”PASSIONATE PEACH”.

  140. Lisa | 9th Feb 08

    I’m going to wear out my April APQ issue, particularly your feature article! Your decorating style is fabulous, the colors are yummy and I just want to rest my eyes on those pages again and again.

    Have added your blog and webpage to my favorites!

    How’s about Buttermilk Meadow or Buttercream Frosting?

    Thanks for all you do!


  141. Laura | 10th Feb 08

    Hi, the colours remind me of Tuscany, so the name I thought is ‘Falling Tuscany Flowers’. Laura

  142. Kathleen | 10th Feb 08

    Please enter me in your giveaway. You have beautiful designs! Quilt names: Sugar Dandy, Sugar & Spice, Memories Abound, Vanilla Creme, or Kathleen!

  143. Kathleen | 10th Feb 08

    Please enter me in your giveaway. You have beautiful designs! Quilt names: Sugar Dandy, Sugar & Spice, Memories Abound, Vanilla Creme, or Kathleen!

  144. Deborah Ludke | 15th Feb 08

    I’d like to be entered in the giveaway. How about ‘summer morning’ for the quilt name.

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