The Elves got tired…

On the 6th DAY OF CHRISTMAS SALE, the elves took a well deserved break, almost a strike if you will. They are napping and demanding eggnog when they wake up.



They will post today's goodies this evening instead.


Love, the elves

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  1. Karen Shacklford | 4th Dec 13

    Thank you, Elves, for all the fun you’ve brought us

  2. Monica P | 4th Dec 13

    Thanks so much for letting us know…gives us a little rest too!

  3. Jacqueline | 4th Dec 13

    L O L

  4. ina | 4th Dec 13

    add a shot of kahulua to the eggnog and you will find the adult elves will be in much better spirits. ;p

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