The Newest Addition to our Family & some catch up…

While we should be prepping like crazy for Market around here, while we should be sleeping, while we should be blogging… well, instead we have been a little distracted by Lucy!  Introducing the newest member of our family…. Lucy. My oldest son turns 11 on wednesday and has been asking for a puppy who he can interact with for over 2 years now [our beloved Emma is 13 years old, blind and while we love her she is not much for interaction unless it involves scratching her belly :-)]. We have been solidly holding out this whole time but given some friendship mishaps lately we decided that he could really use someone who loved him unconditionally all the time…. aside from us!


Needless to say, we had all forgotten the amount of work it takes to have a 12 week old puppy in the house! Need I say more about that!

Other fun updates:
Our magnolias have been blooming in the most unbelievable way the last couple of weeks and I managed to catch a few shots. If I hadn't just done a magnolia inspired quilt last year, I would surely be working on one now

Magnolias with my own little magnolia… couldn't she just climb up in that tree and be a flower… how I do go on ….

Onto studio updates:

We are busily working away on a bunch of new patterns due out in May. Some with Patisserie and some from the upcoming line that we will be debuting at Spring Market in Pittsburgh. We will post a sneak peak of one of the patterns tomorrow morning…. and maybe even a few swatches of the new line… if we get that far today!

A little while back, Jen tagged me in one of those horrid online games of personal information. I hardly ever join in on those things because I can never think of that many interesting things about me that you don't already know and because I always feel bad about passing it on to people [like me] who don't really want to do it!! Buuuut I thought I would work on being a better "joiner" this time around and play along.
So here goes Jen, Seven Randomly Honest Things About Me… except that I am changing the rules… It is going to be Six Randomly Honest Things About Me and I am only going to tag 5 people to pass it on. If you want to change the rules as well… more power to ya!

1.  I love brussels sprouts. LOVE THEM. In fact at our house, they are considered a #1 kind of treat and my kids cry when I don't share my yummy bowl of brussels sprouts with butter and salt.

2.  When I was in high school, I made a scrapbook of Tom Selleck. I was quite in love with Magnum P.I., what can I tell you?

3.  I don't really wear high heel shoes much because my husband is only 2" taller than me and I really don't like being taller that he is. Sometimes when go out on "date night", he wears his cowboy boots which gives him extra height & I can wear something a bit higher.

4.  I LOVE cheesy 80's tv murder mystery shows like JAG, Murder She Wrote and Remington Steele. I TIVO them with abandon and watch them in bulk when I am working. I love to have them on in the background as I work. I don't think I ever just sit and watch tv…. it is that crazy multi tasking thing…

5.  I was engaged once in a long distance relationship when I was 16. He was 24. I was in America. He was in Poland. It didn't last long.

6.  I make my own pickles. Polish pickles are made with salt and dill, no vinegar, so they taste totally different than American pickles. When I was first married my mom gave me the appropriate crock with the appropriate heavy, flat, smooth rock to put on the top of the pickle crock to keep all the pickles tightly packed  during fermentation and not floating to the top. I only use that crock with that rock. I think maybe I could live on homemade pickles and brussels sprouts… well, maybe not.

Well, there you go. More random facts that you now know about me that you probably wish you could just as quickly "unknow" !

And I tag Lissa, Laurie, Brenda, Camille, and Jackie  Ladies if you have already done this… well…I'm sorry, you gotta do it again because if you don't… well, you'll scar me for life!

Okay, enough games. I tell you its another one of those highly productive Mondays around here today… well except for Lucy & her puppy shenanigans!

Talk to  you later.

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  1. Karen aka Grammy Mac | 30th Mar 09

    Your new puppy is adorable and I bet your son is in love. Tom Selleck…….yuuummmmmm;) Your mags are absolutely goregeous! Can’t wait til tomorrow for your preview;)

  2. jackie | 30th Mar 09

    LOVE the new baby!! They are a lot of work…we fostered a golden pup this winter (when it rained for days on end and our backyard was all mud…need I say more on that!). She looks like sweetheart! Gee, thanks a lot on the tag! I’ll try my best, but I’m incredibly boring!

  3. Stephanie | 31st Mar 09

    Lucy is quite the pretty model! My neighbor’s magnolia tree is in bloom and I just love it.

  4. Jane Weston | 31st Mar 09

    Your new family member is capital “A” – Adorable!

    I had to smile when you said you had a Tom Selleck scrapbook…I had a Don Johnson (Miami Vice) one when I was a teenager…I can completely identify ;o)

  5. Robyn | 31st Mar 09

    VERY cute puppy!!! We also added a new addition to our house this weekend. He’s a 10 week old Jack Russell and so sweet. Stop by my blog and see him if you get a chance.

    The Magnolia tree is gorgeous. It’s funny, where I’m from people OFTEN erroneously call it a Tulip tree. Even though it looks nothing like a Tulip tree. I guess because the blooms resemble a tulip. At any rate it’s beautiful.

  6. Dawn Heese | 31st Mar 09

    Add Matlock to that list for me. Love it.

  7. laurie | 31st Mar 09

    Adorable puppy. Congratulations. Oy! Tagged.

    See you soon.

  8. thimbleanna | 31st Mar 09

    Little Lucy is adorable — don’t let her piddle on your fabric LOL! And Tom Selleck is still hot!

  9. Joanna | 31st Mar 09

    Definitely Matlock! And Moonlighting and Scarecrow & Mrs. King… I could go on. I am so stuck in my tv ways. Sucker for a show that gets nicely tied up in an hour….

  10. Kim | 31st Mar 09

    Cutest puppy pictures ever! What a sweet face!

  11. Lori Porten | 1st Apr 09

    Love little Lucy! She is so cute! We just lost our dog of almost 15 years and it has been so hard. When I look at other dogs it just makes me want to get another one to hug and love on. Enjoy her!

  12. Candace | 1st Apr 09

    Joanna, Lucy is adorable! We’re comtemplating a beagle for our retirement and I think Lucy is convincing us! Polish pickles….my hubby is half Polish and says his mother and grandmother both made pickles that way – and he also loves brussels sprouts as much – maybe you two are distant cousins!!

  13. Lisa D | 1st Apr 09

    That puppy is just the cutest thing ever!

  14. Amy | 1st Apr 09

    Oh, nothing like *puppy love* (sigh)! My sweet Rudy-girl is now 15 and I long for her puppy days…enjoy your new little girl.

  15. Carrie P. | 1st Apr 09

    Lucy is a sweetie pie. Our neighbors have beagles and they love to hunt and howl as they search for possum or squirrels. Hope you have a big back yard.

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