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Well, I’m home and reaclimating to California weather… boy are we spoiled here!

Colorado was a whirlwind of beautiful desert views, snowcapped mountains, unbelievable quilting personalities, some wonderful southwest architecture and a lot of nerves. Now of course they asked me before I came on the show, whether or not I had ever been on TV before… NO, I DON’T THINK SO! Oh wait, I like to do a little TV show on the side…. after I’m done with all the other Fig Tree activities I do… and the kids are in bed… NOT!

And so of course I was given tips and pointers and shown how to prepare my pieces and how to best demonstrate my technique, etc., etc. and yet when I got there and looked at the set and started to see the studio audience coming in and the 15 foot long cameras swinging around…. the butterflies in my stomach… well lets just say they weren’t in my stomach anymore, they were everywhere!! There was the studio… with my quilts hung up all around it!

And then I met Alex and Ricky and all was good… Seriously, these folks are some serious professionals who have a way of being confident & sure about their job that is contagious to the rest of us around. After all this is their baby and their love & passion for it shows in all the aspects of the taping, the studio, the content, and the crew. They are a family there and not only do you see it in how they function as a team, but you can feel it as you partcipate in all the hubbub of prepping and executing an episode. It was an experience I will always remember.

To top it all off, I had the privilege of sharing the taping with Miss Gina… what more do I need to say except that believe it or not, she was more nervous than I was before she actually got started and then… well, the real Gina took over and it was smooth sailing from then on…
For me, the taping itself felt like it was over before it really even started. The anticipation and the preparation was all much nerve wracking than the actual doing of it. All of a sudden I heard myself talking & teaching & before I knew it, not only were we fliming but we were done filming and then they were interviewing me and I was answering audience questions.
Now for the nuts & bolts… how might you get to see this wonderful episode? Well, of course why would anyone want to miss it is beyond me 🙂 :-)?? It will air sometime between this summer and winter on The Quilt Show. If you aren’t already a member… well, you should be! Their resources are wonderful and the subscription is worth triple its price in tips and techniques and interviews, etc. They are currenlty almost 30,000 subscribers strong and I think you should be one of them if you aren’t already!
I think it is one of the new frontiers of the quilting world and you don’t want to miss it.Velveta_shots_101

Thanks for sharing this all with me. Alex & Ricky & Gina…. thanks for the fun & the opportunity.
Also a special thank you goes out to Martingale for donating my House book to the studio audience & to MODA for donating a bucket load of charm packs, Jelly rolls & Layer Cakes! You guys really made the audience’s day.

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  1. Flatlander | 2nd Apr 08

    Joanna ~ thanks for sharing your experiences … it allows me to expand my love of quilting and quilts even further. I am a subscriber to The Quilt Show and echo your sentiments that you will gain so much from being a subscriber … the information, exposure to new ideas and creativity is far beyond the subscription price. PLUS you can check it out for free to make certain it is format you would like and use. Thanks again for your exciting blogs … they are fun and exciting to read!

  2. Sequana | 2nd Apr 08

    I’m one of those almost 30,000 also. Sitting out here, watching these shows, I can feel what you are describing. They have such a good feeling about them, and they have so much good info.

    I can’t wait to see your quilts on the walls. *S*

  3. Cara | 2nd Apr 08

    Wow. How exciting. I can’t wait to see the episode.

  4. LisaTO | 2nd Apr 08

    I love Alex’s show too. What a treat for you. Your quilts are extraordinary how fun to have them so prominently displayed.

  5. mary burns | 2nd Apr 08

    Joanna, thanks for sharing your pictures, WOW what stunning quilts!!Hugs, Mary

  6. Camille | 2nd Apr 08

    How exciting! Now you’re a TV star too? Is there anything you can’t do? 😉

  7. Miss Jean | 2nd Apr 08

    Joanna (aka, celebrity television personality): I’m so happy for you and I’m sure you did a stellar job. You were great in Sonora and I’m sure even better in Colorado. I’ll for sure check out subscribing to the Quilt Show!

  8. Lenka | 3rd Apr 08

    Joanna, I am so proud of you! It is amazing to see someone like you, who enjoying crafts and motivate others to do and to learn more. I am so exited every time when I see your new projects and get new ideas from you. You are AWESOME!!!! (And good looking TV-star also!) Congratulations!


  9. joanna | 4th Apr 08

    Yes, there are tons of things I can’t do….. for example I CAN’T SEEM TO GET MY LAUNDRY DONE! Can someone help me out with that?



  10. Kristina | 4th Apr 08


    Just wanted to say that the “dandelion girl” fabric arrived at our shop today and it’s GORGEOUS!!! You are so great at putting together delicious color combos, it’s wonderful!

  11. Karen | 5th Apr 08

    What a beautiful selection of fabrics. I will have to make the road trip to your shop from apple valley and shop another project. I love your shop!

  12. Karen | 5th Apr 08

    What a beautiful selection of fabrics. I will have to make the road trip to your shop from apple valley and shop another project. I love your shop!

  13. Dawn | 14th Apr 08

    Oh what a fun thing for you! And your picture is in front of one of my most favorite of your quilts!

  14. Gina Halladay | 14th Apr 08

    You rocked it baby! You were awesome on the show. And yes, I was nervous! However, the family said I did not embarass them–too much! Tell the big Fig we will have to have a dinner or snack or something with you, me and Hal while at Market–then we will plan the NEXT adventure! Who knows what I have up my sleeve…

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