Its Market production time again… and we all turn into hermits.
A few of my fun accessory items that come with Dandelion Girl came last week… I couldn’t resist getting off the computer to go outside with my little “model” and have her display my favorite item… this patchwork backpack. Isn’t she the cutest? Ella of course, but the backpack isn’t bad either. I have a few extra on hand if anyone is interested and I would be happy to order a few more if you all “need” it. Retails for $25. Email me here if you like…

Speaking of retail, wanted to let you know that Ihave a few left of everything Dandelion Girl related. All of our kits have gone out, packaged cuts have been sent… and we have a few happy little packages remaining [ several print bundles, layer cakes, charm packs]

Look at this nice little Dandelion display at Quilted Treasure in Rogers, MN… over here
Confession time…. which state is MN? Which is MI? MA? ME? MO? MS? MT? I confess that every time I have a customer from one of the “M” states, I have to look it up! I feel like I am a remedial US geography student but being raised on the West Coast, we just never had the need to learn the abbreviations for many of the midwestern states and now its coming back to “bite me on the butt” as they say… There is gotta be some good way of remembering some of these states? Someone help me :-)!!

And last but not least, this image has kept me laughing even at 3:00 am after 10 hours of pattern editing… so I thought I would share it with you.Hamstertenniss

As for product sneak peaks… a few more days and I will start sharing.

talk to you soon.

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  1. Camille | 1st May 08

    What a gorgeous little model you have there! The fabric isn’t bad either. 😉 Thanks for sharing a laugh- it had me laughing at 3 AM too! Good luck with all the market preparations! See you there!

  2. Carol | 1st May 08

    OMG Joanna, how can Ella have grown up so quickly…wasn’t she just an infant?
    She is the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Danielle | 1st May 08

    Your dauther is so lovely :O) I love that bag, can’t remember where I saw a picture of it before but that’s what I wanted the wovens for, to make one of these, I will email you right now. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  4. SarahB | 1st May 08

    That is the prettiest backpack ever! Perfect for such a little cutie!

    Not sure if this will help, but it does for me–just a few years ago I couldn’t keep them straight, but somewhere along the way this finally stuck in my head: MN=MiNNesota, MI=MIchIgan, MA=MAssechusetts, ME=MainE, MO=MissOuri, MS=MiSSiSSipi, MT=MonTana.

  5. Miss Jean | 1st May 08

    Joanna: The backpack is darling, but not half as darling as little Ella! I can tell everyone that I have seen her in person and she is a cutey patooty!!! Can’t wait to see all the new designs you have up your talented little sleeve. Have fun at Market!

  6. mary's cottage quilts | 1st May 08

    Joanna, such a sweet backpack, but Ella, what a cutie! She looks just like you! See you at market!

  7. Flatlander | 1st May 08

    What a beauty!! GORGEOUS hair!! She’s gonna break more than a few hearts someday! My, they do grow up so fast … glad you’re enjoying her now 😉 Linda

  8. PRISCILLA | 2nd May 08


  9. Cheryl, MA | 2nd May 08

    Glad to see you come up for some air. I’m looking forward to seeing your new designs. Have a wonderful time at Market.

  10. Lynne in Hawaii | 3rd May 08

    Ella is the perfect model! SarahB did a terrific ‘tutorial’ on the ‘M’ states. Hope it helps you.

  11. Mary Anne Drury | 3rd May 08

    Such a cute kiddo!!! and the backpack and fabrics aren’t bad either!!!!!!

  12. Sharon | 4th May 08

    Ella is adorable and that backpack is too. Perfect model you have there.

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