Vintage Farmhouse BOM on its way…

We are working like crazy to get ready for our upcoming 12 DAY OF CHRISTMAS SALE coming up soon…. [for those of you who have never done this sale with us, we will have more info soon/for those of you who know what is coming, get ready!

But I thought I would pop my head in for a quick moment and show you some quick pics of the Vintage Farmhouse Block of the Month quilt. It is finally put together and on its way to the quilter. I cannot wait to see it all finished and quilted and bound…. and beautiful! I am so in love with this quilt ladies, I can't even tell you!










Its a dreary kind of day so the photos are not the greatest but I thought it was time to at lesast show you something. We will do a real photo shoot when the lovely Diana has done her magic! Coming soon!


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  1. Liz Samlow | 18th Nov 14

    I love it…cant wait to see it quilted. Mine is assembled, but no borders yet!

  2. Sherri | 18th Nov 14

    It’s gorgeous! This was just the motivation I needed to get mine finished!!!

  3. Sigi G | 19th Nov 14

    This is sooooo beautiful Joanna! Love the pop of colors in it!

  4. Patti Reed | 19th Nov 14

    I love it! I was unable to sign up … will you have a kit for sale for those of us who missed it?

  5. Erin | 19th Nov 14

    I love it! Can’t wait to see it finished! 🙂

  6. Gail | 19th Nov 14

    How did I miss this beautiful quilt? Can you provide link to pattern, is there a way to participate even though it looks as if the BOM is over or coming to a close?

  7. Katie Trott | 19th Nov 14

    I love it! Especially the use of taupe/grey and black. Looks fantastic!

  8. Patty Fowl | 19th Nov 14

    I also missed the chance to sign up for this BOM. Any opportunity to purchase a kit?

  9. A Little Blue Dragonfly | 19th Nov 14

    Perfect vintage-y charm. Love it! 🙂

  10. Claudia | 19th Nov 14

    Please let us know when the pattern will be available. I don’t know how I missed it!

  11. Jusy l | 19th Nov 14

    Can’t wait for 12 days of Christmas to start!!!!

  12. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    Me too. We are in such a state right now. But it will all come together at the end!


  13. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    Thank you. I am so excited to have it quilted!

  14. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    Unfortunately we will most likely not have a kit for it because most of the fabrics are not available but we will offer the pattern for sale in the new year. We are working to see if we can do a starter kit for it. If we are able in the new year, we will send out info in our newsletter so be sure that you are signed up for that.

    Happy sewing,


  15. Janan | 20th Nov 14

    I love this quilt design, especially the pomegranites!!
    I can’t wait to see it when it is quilted. Please post photos then.

  16. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    I definitely will!

  17. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    Yeah, so glad its assembled!! Cant wait to see more of them finished!


  18. Joanna | 20th Nov 14

    Cant wait to see yours finished! I am a little bit in love with mine :-)…

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