Happy sneak peeks and Happy Mother’s Day


Well, its the night before Mother’s Day and in order to be able to take the day off and enjoy my family tomorrow, I am working late into the night today to earn that privilege… is there something backwards about that thinking? Who thought of scheduling Spring Quilt Market the weekend after Mother’s Day anyway??

Anyway, I promised some sneak peaks so…. what do you want to see first, patterns or fabrics? Well, I happen to have a nice little page of some of my new swatches so I think we will start there…Fig & Plum…
tomorrow, some patterns…. maybe Jelly Stars which so many of you have been asking about… stay tuned and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

talk to you soon.

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  1. Amanda | 11th May 08

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

    Fig Tree and Plums is beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in the stores.

    Have a great day, and a great time at Spring Market!

  2. Lisa D. | 11th May 08

    LOVE your new fabric collection! I can’t wait to see it live, in person. Gorgeous! Looks like another must-have!

  3. josie | 11th May 08

    OY VEY!!!!!!!!!
    FABULOUSO!!!!!!! You have yet another winner with Fig and Plum!! The colors are wonderful and I can’t wait to make something wonderful with those delish fabrics! Way to go, Joanna!!!

  4. Nancy | 11th May 08

    wonderful, lucious, beautiful, crisp, cool and remarkable…..

    I need me some of this stuff

  5. Nancy | 11th May 08

    I can’t wait for this one….good job! Simply beautiful colors. Nancy in WI

  6. nanette | 12th May 08

    Wow, really really pretty. Can’t wait to see everything.

  7. Zegi | 12th May 08

    Ooh, it’s lovely!

  8. Miss Jean | 12th May 08

    Oooohhhhh, you’ve done it again, Joanna! Wonderful, lovely fabric. I can’t wait to see the patterns, too.

    Have a safe trip to and from market. Remember to have some fun while you are there.

  9. mary's cottage quilts | 12th May 08

    Can’t wait to see it in person at market!!!

  10. mar | 12th May 08

    Lovely! Hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day.

  11. Ina | 14th May 08

    Gorgeous fabric, AGAIN! Hmm, how are these lucky women able to go to market?

    Come on, ladies. Share your secret. How can you obtain admittance to market? 🙂

  12. Sharon | 14th May 08

    Wonderful fabric as usual!!! Love it!!

  13. Barbara McGowen | 17th May 08

    I’m crazy about Dandelion Girl…it is lovely, and Fig & Plum is also wonderful!

  14. Heidi Kaisand | 24th May 08

    It was nice to see you, even if it was for only a minute. Your fabrics and quilts are beautiful!

  15. Heidi Kaisand | 24th May 08

    It was nice seeing you at market, even if it was for a minute. Your fabrics and quilts are beautiful.

  16. maureen | 28th May 08

    As usual, you always outdo yourself!
    Did you use jelly rolls for the new irish
    chain pattern?

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