Creme Fraiche & Figgy Pudding

Well ladies-

Thank you so much for all the “bloggy love”. I count myself blessed to be able to work at a job that I love so much which in turn inspires others to more creativity. It really is the best kind of work & time after time you all add to my inspiration. Thanks for that.

Pattern Naming

I never expected the amount of input and creativity that you all have sent direction by way of pattern names- over 300 and still counting [if you feel so inspired feel free to keep sending them as you like… I love reading them & seeing where they might take me]!

If I wanted to use all the names I love, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have to think up another pattern title for years to come! Thanks so much to each one of you who took the time out to think of something and submit it. A special thanks goes out to those of you who submitted numerous names… way to be over achievers! I chuckled at some of those little lists becuase I could tell how your mind was working- from one name to the next, how they related… its exactly how I do my own naming. I start with one potential name or concept and then start changing out the names, kind of stream of consciousness down the page with each name being somehow related to the one before it… and eventually a name speaks to me & a name is born.

As I ponder the list tonite, I have narrowed it down to the following that I think would work really nicely. Of course I might have to add some more tomorrow…

Figgy Pudding Fresh Cream Mayberry Morning
Creme Fraiche Dandelion Wine April in Paris
Shortbread Milk & Honey Cream & Crumpets
Vintage Soire Lazy Days Daisy Chain
Hopskotch Charms French Bistro Madeleines
Creamery Dreams Petit Fours Lemonbutter Ladies
Butterchurn Biscuits Milky Way Sugar Coated Figs
Milk & Cookies Fig Tartlett Fresh Laundry
Fresh Breeze Fresh & Fancy Sugar & Cream Pie

Of these, I know I will surely use the following:
1. Figgy Pudding
2. Creme Fraiche
3. Fresh Laundry
4. Petit Fours
If you were the first to suggest any of the 4 mentioned here above, please email me & we will make pattern arrangements. Thanks for the names!

And as my patterns for this Spring develop more I will come back to this list again. For those of you who belong to the rest of the names listed above, please give me some time to make final name decisions. For those names that were suggested more than once, I will credit the name to the first person to suggest it.

Dandelion Kit Drawing
In terms of the drawing for the “Dandelion Wishes” kit, we have done a name drawing & the name chosen was Dawn who posted a comment on February 5 at 12:42. Dawn, please email me and we will arrange to have the kit sent to you when they arrive.
Thanks everybody for entering.

As to what else I’ve been doing besides filling APQ related orders… here are a few shots of a few other magazine & book projects that have been sent on their merry way recently or are in the midst of production… more on those later…. Dsc_0020138300071

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  1. Dawn | 10th Feb 08

    Oh wow! Thats me! What a great surprise on a day I”m finally recovering from a nasty cold! A double bonus day!

  2. Sheila Holland | 10th Feb 08

    Thanks for having the name contest and choosing my entry as a winner. Love the valentine you posted and your new quilts are lovely – as always! I really enjoy reading your blog,

  3. Flatlander | 11th Feb 08

    Joanna ~ even though you say the colors in the pictures are a little “off” rest assured they are still beautiful … they appear to be to be taken in candlelight, lending a soft, romantic tone to the quilt. LOVE the designs, especially first one and the quilting is superb. Lovely ~ thanks for sharing and hope there will be patterns to follow in the future 😉

  4. Julie Lundquist | 11th Feb 08

    Woo-hoo, I suggested figgy pudding. Love your website and I always make a beeline for your booth at the quilt show at the Santa Clara Convention Center to adore your stuff in real life!


  5. Ina | 11th Feb 08

    Congrats to all who won!! 🙂

  6. mar | 13th Feb 08

    oh darn I missed a give away, boy am I pouting. But I didn’t see Patches & Cream mentioned. Congrats to the lucky winners.

  7. Amanda | 19th Feb 08

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Those quilts are beautiful!

  8. barbara jones | 22nd Feb 08

    Hi Joanna,

    Petite Fours is the name of one of our quilt patterns. Ours is four patches (hence the title) made from pastel “cakes and icings”.


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