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Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

Rhythms of Life

Well I apologize for the absence… Life has taken over. The Piles have taken over. The Patterns have taken over. I wanted to thank all of you emailed your concerns and prayers for our family. My mother-in-law is doing much better and even though she is still in the hospital going on week 4 now, things are slowly starting to look better. Unfortunately, I know way more about acute leukemia than I ever hoped I would. In the midst of all this personal stuff, I managed to send off my newest line of fabric, Fig & Plum. I am going to totally sneak in a little piece of one of my favorites here…. although it is still so totally in production, we don’t even have final strikeoffs yet. I am sure that MODA will pull off a miracle as they always do and everything…