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Well I apologize for the absence… Life has taken over. The Piles have taken over. The Patterns have taken over.

I wanted to thank all of you emailed your concerns and prayers for our family. My mother-in-law is doing much better and even though she is still in the hospital going on week 4 now, things are slowly starting to look better. Unfortunately, I know way more about acute leukemia than I ever hoped I would.

In the midst of all this personal stuff, I managed to send off my newest line of fabric, Fig & Plum. I am going to totally sneak in a little piece of one of my favorites here…. although it is still so totally in production, we don’t even have final strikeoffs yet. I am sure that MODA will pull off a miracle as they always do and everything will be ready and gorgeous and where it needs to be on time! I really love working with such an amazing company- thanks ladies if any of you are reading!!


Oh… and 3 days ago I finally sent off the manuscript and the projects for our next book with That Patchwork Place. I am very excited about the goodies that are in this book and hope to share some sneaks with you soon…. can’t yet though.

In the midst of all of this personal and business stuff crashing down all at once, we started to realize that we had lost many of the rhythms of our lives. Those seemingly insignificant rituals and routines that make up our days and our weeks… they had just dissapeared somewhere in the activity of it all. That’s not good. We need them back even if just some of them…

So this week has been about trying to start re establishing those routines, even one by one. Eric and I took a walk around the neighborhood in the middle of the day. I don’t think we had done that since Ella was an infant! Zachary and I are reading together. In fact, Zachary is reading to everybody, mostly to Ella… now that is the cutest thing you have ever seen. Ella and I are picking flowers together again. You know, those little mixed bouquets of whatever you can find in a garden that has not been tended for at least a year. The jasmine is in full bloom on our country fence and the scent day and night is intoxicating. Each bouquet is filled with jasmine… We have started eating our lunch outside in the garden. It does a soul good to be out in the freshness of Spring. My Magnolia trees are in full bloom and they are magnificent. They have already inspired 2 different quilts as the new line has a beautiful magnolia violet color in it! Oh,the very thought of it makes me want to applique magnolias….





On a different note, I have fallen in love with the new Bari J. bags. I find myself dreaming up fabric combinations for that new Mille Fleur bag with velvets mixed with Fig Tree fabrics…. oh, good enough to eat.Millie_back_copy

Talk to you soon. Remember, now that I’m back, I have more Paris shots to share. I am working on a line inspired by them in fact…. stay tuned….

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  1. Flatlander | 11th Mar 08

    Glad to hear things are improving somewhat. You and the family will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing with us ~ we were concerned by the silence. The flowers are beautiful and how appropriate that Spring signals an “awakening” again. Kind wishes ….

  2. Debbie | 11th Mar 08

    Keeping you and your family in all of our prayers. It is never easy when something like this turns your world around, but it does put oh so much into perspective. Was happy to see your post this morning.

  3. annie | 11th Mar 08

    We all need reminders to stop and smell the roses ( magnolias). Your family is in our prayers and you are not walking alone. We will all walk beside you. Hugs from San Diego…..

  4. Mary Anne Drury | 11th Mar 08

    Good to hear your Mother-in-law is doing better ….. sounds like it’s been a rough few weeks.

    The Fig and Plum fabric is GORGEOUS ! can’t wait to see more!

    ….and ….I’m envious of those beautiful flowers already in bloom ….. we still have drab, bare trees, etc.

  5. Laurie | 12th Mar 08

    Hi Joanna,
    Hang in there! Glad to hear things are a bit better, but yes, you guys are doing the right thing to eat outdoors and take walks, and read with your precious kiddos. I have been doing more of this lately and it is sooo nice for all of us! I love the magnolias……one of my favorite trees! Reminds me of my grandma and her tree out front! We were in the Bay Area over the weekend and it was SOOO nice! I just love this refreshing time of year! SPRING! Love your article in the magazine, too! You have a darling house and family! Take care! Laurie ~

  6. Sinta Borland | 12th Mar 08

    Joanna, It was good to see you back on-line! You know that my heart is with you and your family… I joined that “medical learning curve” a year ago, as you might remember. Remember to exhale:) Sinta

  7. Bari | 12th Mar 08

    Hi Joanna. Thanks for the mention! See you Saturday!

  8. Lenka | 13th Mar 08

    Hi Joanna,
    I found your blog and spent all evening making Awwww and Ohhh noises! I have 1001 ideas, inspired by you now. Thank you!

  9. Angela | 13th Mar 08

    Oh — that fabric, and the colors in the magnolias? You’re making me wish I lived someplace where spring had already sprung!

  10. Amanda | 13th Mar 08

    I’m glad your mother in law is doing better. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

    I love the “Fig and Plum”. It’s beautiful!

    I’m glad you’re back.

  11. Dawn | 14th Mar 08

    I”m so glad to hear that she is doing better. I was wondering how things were going. But didn’t want to bother you. I”m glad your life is getting back into the swing of things. Oh by the way I LOVE that fabric from your newest line that is going to come out – oh it is gorgeous!

  12. Nancy | 15th Mar 08

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law, as a nurse and the wife of a disabled husband who spends time in the hospital also, I know and understand the stress and disruption to one’s life to keep your routine of work and family together. My thoughts are with you, and hope for a positive outcome for all of you.

  13. mary | 15th Mar 08

    Joanna, I am glad to hear that your mother in law is doing better.
    Forgotton routines are so necessary and like you said, actually make you feel better too -Keep them up. Oh, LOVED the magnolia pictures, they were my grandfather’s favorite “flowers” and they always remind me of him. I think I know where every magnolia tree in salt lake city is located because I love them so much.
    see you in portland

  14. Bonny | 20th Mar 08

    So thankful that your loved one is improving. I enjoyed all the beautiful pictures of the flowers and can’t wait for your new fig and plum fabric. Also am interested in the quilt with the black/cream squares around the blocks. Is there a pattern for that or have I just missed it as it seems my tastes 🙂 in fabric is changing somewhat. Is that in the Australian magazine? Best Regards, Bonny

  15. Diana Marlow | 21st Mar 08

    Joanna, Just had to tell you that the new fabric that you are working on is going to be gorgous. My daughter is home from the university and she loves anything having to do with French culture and she thought you should consider calling it “Rememberance of Things Past” after the the book By Proust. Whatever you decide to call it, we know it will be wonderful!

  16. sheree | 26th Mar 08

    Sending prayers and well wishes for your mother in law.

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