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Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

Tree Skirt & a WWC Giveaway!

Now I know you are thinking to yourself… didn't you already tell us about the tree skirt?  Didn't you already show us the tree skirt? How much more tree skirt do we need to see? Well… after taking 87 1/2 pictures of said tree skirt, I feel compelled to show a whole "montage" of tree skirt photos, just because, because I can! Can you tell I am happy with my tree skirt? The real reason for all this excitement I think, is that I hardly ever sew for my own home these days. Even more so, I never sew for the correct season during that season. It is one of the main down sides of being in the design business, all of us are working 6 months out at the very least and so the real seasons never seem to…