Tree Skirt & a WWC Giveaway!

Now I know you are thinking to yourself… didn't you already tell us about the tree skirt?  Didn't you already show us the tree skirt? How much more tree skirt do we need to see?

Well… after taking 87 1/2 pictures of said tree skirt, I feel compelled to show a whole "montage" of tree skirt photos, just because, because I can!

Can you tell I am happy with my tree skirt?

The real reason for all this excitement I think, is that I hardly ever sew for my own home these days. Even more so, I never sew for the correct season during that season. It is one of the main down sides of being in the design business, all of us are working 6 months out at the very least and so the real seasons never seem to coincide with what is going on in the design studios. For example, all the MODA Christmas fabrics hit the store shelves in June, which means that the stores had to decide on them by January at the latest which means that the designers were submitting them the previous June and who knows when they had to start to think of the ideas for those submissions!  Sometimes, its truly enough to make a person a little bit crazy!

Anyhow, when I needed a project for this current issue of Fresh Vintage and I needed it fast, the tree skirt got its opportunity. Finally! Did I already mention to you, probably several times, how many years I have been wanting a huge, simple tree skirt to cover my big, giant tree stand and catch all the needles that were falling and generally just to look pretty under my tree all month? Well, its been a long time in the coming.

So here are a few shots of my new tree skirt… humor me and pretend that you are excited to see this many shots of one piece of fabric!








In case you haven't already been following the goodies, Where Women Create has been having a wonderful 12 Days of Christmas series of giveways on their blog. Love those ladies so much!  

Anyway, starting tonite for a day you will have a chance to win some Fig Tree goodies over there- we are the 11th Day of Christmas! The giveaway is only good for another day as far as I understand so be sure to go now and don't miss out! Even better is that you can comment on all 12 days if you like to get a chance to win any one of the 12 wonderful prizes.  Best of luck to you all!


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Eileen | 11th Dec 09

    Love that tree skirt!!

  2. Madame Samm | 11th Dec 09

    This is lovely..Joanne I just went to my fabric cupboard and there you have it…I have 3 of your designs that I purchased with Kim at Fat quarters…so I am thrilled my taste is good enough to have chosen yours before I even knew about you…yeahhhhh.
    blessings Madame samm

  3. Shelly | 11th Dec 09

    I love that tree skirt – the fabric looks so elegant.

  4. folksmith | 11th Dec 09

    great tree skirt! it would look great under my tree…when i put up my tree!

  5. Kaye Prince | 11th Dec 09

    Your tree skirt really is beautiful Joanna! I’ve actually been following the WWC 12 Days of Christmas and am so excited to see you there!

  6. kate spain | 11th Dec 09

    LOL! I love this post. You sure do know how to get the best angles on that adorable tree skirt..i love the cascading scallops draped over the couch. The only thing you left out was YOU wearing the tree skirt instead of your tree!

    BTW, when I designed my Christmas line, it was 90 degrees outside. I had the A/C on and was blasting christmas music to get inspired! My husband thought I’d lost it. You know what it’s like 🙂


  7. Dianne | 11th Dec 09

    no humoring necessary! I love it…and I’m extra pleased that we will be able to purchase the pattern! Thank you!

  8. Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch | 11th Dec 09

    I think there is a shortage of really good patterns for tree skirts and stockings in this industry. I’m hoping that both are in your plans for future patterns. Pretty Joanna and great photos.

  9. Megan | 11th Dec 09

    Good for you creating something for your own home – the tree skirt looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Tammy Wisterman | 11th Dec 09

    Love the colors and the scalloped edges!

  11. Cathie Donahay | 11th Dec 09

    I love love love that tree skirt. Glad you share with us. Also you are great in taking photos. Just love to look at them. Thanks to you!!! 🙂

  12. amber | 11th Dec 09

    It IS beautiful. I love the simplicity of it too. And, I loved that little pinwheel quilt poking out in the background of one of those pictures too. It is so cute and I may have to put that pattern on the list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 11th Dec 09

    Your tree skirt is awesome Joanna!! I love the fabric and the scallops!! I’m working on my tree skirt right now.

  14. Paige Hill | 11th Dec 09

    I love that tree skirt! It’s beautiful. Do you have a pattern for it? And the fabric? If only I could enter:). We *heart* you too Joanna! It’s a pleasure to work with you! Have a fantastic day~Paige

  15. Theresa Hill | 11th Dec 09

    I love the tree skirt. The color is gorgeous!! Thanks Theresa

  16. Brittany | 11th Dec 09

    Your pictures are great. The scalloped edges, mixed with your fabric… it is just fabulous.

  17. Patty | 11th Dec 09

    I know what you mean about not completing projects in season. I am loving your tree skirt and would love to make one for myself. Who would have thought that one fabric could look so fantastic? Is the pattern coming out in a new Fresh Vintage issue ?

  18. Nancyz | 11th Dec 09

    Love the tree skirt! Your photos are great, too!

  19. Jody Schoger | 11th Dec 09

    We all say “amen” to your lovely tree skirt! After trying all day to get a photo of my dog by the Christmas tree I can only begin to appreciate what you went through trying to get the lighting and all elements “just right.” Great job as always!

  20. CyndiNeumann | 11th Dec 09

    Your fabrics are amazing and what a fabulous tree shirt with such beautiful material. Smiles, Cyndi

  21. Libby Dillard | 12th Dec 09

    So Pretty!! I really hope that a pattern is in the works!
    Have a great day!

  22. Penne Sherer | 12th Dec 09

    That is a darling tree skirt, at first I wasn’t so sure about the color then when the picture of it under the tree. Well that really showed it off. Very cute and the style of it is awesome. Is there a pattern available for it?

  23. cathie | 12th Dec 09

    It is lovely and unique, enjoyed all the pictures!

  24. Shawn | 12th Dec 09

    Love the scalloped edges. Love everything you create. Happy Holidays.

  25. Ros | 12th Dec 09

    I love your tree skirt last year I made my own I designed the pattern and up a fireplace with stocking hanging from it with my childrens name and my husbands and myself on the stocking even our dog had her name there .

  26. Linda D. | 13th Dec 09


  27. Darla | 13th Dec 09

    Darla says…
    Nicely done! Such an elegant tree skirt.


  28. Sara Bolyard | 14th Dec 09

    Merry Christmas. As usual anything from Fig Tree is beautiful

  29. Shawn | 14th Dec 09


  30. Nancy E | 15th Dec 09

    Love the tree skirt. Your fabrics are just wonderful.

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