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Daily Archives: February 21, 2012


A perfect Saturday. It comes around once in a while- in between sports schedules and work deadlines and house projects. A day full of family and stillness and loveliness.   … one of our most popular little patterns right now. 3 Blind Mice. Get it? Sometimes I crack myself up! Sleeping in. Earl Grey Tea and French pastries. Tulips on the table. A Walk in the hills with the kids. A family boardgame…. or two or three. Simple fresh dinner from our farm box. The smell of said dinner in the house all evening. Braiding hair. Organizing my bedroom desk. Looking through inspiration folders. Having good "life talks" with the oldest boy. Holding hands. With several different people in one day. A perfect Saturday. … at some point in the day, I cut up some apples for a snack for the kids. And laughed when they complained…