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Daily Archives: February 6, 2020

Starch Method of Applique: The Perfect Way to Get Your Shapes!

Every time we start a new Sampler BLOCK OF THE MONTH program or a new series, some of the first questions I always get : “Will there be any applique?”, “I can’t do applique, so will you do alternatives?” and my favorite of all “If there is any applique in it, count me out”. I have to tell you that I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND your trepidation. I have been quilting for a really long time and I still don’t love applique. I think most of that has to do with the fact that it just takes more time and you have to slow down to do it. Well… I am not very good at slowing down :-). When I start working on a quilt, I want to see progress and I want to see it fast :-). And applique… well it slows…