Last year, we did a blog post titled SWEET CARROTS: A PATTERN REMIX, where we took my LE RADISH pattern and repurposed it to make the sweetest bundle of stuffed carrots! We offered kits to make your own and had an overwhelmingly positive response. Be sure to visit the SWEET CARROTS blog post for all the modification instructions [Note: you will still need to purchase the LE RADISH pattern]!

This year, we had inspiration to create another fun carrot-inspired fabric bundle for Spring/Easter, and before I knew it, I got swept away into a pieced version of these cute veggies, too. Introducing… CARROT SPROUTS!


Use the CARROT SPROUTS Pattern Sheet to make the blocks, then rearrange them to create your favorite layout! [HINT: stay tuned for a SEPARATE BLOG POST for finishing details on all these options!]


Gosh… so many fun options for this one. Maybe placemats for Easter next?


KITS AVAILABLE HERE!* to get you started! Choose to make a bundle of charming stuffed carrots and add the creams to your stash -or- piece these sweet carrot blocks into your preferred setting. Let’s be honest – you should totally try both! 😉

*Kits are limited; if we run out of one of the greens or orange fabrics, we will sub with something very similar in same color. If you click the above link and nothing appears, that means that we are – unfortunately sold out.

Have no fear! The CARROT SPROUTS Pattern Sheet is available separately, too! You’ll be able to rummage through your stash of oranges, greens, and creams to create a scrappy version all your own.


Happy Sewing!


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  1. Cathy Roberts | 4th Mar 24

    Very clevet!

  2. Amy C Shoemaker | 6th Mar 24

    Is the carrot pattern only available by mail? I was hoping to find it in a PDF format. Is it available electronically?

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