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Even though I have been doing this for over a decade [wow that really, really makes me sound old!], it always surprises me how much has been left undone before Market and how much "clean up" there is to do after. This seems to be particularly true of Houston because of the time of year, because we have a huge retail show right before it and the fact that Halloween is a big giant party at our house!


… love, love aqua and orange. love.

So all that said: we are just now unpacking Market boxes, there are still props all over the house and studio, my emails are in a sad state of affairs but I am working on them, our new patterns are mostly up on the site now [2 are still at the printer- Hugs and Everyday Zips- so bear with us], I have yet to get a moment to take some good photos of the newest quilts that we had in our booth…. blah, blah, blah.



Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year so I am particularly happy that even though I am putting all my Halloween decorations away, the fall colors and theme is still staying around for another month! I tell you… autumn brings out the serious country girl in me. I can decorate with pumpkins and gourds and pears until the cows come home. Speaking of cows.. this is the time of the year that I long to live on the farm the most. I want to can and cook soup and harvest the last of the summer garden [something that we are still doing here in California believe it or not]. I want to have chickens and goats and make cheese…. you get the picture. Now let me just be clear…. I want to do all of this in my idealized imagination of a world. Not sure that I have what it takes to cut it as a realy farmgirl. Just the imaginary kind.


… a little Mirabelle [the upcoming Spring line] and a few of our Pears in a Tree pattern.

Anyway… so as we unpack and generally put ourselves back together, don't be surprised that it takes a bit longer than one might expect. I have a lot of pumpkins to decorate with and a lot of orange to add into the general decor…








… a part of my dining room bay window.



… new orange bundle up on the site HERE.


Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of November as much as I am. Market photos and info soon. As soon as I arrange more gourds.

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  1. Kim | 4th Nov 13

    Your blog is on the list of things that just make me happy! I adore the colors!

    Have a terrific day!

  2. Leeanne | 4th Nov 13

    Beautiful photo’s!!

  3. Joanna | 4th Nov 13


    Thank you! And I need a list like that! What a great idea. I am going to make one tonite. In fact I might make everyone in my family make one!

    Happy day,


  4. Cristina | 4th Nov 13

    Your house is too pretty!!! Do you have an extra bedroom that I could stay in from time-to-time?!! Wow, love the colors. Beautiful.

  5. Ellen | 4th Nov 13

    Joanna, no wonder I am addicted to your fabrics, we love the same things and same colors! Now, I am hungry after seeing the pears and squashes. I just wish that fall here could be as beautiful. Sadly, Alabama does not “show” colors very well. You are such a talented girl and thank you for sharing with us all! And, I think you would make a great farm girl. I know that I wouldn’t, having been a city gal my entire life but I love visiting my husband’s family who live on farms!

  6. April Carter | 4th Nov 13

    I’m with you on the farm girl thing. I want to can produce from my garden, and bake bread, and raise chickens and sheep. Then I look at the state of my small city yard and the cat’s box, and acknowledge that I don’t have what it takes in real life.

  7. CathyK | 4th Nov 13

    May I just say that you not only have an eye for color, but also photography. My goodness, your blog delights the senses!

  8. Melissa @ Missouri Mel | 4th Nov 13

    I love the colors. I have always been a self proclaimed anti-orange person but recently have really been drawn to it. I’m making my first quilt and it’s granny squares in orange/blue prints. I like the ocean themed color combination of orange/turquoise, also.

  9. Taunja Kelvington | 5th Nov 13

    What a happy set of images and thoughts to wake up to this morning. Love what you do with color. Thanks!

  10. Jennifer | 5th Nov 13

    Joanna I don’t know how you are able to get anything done…what with all your beautiful surrounding!!! No wonder you produce such yummy fabric lines!!! Selfishly, I’m glad you are not out on a farm. There might be waaaay too many distractions 😉
    Have a wonderful Fall season!

  11. Laura G | 5th Nov 13

    Beautiful pictures and great color inspiration. Enoy the rest of the fall.

  12. Carole | 5th Nov 13

    Love fall! It was great meeting Market. Love you fabric style. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  13. Pippa | 5th Nov 13

    One day late and all the orange bundles are gone! Will you be creating more?


  14. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    yes! but a girl can dream right?

  15. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    wam orange and aqua is one of my top favs right now. Big time. Love how it feels. Best of luck on your quilt!


  16. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    :-). We have extra bedrooms… but they are over run by quilts and patterns LOL!

    Happy sewing,


  17. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    Thanks Taunja!

    Happy Orange!


  18. Joanna | 6th Nov 13

    We had enough fabric to make them twice but I think we are all out at this point. If I can make one up for you, I will let you know!


  19. Joanna | 6th Nov 13

    Market is always such a crazy whirlwind! Hope you had fun and enjoyed seeing it all up close and personal.

  20. Jennifer | 7th Nov 13

    I can’t wait to see more of the Mirabelle line. You seem to be keeping it secretive longer than usual this year! Unfortunatley, if you have posted about it on Facebook or Twitter, I can’t browse that as easily as your blog – but I’ll make a point to look at your posts this weekend. I’m about to start a Christmas quilt with your vintage Yuletide Blessing (if all other WIPs get wrapped up on time!).

  21. Dana | 7th Nov 13

    I am actually a farm girl…….we grow pistachios, almonds and grapes! Okay so I’m not actually raising chickens or making homemade cheese. LoL I’m totally with ya on the fall beauty, its also my fave time of year. I am counting minutes till Mirabelle is released it is absolutely delish!!

  22. Joanna | 7th Nov 13

    that sounds like a real farm girl to me… a lot more than me anyway! Are you here in Californian or somewhere else?

    One of these days… I will have chickens. Maybe not until the next life.

  23. | 8th Nov 13

    Joanna! You make me happy! Your pictures are fantastic. As a fellow FALL LOVER, I appreciate your photos – it’s all about color and YOU have the knack to exemplify the beauty of fall! THANKS!! : ) joe

  24. Joanna | 8th Nov 13

    Thanks Joe. Looking forward to seeing you next week!


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