We are so excited that the time for our STITCHERY SAMPLER SEW ALONG is almost here and we will be starting this Friday!

We are so excited to work on this quilt with you guys, one week at a time!!


  • CHOOSE YOUR FABRICS. If you are using the prepackaged kit in a box from MODA… yeah! Your fabrics have all been chosen for you. I will talk more about fabric placement and my hints and tips about that on Friday but for now you want to pick your palette.

    If you are using your own stash or a different group of collection, gather a good variety of colors. Since this quit is designed as a colorful sampler with a lot of simple blocks, I recommend a good variety of colors and different scale of prints for visual interest.

    Since we have already made the quilt shown here, for my second version of this I will be using a whole rainbow of FIG TREE QUILTS fabrics and I will show you my palette on Friday. I know at least several of you who are going to be making 2 versions at once.. one rainbow scrappy like the photos and one Christmas! I am SO EXCITED to see that!
  • FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO STARCH, GET STARCHING. For the rest of us, simply press or lightly spray starch your fabric.

    Personally I like to lightly spray starch my fabric on my ironing board and press with a regular iron. No wet starching for me so I can’t really answer your questions about that although there is plenty of info out there about it.
  • We will be working on ONE BLOCK each week so this should be a simple and easy to keep up with” program. We welcome all levels of quilters for this.

    On the weeks where we do applique or hexagons, feel free to skip it if that is not something you want to tackle and simply redo another favorite block instead.
  • We will also be STITCHING ALONG with a complimentary/matching EMBROIDERY SAMPLER based on this quilt. More info on that tomorrow but I am BY NO MEANS a seasoned stitcher… in fact, I have barely ever stitched before so I will be trying out my hand at some stitches and following along in our group to see how some you might do.

    It will be my turn to try something new and scary! If you are interested in doing the stitch sampler with us, we will have a limited amount of EMBROIDERY STARTER KITS available.


WHEN: Each week starting on Friday January 8 and going for 13 weeks, WHAT: We will be working on one block per week per plus one week for the setting.

WHERE: We will be posting a video each Friday to YouTube so if you would like to be ready for it, please subscribe HERE.

OTHER FUN THINGS: We will be having some GIVEAWAYS, special offers and more special announcements coming. We will be sewing together in our FACEBOOK GROUP. It is called FIG TREE QUILTS FRIENDS, click HERE to request to join.

See you Friday!

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  1. Dianne | 8th Jan 21

    Where doI get more info on the embroidery sampler? (Sorry, I DID look!)

    • | 9th Jan 21

      More info on Monday. Thanks for asking!

  2. Carol Bieganousky | 8th Jan 21

    I just stumbled on your Stitchery sampler sew along and fell in love! Is it too later for me to get the pattern?

    • | 9th Jan 21

      The pattern is always available in our shop, no worries.

  3. gigi | 9th Jan 21

    Very interested in the embroidery sampler. When will the pdf be available for download? Been doing needle work for years and very excited to have a matching quilt and embroidery. Thank you!

    • | 9th Jan 21

      on Monday. Thanks for following along,

  4. Nancy Hatem | 11th Jan 21

    I am interested in the hand stitched embroidery sampler to match your quilt. Where to I go to find the pattern or PDF for download? Thank you!

    • | 14th Jan 21

      Its on the post for the first week [last monday]. Thanks!

  5. Broadway Fabrics | 15th Jan 21

    Beautiful fabric!

  6. Jeannie | 24th Jan 21

    I want to join the sew along named Stitchery sampler. Is it too late. I’ll need the pattern and the fabrics. I would love to use your fabrics shown on the pattern if possible.

    • | 24th Jan 21

      You can purchase the pattern in our shop anytime you would like. Fabrics are up to you since we are sold out on our end [ OR you can search for the Stitchery Sampler Kit online and get the whole thing all at once elsewhere]. Never too late to join!

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