Jelly Stars

A new jelly roll pattern…. one of my favorites right now. This one is made with 1 Dandelion Girl roll. At Market we will also have one done from 1 Fig & Plum jelly roll…. who would have ever thought that lone stars could be this simple…. no special cutting, no y-seams….

more peeks tomorrow.

talk to you soon.Newjellystarscoverjpegrgb

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  1. Lisa D. | 13th May 08

    What a great pattern! No set in seams? You promise? I love it!

  2. stephanie | 13th May 08

    I love this pattern!!! I can hardly wait for the Fig and Plum line to come out so I can try it!!!!

  3. Lillian | 13th May 08

    Wow. No y seams??? I’m totally into learning how to make a lone star block right now. How appropriate…Please share your secrets.

  4. Jeanie | 13th May 08

    OMG!! Looks like candy-I can’t wait for this one:) Have fun at market!

  5. Jodi | 13th May 08

    That is ADORABLE !!!

  6. Miss Jean | 13th May 08

    You are in the forefront of quilt designing by taking those old tried and true horribly difficult patterns and redesigning them so that the majority of quilters can do them with ease. Thank you!!!

  7. Stephanie | 14th May 08

    No Y-seams? Awesome. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Julie Stewart | 14th May 08

    Beautiful. Leaving this morning for Market!
    See you tomorrow, can you spell “sample spree”? Julie

  9. Julie Stewart | 14th May 08

    Beautiful. Leaving this morning for Market!
    See you tomorrow, can you spell “sample spree”? Julie

  10. Amy | 15th May 08

    looks beautiful – I have an infatuation with diamonds lately – yumm!

  11. Paula | 15th May 08

    Absolutely gorgeous quilt.. as always truely beautiful colours.
    Who is the french singer?? I love this sort of music and force my poor family to listne when we are driving in France.
    (writing from Scotland)

  12. Paula | 15th May 08

    greetings from glasgow, scotland..
    what a beautiful quilt. I adore your colours and love the idea of a simple approach to the lone star!
    Who is this fantastic singer?? I love this kind of music and torcher my poor familt when we are driving through France, must listen to french music in french countryside, feels like a film set! Sad i know, but I would love to know who, what the song is.

  13. elizabethandjeff | 17th May 08

    I just went out and bought a jellyroll of Dandilion Girl so I could make this. I can’t wait!

  14. Danielle | 18th May 08

    Beautiful! I must stop reading your blog because I will be ruined and my poor family will starve! I just saw the preview of Fig & Plum on the MODA web site and I love it. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  15. Cheryl, MA | 18th May 08

    Love it!!! I also just saw some pics from market and saw some of your other new quilts…I must say I can’t wait to get my hands on them. As for Dandelion Girl (my fav so far) I got my yardage, my tower, my jelly roll and my charms!!! LOL I should be set with this line for a while and get a few quilts out of it. Can’t wait to purchase your new patterns.
    Keep the wonderful designs coming.
    BTW who is your muse…your little one maybe!! she’s so cute!!

  16. pinkpolkadot | 19th May 08

    Oooh, I love the new line. I also saw pics from Portland IQM. Your booth was gorgeous. I can’t wait for more. . .and I just received my FQ bundle of Dandelion Girl wovens and plaids and I’m now thinking I need a bolt of each. . .well maybe not quite that much; but a girl can dream! Thanks for all you do!

  17. Dawn | 20th May 08

    So where do we get that pattern! Oh man, I LOVE it!

  18. LynnM | 20th May 08

    Your booth at market was beautiful!

  19. Lisa | 26th May 08

    I only recently discovered jelly rolls. Now why didn’t I think of that-lol. Love the pattern.

  20. kim | 22nd Jun 08

    where can we get the pattern??

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