Today is week #2 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS 3 QUILT ALONG! Did you enjoy the first block? Even though we changed up the instructions on the first one to make it easier on ourselves, we really enjoyed making that one. It is quite lovely I think!

And this is our version of the second block…

… Blockheads #2

This week we mixed up the reds a bit and used several of the fabrics from our RED & CREAM starter pack.

Since it was a much more simple block, we decided to do a 6″ version for this second one since we will do a variety of block sizes for the various weeks and use a multi block setting. We decided to take the opportunity and “fussy cut” some of those cute little bees to put them into the corners for a little extra personality in this block. Kinda cute, right? The easiest way to “fussy cut” a motif from fabric is to cut a slightly bigger square than what you will need, center your motif in the size you know you will need to cut, and start trimming up your block from one side first. Next trim the flip side, and then the other 2 sides last. Don’t forget to add your seam allowance. Centering your shape in the exact middle is the trickiest part so just take your time!

Since we chose a 6″ size, that would make each one of the half square triangles finish at 1 1/2″, 2″ trimmed up. In order to get perfect squares, we cut all of our squares 2 1/2″ like mentioned in the directions, made our triangle squares and then trimmed up each one to exactly 2″. I know that is an extra step but with this many little points to match… it is totally worth it in my book. If you wanted them to be exact, mathematically, you would have cut them 2 3/8″.

If I had thought about it long enough and wanted to do some extra math, I would have just made a variety of flying geese blocks and avoided all those half square triangles altogether. But that would have required a bit more thought in fabric placement :-).

For those of you wondering about layout, we will share how many of each size we will be doing later this week. So feel free to check back in if you are interested!

If you are wanting to sew along with us this year, here are the instructions for this week’s block on Sherrie’s blog…


We have had a lot of questions about this already so I thought adding all the info to a blog post might be the best idea…

As you might know, Red and Cream is one of my all time favorite color combos for a quilt. They are perfect for Christmas, for Valentines Day, for Patriotic Holidays and are classic just all around and can always be out if you prefer. Its just a “cant go wrong” combination in my opinion!

So this year when I was invited to participate in the MODA Blockheads Sampler adventure, it wasn’t a hard choice to decide that our palette would be RED AND CREAM. We provided some red and some cream bundles last week and have another one up available for you now.

We have just a few of these left if you want to join us!

Explaining the BLOCKHEADS: MODA BLOCKHEADS is a program that is now its 3rd year and basically provides a pattern a week for the entire year. You choose your own palette and choose which patterns you want to make each week and sew along through out the year. Lots and lots of people participate in a huge variety of styles and fabric collections. For those of you who want to follow along in their facebook group, here is the link… Just cut and paste it into your browser.

We have never participated before since our schedule is kinda nuts but decided that this would be the year we would give it a whirl and work on our own version of a quilt along with so many others.

So each week we will post our version of the BLOCKHEADS BLOCK for that week here on our blog. We will give you guys any tips that we have for piecing and constructions and we will tell you which of the size options we are making. We have a general layout in mind and we will share that with you guys too once we start so you can see if you want to work along with us. You can of course work along with us and choose your own palette. The world is your oyster!

Here is a list of all the designers participating this year in the order that they will post their weekly blocks…

Last week: Corey Yoder –
This week: Sherri McConnell –

Betsy Chutchian –
Jan Patek –
Brigitte Heitland –
Lisa Bongean –
Lissa Alexander –
Laurie Simpson –
Vanessa Goertzen –
Stacy Iest Hsu –
Robin Pickens –
Janet Clare –
Jen Kingwell –
And last but not least, me :-)!

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  1. Sue | 22nd Jan 20

    Can’t open it says internal server error contact web owner

    • | 22nd Jan 20

      When too many people try to download at once, the sites crash. Try back a little later and it should be fine!

  2. Beverly | 22nd Jan 20

    Can t open. It’s says error

    • | 22nd Jan 20

      When too many people try to download at once, the sites crash. Try back a little later and it should be fine!

  3. Karen L. | 22nd Jan 20

    This is my first year doing the Blockheads, and I’m so thrilled that you are a designer this year Joanna! Thank you for doing all the work blogging about this….I for one really appreciate it since I love the way you write your patterns, and also I like that you are doing your own design with different size blocks, to make our quilts just a little different. It’s great!

    • | 22nd Jan 20

      We are having fun with this one. Thanks for following along!

  4. DebK | 22nd Jan 20

    So…is this the surprise quilt along you mentioned end of the year with MODA that you are involved in for this year? I had been waiting to find out. I bought a bundle of reds / creams that you said to buy ahead of time in Dec in anticipation of sewing along with you. I’m wondering if those bundles were enough or if I need to add in the bundle you picture above? Thanks for answering.

    • | 31st Jan 20

      We don’t really know what all the blocks will be yet or exactly how much fabric we will all need. But this is what we are starting with. Since it will be a scrappy variety of reds and creams, we will all add in more fabric as we need to as we work along. It will be an adventure!

  5. Linda | 23rd Jan 20

    Thanks for all the tips! Think I am going to try the fussy cutting as you suggested. Will also try the 6” block this time, as I made the 8” on the first week. Want to see how the varied sizes will go together at the end.

    • | 31st Jan 20

      Yes! We will be making a variety of blocks throughout the year… all the various sizes based on complexity, etc. Looking forward to the adventure!

  6. Becky | 27th Jan 20

    Having a hard time trying to figure out what colors to use – any tips on how to select fabrics that can go together?
    Also, following your instructions made the first block really easy to do and everything matched up really well.

    • | 31st Jan 20

      You can do any fabric combo that you like. If you look on the BLOCKHEADS facebook you will see literally hundreds of fabric combos. We are doing reds and creams. You could follow along with us if you like. Enjoy!

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