MODA Blockheads:Block #7

Welcome to Week #7 of the MODA BLOCKHEADS SEW ALONG. This week is brought to you by the lovely Lissa Alexander of MODA and of @modalissa. check out her blog HERE. She is the queen of scrappy and the queen of getting all of us designers to be where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing! She is also the amazing editor of all of those fabulous MODA ALL STARS books that you might be familiar with. She is pretty much awesome. And all of us designers think so :-).

Go over to her blog to check out her pattern and get all of the directions, etc. CLICK HERE .

This is such a fun and simple little block and I am so glad that we are adding it into our Blockheads sampler this year. I think we might do more than one for our final layout… wouldn’t a whole row of these little guys be so lovely?

We went with the 4″ size, with a strong red print for the heart and a soft cream print for the background. The SEW&FLIP method is pretty much the only way to go with this block and actually its a fabulous little block to practice the method if you are not familiar.

I am seriously thinking of doing a row of these. Will get back to you about that if I decide to do it.


Many of you have been asking me as to what layout I will be doing. Well, I chose a simple layout that MODA will show in the next few weeks. Although you know me… I will most likely add in a few fillers here and there just to make it a bit more interesting. I am a total sucker for flying geese and nine patches!

But for those of you who are wanting to work along with me, this is the tentative block breakdown [plus fillers] that we will be using:

12″ blocks: We will need to make at least 11 [we will likely make a few more to account for all of those 6″ that we will need, see below].

8″ blocks: We will need to make 10.

6″ blocks: We will need to make 44 although we might sneak in a few more 12″ here along the way just to make it a bit easier on all of us. So for example, if we made 16 less of these, we would need to add in 4 more 12″ blocks. In that case we will make (15) 12″ blocks and only (28) 6″ blocks… which is very likely.

In the layout, many spots will call for (4) 6″ blocks to be sewn together to form a 12″ block, so we will work on that a bit more. So every time we make a 12″ version, that will take care of (4) 6″ blocks. Just a little quilty math for you! So all that to say… we will likely adjust this number as we go along throughout the year!

4″ blocks: We will need to make 8 blocks.

Our quilt will be somewhere around 64″ x 72″… I say “somewhere” because once we add in a few filler rows, it might grow a little bit here or there.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below. Happy sewing friends!

Here is a list of all the designers participating this year in the order that they will post their weekly blocks…

This week: Lissa Alexander –

1.15 – Corey Yoder –
1.22 – Sherri McConnell –
1.29 – Betsy Chutchian –
2.5 – Jan Patek –
2.12 – Brigitte Heitland –
2.19 – Lisa Bongean –
2.26 – Lissa Alexander –
3.4 – Laurie Simpson –
3.11 – Vanessa Goertzen –
3.18 – Stacy Iest Hsu –
3.25 – Robin Pickens –
4.1 – Janet Clare –
4.8 – Jen Kingwell –
4.15 – Joanna Figueroa –

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  1. Michelle Bennett | 26th Feb 20

    Thank you for the heads up about the upcoming Moda layout. The size and numbers you shared sound in line with what I had in mind and doable. I think I will definitely be doing extra 12” blocks in place of some 6” blocks but, overall, I’m very excited to see the upcoming layout!

    • | 26th Feb 20

      Glad you are following along with our version. It should be fun!

  2. Margie F. | 26th Feb 20

    I’m following your plan all the way—- and mostly using your fabrics, leftover from many previous projects! I appreciate the heads up about the number of different size blocks & can’t wait to see the layout.

    • | 26th Feb 20

      Its a fairly basic layout, but I think it will showcase all of the blocks of different sizes. I find that many times, more simple is good with samplers!

  3. Margaret | 29th Feb 20

    I love your red and cream quilt! I am having trouble mixing all the different shades of red. How do you select the reds that you are using?

    Also, with the layout that you are using – are any of the blocks on point?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • | 1st Mar 20

      The layout will be straight set so no worries about how you blocks need to look on point! Also in terms of using one color, like we are, you need a range of tones. So look for red prints that are mostly all red, with a little or no white in them. When you squint, you should see almost nothing but red. Then you need a range down from there… all the way to prints that are pretty much half red and half white, like a gingham. So when you squint, you will see almost a pinky tone because your fabric has as much red and it does white in it. Those will be fabrics that you can use right next to other prints and they won’t blend together because they “read” as different colors. Hope this helps!

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