TRICK OR TREAT: Making the Blocks

If you are looking for the cutting instructions, scroll back a few posts for those. Today we are going to start making the blocks themselves!

Basically each block requires (4) black flying geese, (4) grey flying geese and (4) orange/ivory solid bar units.


  • Sew orange [a] rectangles to ivory [d] rectangles. Press open. Make (64) Unit #1 “bar unit”.
  • Using [b/c/e] and SEW AND FLIP make flying geese units. Press out. Sew together in pairs as shown. Press open. Make (32) grey Unit #2 and (32) black Unit #3 total.
  • Combine (4) Unit #1, (2) Unit #2, (2) Unit #3 and, [f] as shown to create block. Make 16. Press open.


If you are working from a different jelly roll, divide your colors up following the numbers above, just change the colors. You will need (8) of each color. If your jelly roll doesn’t have that, add in from your stash!

This will make (16) 12″ blocks. If you want to make more or less blocks, you can always adjust as needed.

Stay tuned for more info on Monday!

Joanna and Susan

Trick or Treat
Cutting Instructions
Block Construction
Sashing & Borders

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  1. Lynnette Perkins | 17th Oct 20

    Thank you Joanna! This, as with all your projects, will be sooooooo fun!

  2. Darlene | 20th Oct 20

    This is a great block for more than just my favorite day Halloween Thank you

    • | 1st Nov 20

      Yes, it would be great for Christmas too!

  3. Julie | 21st Oct 20

    Did I miss the Monday blog post for the Trick Or Treat Blocks?

  4. Deb | 26th Oct 20

    what size to the flying geese cut down to before sewing to the rectangles? I have all flying geese made and ready to sew all the blocks up. Thanks!

    • | 1st Nov 20

      No trimming required!

  5. Deb | 26th Oct 20

    Ok I think it’s working w/o cutting any geese down in size. Figured it out. Thx!

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