Susan and I Welcome You Back to the Winter Walk in the Woods Sew Along Week #3! 

Thanks so much for joining us as we work our way through this Winter Walk adventure over the next few weeks.


From Susan:

This week we are lifting our eyes to the midnight sky and making a grouping of sparkling stars.  

… a perfect wintery stack of blue and cream goodness

For these stars, feel free to mix and match Creams 1-5, and any unlabeled creams you might have with your solid ivory.  (Be sure to hold back Cream #6 for next week). We opted to sew most of our stars with a print center and solid ivory star points, but feel free to make your star points out of a print for added interest!

Since all of the stars are the same block and we just varied the size, be sure to label your blocks to help you keep track of them, and to make the final assembly a breeze!

See you all next week with another set of cutting and piecing info!


Susan and Joanna

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  1. Eleanor gregory | 11th Jan 22

    I just got in on this stitch along and would love to do it. I understand the blue and white kits are sold out, but it might be possible to get this in the red and white. If that is possible, I really would like to get one. Please let me know if I will be a lucky one to get one. Thank you.
    Eleanor Gregory

    • | 12th Jan 22

      Unfortunately we don’t have any other kits at this point. It is a perfect project to use for from your stash and choose a favorite color for the background. Hint: The blocks are cream and the background for the theme works equally well in a wintery blue or grey as well as a red or even hunter green. Happy Sewing!

  2. Rosemary Orner | 11th Jan 22

    Thank you for the pdf format for Week three❤️❤️❤️

  3. Kathy | 12th Jan 22

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing this delightful sew along. I had a ton of creams in my scraps that I wanted to do something with and they now have a purpose. I also wanted to say thank you for putting the directions in those text boxes. It is SO very helpful because then we are able to print out just that page of the blog post. It is also helpful that the directions are all in one place. My computer is not in my sewing room and using my phone was a challenge. I am sure this took extra time and care and I wanted you to know I’m super grateful that you were able to do that. Much appreciated!

    • | 17th Jan 22

      you are welcome. Unfortunately we can only do that for some of the weeks but you can look at other people’s comments to see a variety of ways that they capture, download and print their directions. Thanks.

  4. Teresa | 14th Jan 22

    I fell in in love with this series from the first post. I have so many WIPs but who cares! This one is gorgeous! I will be using stash! Thank you, Joanna,!!

    • | 17th Jan 22

      Perfect and welcome!

  5. Diane | 14th Jan 22

    In the packet of creams that I received from you there is 1 1/4 yards of a solid cream. Is that the one that we use for the star points this week?

    • | 17th Jan 22

      That is what we did. You can of course use the cream prints as well if you prefer a scrapper feel. it is totally up to you!

  6. Andrea Dalessandro | 17th Jan 22

    I am working on the stars and mine are finishing up with no seam allowance for the star points. I have tried several different methods to see if I could get it to look like the picture and I can’t. It looks like all my star points will be cut off when I see everything together. Do you have any suggestions? I love this quilt along but I don’t want to keep going if it is not going yo turn out. Thank you so much!

    • | 17th Jan 22

      are you trimming up your quarter square triangles as instructed? Have you double checked that all of your pieces have been cut correctly?
      I am really not sure where you might be going wrong to lose all of your points?
      Feel free to email us pics of your pieces.

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