Susan and I Welcome You Back to the Winter Walk in the Woods Sew Along Week #5! 

Thanks so much for joining us as we work our way through this Winter Walk adventure. I can’t believe that we are getting so close to seeing the final reveal! Are you guys getting excited?

A Note From Susan:

Joanna and I have loved seeing all of the versions pop up in the Fig Tree Quilts Friends Facebook group and on Instagram.  Each one is a little bit different, taking on a personality of the quiltmaker, and we especially love watching people try to anticipate what the next step and final layout will be.

I shared in the Fig Tree Facebook about an evening walk I took last week.  The moon was low and if it wasn’t a full moon, it was pretty close.  It was breathtaking!  Since it wasn’t too chilly, my husband and I decided to take a quick walk along the trail by our house.

I live in Southern California just past the Los Angeles County border, surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains.  And although we don’t have forests in the typical sense, large California Oaks line the paths of our shrubby trails and dot our mountain landscape. They are the place where my daughter became an expert tree climber, many a springtime picnic was had, the place we sought shade on a hot summer day, and even the occasional dry haven during an unexpected fall rainstorm.  It’s a rugged kind of beauty, and I am so glad I call it home.

As we took our evening walk, my husband and I shared with each other about our day – the highs, lows, and all the in-betweens.  The moonlight flickered through the oak tree branches, and you couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace and calmness in our busy day. We took that moment to refresh, regroup, and just admire the beauty of our surroundings. 

I know it is pretty chilly, and maybe even snowy in many areas, but I challenge you to try and take a Winter Walk in your hometown woods.  It might be just the reset you need!


This week our focus will be on completing the (4) pieced borders.  By combining stars, with simple Twinkle blocks we will create the perfect frame to our quilt center that we will construct next week.  

PIECING TIP: Anytime you are sewing many blocks together as we do in this border, any slight difference in your piecing can really add up. Be sure to check your seam allowance and pin as you go to help keep your borders straight and the correct size that they will need to be to fit into the rest of the quilt.


See you all next week for some more fun assembly!


Susan and Joanna

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  1. Nancy L Celms | 28th Jan 22

    I have a question on the borders…If my border stars are 4 1/2 inches and my twinkle blocks are 4 1/2 inches, how does the border measure 5 inches?

  2. Cindy | 29th Jan 22

    The border stars are 5″ x 5″ unfinished

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