I have gotten A LOT of questions about, and requests for, SOLIDS that match Fruit Cocktail. So here goes another post about color matching!


When I design a new collection of fabric, I start with a picture of the palette in my head or an “inspiration” piece of vintage wallpaper, a ceramic piece, or artwork. It could really be anything! Unfortunately, it is not my MODA Bella Solids Card, as much as I may love it. So sometimes we get lucky and some of the colors have close matches or exact replicas and other times there is really nothing close. In every collection there are some great matches, so it is still worth it to ask the question and take a look.

Over the years I have done lots of solid matching to a variety of collections and one of these days I will try to put them all in one place. But for now, here are a couple collections where I have talked about Bella solid matches that I was able to quickly locate: STRAWBERRIES & RHUBARB and CATALINA. Click on the collection name to be taken straight to that blog post!


For today, I will try to give you all the closest BELLA SOLIDS matches to the FRUIT COCKTAIL collection!

Here goes:

IVORY:  #9900- 200 [off white] or my favorite #9900-200S [Chantilly Off White Silky, which I originally designed to go with the Chantilly collection]

YELLOW:  #9900-272 [canary]

ORANGE:  Unfortunately, nothing in the MODA Bellas works as a coordinate to my favorite tone of orange. 

RED:  #9900- 256 or 382 or 47 [cayenne, scarlet or ruby- but again, none of them are a perfect match – but will work in a pinch]

GREEN:  #9900-188 [chartreuse]

LIGHT BLUE:  #9900-169 [ruby ice]

MEDIUM BLUE: #9900-136 or 306 [summer sky or cornflower, none are quite the same color, but both would work well as coordinates as long as you are okay with something close, but not exact, in feel]

NAVY BLUE: #9900-19 [royal is pretty close]

There are several TANS and TAUPES I used for stems and other small accents to the FRUIT SALAD/FRUIT COCKTAIL quilts and I think any of these would be good matches or compliments:  

  • 9900-68 Fig Tree Wheat
  • 9900-40 Paper Bag
  • 9900-430 Mink
  • 9900-313 Oatmeal
  • 9900-13 Tan

However, just a little PSA, and a shameless plug… all of the above colors have perfect matches in the new upcoming EYELET collection. Just saying :-)… you might want to get yourself some pre orders of EYELETS. Just in case!

Hope this is helpful in your color search for FRUIT COCKTAIL!


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  1. Doreen | 10th Jun 23

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with coordinating solids. We love your fabric lines because they are so versatile and can be mixed and matched quite easily. Fan for life!

  2. Julie | 10th Jun 23

    So looking forward to using the expanded colors of eyelet. One of my favorite fabric choices.

  3. Kris Busch - vicsewstwo | 10th Jun 23

    Always love reading about your inspirations and how you put colors and such together for beautiful projects! Always love me some fig tree fun! Your designs are stunning! Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with the rest of us!

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