October brought my favorite time of the year in full force. Nothing beats autumn colors in my opinion! It also meant the Pacific International Quilt Festival booth for us along with some fun house projects. It also brought some of my favorite bundles to date and our wildly popular Halloween Pops kit.



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  1. Polly Hada | 15th Feb 13

    Patiently waiting for that pineapple tutorial. Looking forward to seeing you at Camp Watchapatcher.

  2. Joanna | 15th Feb 13

    I know! I am still planning on doing it, I promise! Work has just gotten away from me a bit!

  3. Janice King | 15th Feb 13

    Love the October fall colors, also. And, love your chickens…lol! Thanks for re-sharing!

  4. Marjory Wilkin | 15th Feb 13

    Love those chickens and their companion items. I have a scale just like yours, only it is all white. Great fall colors here!

  5. Helen LeBrett | 15th Feb 13

    Yes, autumn colors are my favorite too! Love the vignette of pictures you shared today: the colors, the quilts, and the chickens!! 😛 Nothing like chickens to warm the heart and bring out the farm-girl wanna-be’s in us!! 😀 Have a great weekend! The weather sure is nice here in Northern (Healdsburg) Calif today!!! Spring is here!!!

  6. Joyce B. | 23rd Feb 13

    Well Joann, its really hard to pick one of those new Avalon fabrics,cause I like them all , but I like the Candy apple red, and the Pistachio fabric

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