If you have been following along, you might already know that my quilty friend Carrie [HERE on Instagram] and I have been writing a book with the lovely ladies over at ITS SEW EMMA. It is chalk full of great projects… quilts, table runners, pillows, pin cushions and even more! Can there be even more than that? There CAN… and there IS… I promise!

Given the pandemic and everything else… let’s just say that it took the book a bit longer to get finished and a bit longer than we might have originally thought to get here. But SHE IS ON HER WAY NOW… so in the end that is all that matters.

I was just commenting on INSTAGRAM the other day that writing a book is very very similar to the stages and feelings of having a baby… at least that is true for me. Here is what I wrote on IG… many of you found the comparisons to be quite true for you as well :-)…

“Well… it’s on its way. I have to tell you guys that writing a new book is pretty much like having a baby… you are very very excited about at first, then it seems to take forever, the process is SO so much longer and more painful than you thought it was going to be, at some point you swear you’ll never do it again and what were you thinking, and then when it comes all you remember is how beautiful it is and how excited you are that it’s here and maybe you will do it all again in the future. Just saying. Remembering all of those feelings right now.”

So now that you know all of the feelings I have had about this book, you will also know that I am CRAZY EXCITED that it is almost in everyone’s hot little hands!

So now that it is almost here and on its way to all of you who pre-ordered [CLICK HERE if you are interested in getting a copy for yourself and you haven’t pre ordered yet]… we have some special things up our sleeves coming up. OH YES WE DO…

You might be thinking that we are going to have a SEW ALONG or a SAMPLER… BUT NO. There are so many great quilts in this book that we absolutely couldn’t choose just one to have us all work on together and I am already involved with so many other great samplers that we didn’t think a sampler was the way to go… so instead, we decided to have a PILLOW ALONG.

Yes, a PILLOW ALONG!! Now before you all email me and tell me that is not a thing and that I can’t really use the word PILLOW like that… just work with me :-).


Each week we will be working on a different pillow from the book with a different seasonal theme. There will be some fabulous ideas [all of the pillows we will be showing will be new and different and IN ADDITION to the ones you already see in the book so you will have LOADS AND LOADS of inspiration]. THERE ARE WAY MORE DETAILS TO COME but for now, that is all I have for you… the rest will “soon be revealed”…

What I can tell you is that we will be joined by several other guests each week, we will all be making some fabulous pillows that will span all of the seasons and we will be having prizes each and every week. I am thinking that is all you really need to know to join us, right?

The PILLOW ALONG will officially start June 22nd and go for a total of 8 weeks.


Nothing much other than…

1. Start gathering your favorite scraps for the journey.

2. Be sure you follow us on INSTAGRAM for some instant announcements and pics. Click HERE.

3. Join our FACEBOOK GROUP if you haven’t already [CLICK HERE] as we will be working on it there as well as here on the blog each week. The fine ladies from ITS SEW EMMA will also be joining us so be sure you are following them HERE on INSTAGRAM as well as us.

See you soon with more info! Can’t wait to drown ourselves in pillows… almost literally.

Joanna and Carrie too.

Scrapbook of Quilts Pillow Along:

Week 1: Set Up

Week 2: Patriotic

Week 3: Neutral

Week 4: Two Color

Week 5: Autumn

Week 6: Halloween

Week 7: Christmas

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  1. Nancy H | 15th Jun 21

    Does one have to be on facebook to participate? I don’t do facebook.

  2. Sharon Bennett | 19th Jun 21

    Sounds like fun! Looks like I know what I’ll be using that extra charm pack for!

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